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6 Ways to Bring Your “A” Game to the STAR Success Seminar

The key to success is to remain committed and true to your WHY.

Once you have established your WHY, next you must take the necessary steps to fulfillment.

Did you know that attending Javita events is a key factor to helping you grow and build your business?

With the first corporate event of the year coming up – STAR Success Seminar, Dallas, TX — January 19 – 20 – we wanted to give you a few tips on how you can come prepared and leave the event inspired and ready to take your business to the next level.

Here are 6 ways to bring your “A” game:

Be prepared: Being prepared starts before you arrive at the event. Write down questions you may have that you can ask a leader at the event. Being prepared also includes packing the right clothes and necessities that will set you up for success.

Stay at the host hotel: If you want to maximize your chances to meet and socialize with like-minded individuals, core leaders and corporate executives, then staying at the host hotel is a must!

Bring your WHY: Something attracted you to Javita. Understanding and knowing your WHY will help you establish your goals.

Tune in: At the STAR Success seminar tune in and learn as much as possible from top leaders, speakers and those who are experiencing success with their business.

Build relationships: Corporate events bring out top leaders, corporate executives and hundreds, sometimes thousands, of Members. Here is your chance to make connections with like-minded individuals. Grow your network and build meaningful relationships.

Take advantage of the trip: Here is your chance to explore somewhere new. Don’t waste it. See what Dallas has to offer!

We hope to see you in Dallas, TX — January 19 – 20, 2018!

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