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Lean+Green Now Available in EUROPE!!

You’ve seen it, you’ve heard about it, many of you have tasted it, and NOW you can order it in Europe. That’s right, Javita’s Lean+Green tea has arrived!!

Featuring the award-winning sencha green tea from the Shizuoka region of Japan, (considered the ‘Napa Valley’ of green tea), Lean+Green combines the fat-blocking power of Garcinia Cambogia and the sweet-stopping, crave-busting control of Gymnema Sylvestre, to give you Javita’s one-two-three knockout punch to fight the ongoing weight-loss battle.*

Why green tea you ask? Aside from the thousands of studies on the healthy benefits—including supporting heart, brain, immune and blood sugar health, and countless anti-aging and anti-carcinogenic benefits—one of the major benefits of drinking green tea is helping with weight loss. <click here> for more on green tea’s weight loss benefits.

Superior formula, refreshing flavor and convenience aside, here are five more reasons you should make Lean+Green a staple in your day, everyday:

  1. Cuts cravings and reduces appetite.*
  2. Increases fat burning.*
  3. Helps burn belly fat.*
  4. Balances blood sugar.*
  5. Helps fuel your workout.*

Lean+Green offers appetite control, crave-busting power and instant satisfaction in every delicious cup. Drink it by itself or pair it with Burn+Control, a proper diet and regular exercise to really fuel your weight loss efforts.*

Checkout what a few of your Javita Diamond leaders have had to say about this exciting new product:

“Not only is Lean+Green delicious, it allows us to attract a new demographic (tea) AND tap into ANOTHER $100 billion industry. I have been here before and have every confidence that lives are going to change, wealth will be created and history will be made in 2014. It’s a great time to be a part of Javita!” ~John Haremza (Black Diamond leader)

“The launch of our absolutely delicious green tea will propel Javita to the next level in 2014. So many lives will be changed with better health and wealth. We have witnessed incredible results from people who are drinking our coffee, and am certain that Lean+Green will provide similarly unparalleled success. Javita is a true blessing for all of us….” ~Dr. Chi Nguyen (Blue Diamond leader)

“The world is about to be painted green with the highly anticipated release of what will be even bigger than we could imagine! Just one sip and I was sold! Javita has done it again!!!” ~Donna Farrell (Blue Diamond leader)

“We are really excited about Javita’s Lean+Green tea!!! We have been sampling it at ALL our events around the world and everyone is raving about it. We predict 2014 to be the year of unprecedented growth!!! ~Bill & Dawn Ball (Blue Diamond leader)

Start spreading the excitement of Lean+Green with these exciting tools and resources.

April STARs

Becky M., US
Denise C., US
Jorge C., US
Marrietosh R., US
Amber H., US
Cristina P., US
Lillian P., US
Kyle H., US
Tiffany H., US
Mona-Sheila T., US
Samantha K., US
Rosanna M., US
Mark E., US
Johann A., US
Lorna T., US
Kara L., US
Irvin Ace C., US
Arthur & Mona M., US
Reynaldo H., US
Tito M., US
Lois S., US
Alex S., US
Nicole G., US
Pilar M., US
K.C.M., US
Kathy G., US
Jaime R., US
Jesusa S., US
Starlina B., US
Christine K., US
Deo Dominic S., US
Mae Marjolen N., US
Rosa B., US
Rodulfo C., US
Tara C., US
Adeluisa P., US
Josephine V., US
Victor and Sonia G., US
Robert T., US
Lynsie K., US
Lucita C., US
Mary Pauline G., US
Luz O., US
Sonia V., US
Frantz C., US
Mary G., US
Ferdinand D., US
Kenneth K., US
Brandon W., US
Lori S., US
Marife G., Italy
Karen J., US
Fatima A., US
Angela K., US
Letendre L., Canada
Andros P., US
Benjamin G., US
Marie S., US
Jane B., US
Annemarie O., US
Linda Y., US
Jenilyn A., US
Carlotta W., US
Cherie W., US
Melissa P., US
Bunny G., US
Jerry D., US
Jennifer M., US
Crisolynn Mae L., Philippines
Isabel C., US
Jennifer B., US
Patrick A., US
Juan C., US
Tina A., US
Erika R., US
Breanna B., US
Judy M., US
Lorna Reyes B., Norway
Gerardo P., US
Devon F., US
Chris S., US
Emann M., US
Andrew R., US
Samantha M., US
William C., US
Ikbal S., US
Luzviminda R., US
Lynnette E., US
Maria Fe A., Philippines
Keith R., US
Tina Michelle R., US
Amy L., US
Nicole Y., US
Mary Ann C., US
Jason V., US
Modesta B., US
Luz P., US
Veronica B., US
Mavis H., US
Evelin V., US
Virginia F., US
Monica B., US
Chelsea H., US
Phira K., US
Chantel D., US
April F., US
Alicia P., US
Amanda N., US
Owen B., US
Joanne P., US
Ma Celerina S., US
Jennifer B., US
Elizabeth P., US
Alisa F., US
Angela C., US
Alexander P., US
Marie M., US
Charmoyne G., US
Lorenza V., US
Sigrid L., US
Esmeralda G., US
Lherena C., Canada
Victoria E., US
Marlito R., US
Rachel V., US
Peter F., US
Mark L., US
Melissa E., US
Jorge J., US
Mari E., US
Ma. Sheila N., US
Gordon Alan S., US
Jhoanna S., Philippines
Vilma K., US
James Y., US
Dave O., US
Calvin G., US
George G., US
Teresa B., US
Gertrude E., US
Phira K., US
Judith P., US
Laraine A., US
Gregory G., US
Alicia H., US
Clair & Nancy S., US
Luz D., US
Arianne C., US
Timothy K., US
Kama K., US
Esperancita J., US
Joel F., US


Javita in Motion 2014 (March)

From the East Coast to the West Coast and everywhere in between, news of Javita’s one-of-a-kind products and unparalleled business opportunity are spreading like wildfire. Checkout pixs of some of the events, meetings and parties held over the last few days.

>> Click here to view the entire album.

Javita in Motion (February)

From the East Coast to the West Coast and everywhere in between, news of Javita’s one-of-a-kind products and unparalleled business opportunity are spreading like wildfire. Checkout pixs of some of the events, meetings and parties held over the last few days.

>> Click here to view the entire album.

Jim & Jamye Toale–Newest Diamond Members to Shine for Javita

BOCA RATON, FL – Jim and Jamye Toale are now part of Javita’s Diamond Club.

The Toales have been attaining all that Javita has to offer throughout their time with the company; including earning an iPad, qualifying for the company’s BMW Car Club within six months of joining, and now adding the rank of Diamond to their list.

“When we were first introduced to Javita, we immediately saw the incredible potential,” Jim explains. “The products and business opportunity, combined with the people that we’ve had the pleasure to work with have been nothing short of amazing.”

Javita would like to congratulate the Toales for their success.

“I am thrilled that Jim and Jamye have reached the rank of Diamond,” says Stan Cherelstein, President & CEO of Javita. “They’ve worked hard and deserve everything they have achieved. In addition, their personal integrity and willingness to help their team members grow is exactly the type of characteristics we want in all of our leaders.”

The Toales, who make their home in Parkland, FL, are veterans to this industry and enjoy the time it has afforded them to spend with their children.

“We have always wanted to achieve the lifestyle that direct selling can provide. Now with Javita, we are finally living our dream. Having a successful business and still being able to maintain a well-balanced family life is something that we will cherish forever,” says Jamye.

Javita, with global headquarters in Boca Raton, Florida, is a company committed to enhancing the lives of millions of people by bringing together two great industries – coffee and direct selling. Javita offers unique, great-tasting products and an incredible business opportunity that can enhance people’s lives – one cup at a time. The company has offices and warehouses in North America, Europe and Asia, and does business in more than 30 countries globally. Millions of people already have coffee and tea in their life, Javita gives you coffee and tea for your life.

Click <here> to view the official press release regarding this exciting rank advancement.

The Countdown is on for Javita’s Inaugural National Convention

With nearly 70% of the seats for the upcoming National Convention purchased, there is no doubt that this event will sell out well in advance of the August 7-9th event. That being said, there are a few more important reasons you do not want to miss Javita’s National Convention. For starters, this is our first national event, and you know what they say, you can only have one first. Second, we’re bringing our “A” game to VEGAS—raising the bar on what we consider leadership training and mentoring and bringing you ROCK STAR like recognition from stage. Third, the current list of attendees is reading like a Who’s Who is Javita. Fourth, rates increase each month leading up to the event.

In true ‘Vegas fashion’ the host hotel, the glamorous Aria Resort & Casino, will serve as center stage for all the theatrics, excitement and drama that you’d expect from Javita’s Inaugural National Convention.

There will be announcements, unveilings, recognition and…well, we can’t tell you everything.

But this much we can say, this is the once in a lifetime event you’ll kick yourself for years after if you miss it.

Here’s a preview of what’s in store:

  • Thursday evening, we’ll be treating our Diamond leaders to a night of fine dining and entertainment with Javita President & CEO Stan Cherelstein.
  • Up and coming leaders will get a head start on recognition and accolades with an invitation-only Chairman’s breakfast.
  • Convention kicks into high gear Friday afternoon with recognition, advanced training and much more.
  • We’ll keep the party going at the exclusive ‘Javita Lounge’ where you can expect great music, refreshing drinks and even better company.
  • Refreshed, rejuvenated and reacquainted, we’ll spend all day Saturday sharing, recognizing, learning and celebrating all that is Javita and the Members who are making it happen.

Look for more details in the coming weeks, but in the meantime:

  • Register for the event online. Simply log into the Javita Back Office, go to the Events Tab and select Inaugural National Convention Registration from the left-side navigation. The current registration rate of $159 is only valid through March 31. The Convention registration rate will increase to $189 on April 1 (sorry, no joke here), so we urge you to get in on the savings and register early.
  • New Members will continue to enjoy this $159 rate, so long as they register for Convention within 30 days of joining.
  • Reserve your hotel. To make hotel reservations for the discounted Javita rate ($169) please call the Aria Reservation’s Desk at 1-866-359-7757. Be sure to mention JAVITA to secure a reservation at the discounted rate.

Make your plans and reservations today, as this event promises to showcase the biggest and brightest stars this industry has ever seen.  And can you think of a better place to party like a rock star than in Vegas at the Aria Resort & Casino with Javita?

The countdown to Vegas begins today…

PS –> Click here to download a copy of the Convention Registration form to print and share with your team.

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