Changing Lives, One Cup at a Time

Javita Hits Record Breaking Quarter


After completing its third successful year in business, with annual sales up more than 150%, Javita closed the first quarter of 2015 with record breaking numbers.

During the first quarter of 2015, Javita had its largest sales month ever, which was the result of the largest number of new Members and Preferred Customers joining.

Javita’s Founder and President Stan Cherelstein attributes the great results to its focus on helping the average person win.

“We have a great brand with effective, highly consumable products that are easy for the average person to understand and share. We combine that with a simple business building system that allows the average person to quickly earn back their initial investment.”

“We are thrilled to have 30 months of consecutive growth and are looking forward to some great months ahead and having our second National Convention at Caesars Palace in August,” Cherelstein said.

Javita will hold its second annual national convention — Changing Lives 2015 during August 6-8, 2015. Javita’s exceptional growth has kept it on track to reach record numbers in sales revenue by the end of 2015.

About Javita

Javita, with global headquarters in Boca Raton, Florida, is a company committed to changing the lives of millions of people by bringing together healthy coffee and other beverages with direct selling. Javita offers healthy, unique, great tasting products and an incredible business opportunity that can enhance people’s lives – one cup at a time.

The company has offices and warehouses in North America, Europe and Asia and does business in more than 30 countries globally. Millions of people already have coffee in their life, Javita gives you coffee for your life.

Energy + Mind Herb Bacopa Monnieri Considered Future Candidate for Chronic Pain Management

Coffee can help ease chronic pain? 

It can if it’s infused with Ayurvedic herb Bacopa Monnieri.

Check out this recent abstract from Current Medical Chemistry:

Chronic pain management costs billions of dollars in medical exchequer to the world population. Additionally, 77% of people with chronic pains also have a degree of medically treatable depression. Bacopa monnieri, a renowned ayurvedic medicine has a strong antidepressant effect and significant anti-nociceptive effect, which is comparable to the effect of morphine via adenosinergic, opioidergic, and adrenergic mechanisms. BM has been also reported to be effective in neuropathic pains. Additionally, it has a strong anti-inflammatory effect mediated via COX-2 inhibitory mechanism.

Apart from its effect of augmenting morphine analgesia, BM also inhibits opioid-withdrawal induced hyperalgesia, and acquisition and expression of morphine tolerance. BM is reported to have a strong protective effect against toxic effects of opiates on major organs like brain, kidneys and heart. BM is well documented to be safe and well tolerated herbal therapy in multiple clinical trials including various age groups. This mini review evaluated the preclinical data that highlights potential of BM as a future candidate for clinical management of chronic pains.

Javita’s Dr. Chi Hits Royal Black Diamond


Since enrolling in Javita a little over two years ago, Dr. Chi has achieved incredible success becoming the company’s first Royal Black Diamond.

“Being first is always an incredible feeling. I never would have imagined myself being the very first Javita Royal Black Diamond. I struggled for five years in my last company, barely making any money during the entire time I was there.

Despite not having any success with that company, I never gave up on my belief in the industry. I was really fortunate to have found Javita. I have succeeded, I have thousands of team Members who have succeeded and together we are all changing lives. If I can achieve Royal Black Diamond, anyone can!”

The Bakersfield, CA native has steadily risen through the ranks of Javita since joining in September 2012, attaining Diamond within 11 months of joining the company. But, he didn’t stop there. Less than four months later, Dr. Chi achieved Black Diamond and quickly went on to attaining Royal Black Diamond and amassing nearly a million dollars in lifetime earnings with Javita.

Dr. Chi’s organization includes over 24,000 active Members, including 10 Diamonds. “Many of my Diamonds have never been involved in network marketing, and the others have tried it, but never achieved any significant success. This is one reason why I am so excited about Javita.”

A Royal Black Diamond is a Member with more than two million in monthly sales.

Dr. Chi credits his success to his team. “We should always focus on helping others get what they want and you will always get what you want in return. I have built my organization a little unorthodoxed compared to many other network marketing companies. I believe many network marketers focus on ‘opportunity and making money.’ What captured my attention about Javita was the health and wellness the products provide, so my team focuses on the products, which makes the opportunity appealing.”

Up until a few months ago, Dr. Chi was a busy full-time foot and ankle surgeon, who was very active in his community. Because of his thriving Javita business, Dr. Chi says he now has more time, freedom and financial security, which allows him to live the life he’s always wanted to live. “Because of Javita I am able to still practice my passion of being a physician part-time, while building my Javita business on my own schedule and cherishing the liberated time with my family.”

Dr. Chi and his family fled the Vietnam War when he was just a young boy. Upon arriving to America, his family set out to seek opportunity, and Dr. Chi knew he wanted to make his parents proud. Javita has allowed Dr. Chi to continue to fulfill his promise to his family. “Javita has helped my family become healthier and has helped us tremendously financially. We have paid off most of our debts and my children will not have to worry about paying for college.”

During the past year Javita has grown over 150% and has recently experienced a record breaking quarter. Dr. Chi said he plans on being around when the company grows to become a billion dollar company. “Javita will be around not only during my lifetime, but for my children’s lifetime and beyond. What strengthens my commitment for Javita is the love for my family and my Javita family. I love Javita because it is a company that changes lives. I have fallen passionately in love with Javita products because I know they work for me and I see them working for others. Being a part of Javita makes me feel that anything is possible, whether it is in health or financial freedom!”

About Javita

Javita, with global headquarters in Boca Raton, Florida, is a company committed to changing the lives of millions of people by bringing together healthy coffee and other beverages with direct selling. Javita offers healthy, unique, great tasting products and an incredible business opportunity that can enhance people’s lives – one cup at a time.

The company has offices and warehouses in North America, Europe and Asia and does business in more than 30 countries globally. Millions of people already have coffee in their life, Javita gives you coffee for your life.

March STAR Builders

STAR is the key building block in Javita and by building STARs, Members are on their way to success.

Each of the Members below enrolled a Member who achieved STAR in the month of March.

CONGRATULATIONS to our March STAR Builders!

The number in the parentheses () indicates the amount of STARs created.

Jiel R., US (4)
Bradford & Ana S., US (4)
Joseph S., CA (3)
Andrea C., US (3)
Rhodora C., PH (3)
Maricel B., US (3)
Karen G., US (3)
Kyung H., US (3)
TJ N., US (3)
David G., US (3)
Jill E., US (3)
Geneth B., PH (3)
Francisco N., US (3)
Juliaty K., US (3)
Corazon D., PH (3)
Ana V., CA (3)
Maureen E., PH (3)
Marie C., CA (3)
Annavilla E., US (3)
James L., US (3)
Alma B., PH (3)
Arielle B., US (3)
Lydia T., US (3)
Marie C., US (3)
Brian P., US (3)
Jannin G., PH (3)
Catherine V., US (2)
Desiree S., IT (2)
Hakyun C., US (2)
Rowena F., US (2)
Jenny J., PH (2)
Vickie Y., US (2)
Joy G., US (2)
Amanda S., US (2)
Mel M., PH (2)
Eunice G., PH (2)
Eleanore L., PH (2)
Winona E., PH (2)
Haydie V., US (2)
Monette & Gilbert L., US (2)
Jennifer P., US (2)
Manolito I., PH (2)
John B., US (2)
Christopher P., US (2)
Robin O., US (2)
Lea L., US (2)
Jesus B., PH (2)
Sandra F., US (2)
Maria V., GB (2)
Larissa M., US (2)
Mariarebecca A., US (2)
Ivory M., PH (2)
Juliet L., US (2)
Allan M., PH (2)
Erwin S., US (2)
Exuperia A., PH (2)
Deena T., US (2)
Dave T., US (2)
Theresa P., PH (2)
Eloisa Flores US (2)
Adoracion Arceo PH (2)
Ruzeth D., PH (2)
Fe C., US (2)
Joyce A., US (2)
Rogel D., US (2)
Esmeralda & Carlo S., US (2)
Vu D., US (2)
Dino & Maggie V., US (2)
Prudence P., GB (2)
Cesar C., US (2)
Renee U., PH (2)
Marivic S., US (2)
Aiha A., PH (2)
Kimberly C., US (2)
Ginalyn E., PH (2)
Nathan N., US (2)
Mayeth S., US (2)
Eduardo P., PH (2)
Maggie K., US (2)
Cherrie F., US (2)
Haythem Y., US (2)
Heaven P., US (2)
Alma C., US (2)
Lourdes L., US (2)
Jacob S., US (2)
Sarah E., GB (2)
Gillian B., PH (2)
Xu E., US (2)
Rosemary B., US (2)
Michelle T., US (2)
Aileen K., US (2)
Clarissa R., PH (2)
Kasey K., US (2)
Lachelle A., CA (2)
Vaughn M. US
Nicole R., US
Heang B., US
Rosanno B., PH
Cernan R., PH
Fevrina S., US
Felma T., US
Cynthia D., CA
Carlos C., PH
Josephine S., IE
Nowelle D., PH
Reggie & Jenny T., US
Arceli A., GB
Arieska A., US
Dino A., US
Jenifer S., US
Carmen V., US
Reuben A., US
Elaine D., US
Nancy & Elas G., US
Andy & Joy G., US
Claudio M., US
Mordy G., US
Alma R., US
Raymond J., US
Cyrile C., US
Liberty O., US
Rose B., PH
Nicomedes M.., PH
Glaiza B., US
Marion I., PH
April N., US
Ernestina V., US
Joema F., PH
Marius C., US
Mitchelle V., PH
Romeo V., PH
Carola P., US
Renee J., PH
Irene Q., CA
May R., US
Rodulfo V., PH
Riofer R., PH
Cindy S., US
Cristeta P., US
Lenn R., US
Elna T., PH
Melissa M., US
Kariz E., PH
Marie T., US
Sara C., US
Christian G., PH
Jesus G., US
Merly T., US
Soledad C., US
Catherine A., PH
Carlos P., US
Cherry P., US
Jesusa M., IT
Patric M., US
Darlene T., US
Karen G., US
Hazel B., US
Roma C., US
Michael G., US
Gregory C., US
Danielle S., CA
Maria M., US
Lloyd & Bing B., US
Madeline S., GB
Lee B., US
Jenny B., PH
Mildred E., US
Dranreb R., PH
Brenda C., US
Maria A., US
Lynnard C., US
James R., US
Cynthia C., AU
Jeline F., PH
Stephanie G., US
Karianne H., US
Kristine T., US
Gail A., CA
Ushily C., US
Sonia G., PH
Roderick P., US
Carlina E., PH
Simon K., US
Courtney P., US
Ian P., PH
Sioco J., PH
Rosemee A., PH
Marvin C., US
Scott C., US
Jonas D., PH
Michael H., US
Maria S., US
Kim M., US
Josefina A., US
Marie R., US
Amy B., US
Lisa L., US
Mark S., US
Rowena C., US
Wilmer C., PH
Romela L., US
Norberto D., PH
Analita P., CA
Alvaro Y., US
Andrew G., US
Brigette B., PH
Esmira B., US
Mylene A., PH
John B., US
Luisito L., PH
Ariel C., PH
Uranio S., US
Tessie D., US
Ruby V., PH
Yoon K., US
Lux U., PH
Joaquin G., US
Maria G., US
Mary M., US
Gersild C., GB
Beth S., US
Armando F., US
Anthony E., US
Allen B., US
Racquel R., PH
Ana D., US
Janet G., US
Christian S., IT
Arnie V., PH
Irene K., PH
Joey P., PH
Charlotte H., US
Donovan A., US
Nikky O., US
Francisco E., US
Maria B., PH
Rebecca M., US
Gordon S., US
Gil S., US
James B., US
Lia H., US
Steve P., US
Francis P., US
Mylene P., PH
Debera H., US
Marietta C., PH
Grace T., PH
Judith F., S
Ray J., US
Jason N., US
Virginia C., US
Michelee D., PH
Geraldine M., US
Melanie A., GB
Madison O., US
Marierose G., US
Brian S., US
Heather C., US
Michelle M., US
Ernesto H., PH
Aileen L., US
Abdullah U., PH
Bonnie S., US
Maria S., GB
Liezl L., PH
Maria A., US
Nora S., US
Richellene V., US
Leonides C., PH
Runnel C., US
Ana H., US
John C., US
Ernesto G., PH
Ronaldo U., US
Belen A., US
Renato U., PH
Nikolas P., US
Amy E., US
Curie B., US
Jayvee V., US
Daniel H., US
Djuante’ W., US
Jessica L., US
John T., US
Mixay P., US
Lawrence W., US
Rachelle F., PH
Ghislain M., CA
Romichelle R., US
Kristen S., US
Jennifer E., US
Josephine B., US
Bee S., PH
Mariela C., US
Valente L., US
Leonor G., PH
Gene & Faith D., US
Farrah A., PH
Michael Z., US
Cesar R., PH
David P., US
Aris B., US
Easter R., PH
Joan J., PH
Rommel M., US
Virginia F., US
Elizabeth A., PH
Maria C., US
Michelle S., PH
Analiza T., PH
Cheryl G., GB
Jodi L., US
David G., US
Ronald N., US
Maria C., US
Estrella C., CA
Therese P., PH
Shirel R., US
Lourdes F., US
Evangeline G., PH
Paulette M., US
Grace T., PH
Gladys R., US
Jose B., US
Madonna C., US
Gloria S., US
Stephanie B., US
Matilde M., GB
Patricia S., US
Raquel P., US
Vanessa G., US
Alma M., PH
Cornelio D., AU
Christine S., US
Jordan O., US
Alden L., PH
Annalyn C., PH
Maria B., US
Jose A., PH
Cassandra V., PH
Jessica H., US
Denise K., US
George S., PH
Comfort E., US
Khara V., US
Melody V., PH
Ali W., US
Evelyn F., US
Ravinder B., CA
Susana C., US
Caridad M., US
Marietta G., PH
Jordan S., US
Roxi L., US
Korina P., GB
Theary N., US
Marc L., CA
Edwin C., US
Mary M., PH
Kristen P., US
Marivic H., CA
Arabella Q., PH
Mi K., US
Vanessa G., US
Sherie P., PH
Sungil H., US
Nonalyn Y., PH
Mohamed H., US
Bernel N., US
Ronald & Jeannie G., US
Joe J., US
Erlinda A., PH
Sanh N., US
Kevin B., US
Jeanie P., PH
Maria A., US
Paul & Jennifer A., US
Mark C., US
Joana I., US
Stella M., US
Nora J., PH
Angelita C., US
Virginita A., US
Benjamin C., US
Marlene P., US
Bayani S., US
Reginald M., US
Maria F., US
Shelley P., PH
Milagros P., PH
Karen O., US
Edchel N., US
Manuel B., US
Hannibal R., BS
Richard H., US
Kayla & Christopher B., US
Braidenburg C., CA
Rocio B., US
Lily B., US
Paublita B., US
Rachelle B., US
Abilene C., PH
Bernadette C., PH
Erlinda K., US
Tye K., US
Jennet S., US
Shellene C., US
Tina S., US
Rochelle D., US

April STARs

Chris & Rebecca F., US
Evangeline B., US
Manuel A., US
Shauna S., US
Richard D., Philippines
Anita C., US
Eva N., US
Maria E., Canada
Joshua P., US
Ana Dy., Philippines
Rica D., Canada
Irene P., Philippines
Shayna D., US
Hazel A., US
Ky T., US
Remy D., Canada
Dax B., Ireland
Cristeto E., US
Gina P., Australia
Evelyn V., US
Maricel D., Philippines
Elvira L., France
Sookil S., US
Stephanie D., US
Jinky T., United Kingdom
Jessica B., US
Iluminada G., US
Maria N., US
Jorem L., Philippines
Catherine M., US
Kim U., US
Rainelda L., US
Alberto O., US
Anna Q., Italy
Danilo M., US
Khris A., Australia
Fe M., US
Allan I., US
Carl S., US
Virna D., US
Melissa D., US
Marlene B., US
Shari P., Canada
Tami S., US
Sabina T., Canada
April A., Philippines
Eui K., US
Rose Marie L., US
Michelle P., Philippines
Soon B., US
Sonya M., US
Denisha M., US
Yezel P., Greece
Sheila A., Philippines
Emilia D., US
Elizabeth L., Philippines
Galileo C., US
Venus M., Canada
David I., US
Ma. Theresa D., US
Lauren C., US
Jennifer D., Canada
Tim C., US
Wilfredo T., Canada
Zachery C., US
Michael A., US
Alexandra P., US
Rosdy C., Philippines
Myla M., Philippines
Ivy R., Philippines
Kevin F., US
Herminia I., Philippines
Brian L., US
Della M., US
Marta R., US
Araceli T., Philippines
Mary C., Philippines
Miguel G., US
Rostum D., Philippines
Anthony D., Philippines
Maria M., US
Nhan N., US
Edgar O., US
Maria G., Philippines
Elizabeth S., Philippines
Pamela R., US
Catherine E., US
Michelle O., US
Flavio P., US
Indira P., US
Ann C., US
Adelindes L., US
Maria D., Philippines
Alexis S., US
Elias G., US
Bernie B., Philippines
William S., US
Deborah N., US
Wyeth I., New Zealand
Katherine M., US
Ngo Vu., US
Merlinda B., France
Ella G., US
Khristina S., Philippines
Germana C., US
Maria P., US
Jeffrey M., US
Shelyn P., US
Monique S., US
Joshua B., US
Mayra A., US
Gina M., US
Melissa D., US
Juliet K., US
Jamie L., US
Kharleen M., Philippines
Brian M., US
Eric B., US
Lisa R., US
Adrian S., US
Jeannette D., Philippines
Grace F., Philippines
Maria V., Philippines
Jessica H., US
Robin O., US
Dong K., US
Rina M., US
Policronia E., Norway
Joel E., US
Gerard C., Philippines
Meriam P., Philippines
Cheryl P., US
Krystal C., US
Erminda F., US
Nieves B., Philippines
Alma M., Philippines
Jolly V., Philippines
Maricar J., Philippines
Antoinette C., US
Josep H., US
Hurry V., Italy
Adelfa V., US
Ann Chu., US
Lourdes B., US
Antonio M., Philippines
Dino V., US
Noelle M., US
Ta Su., US
Nory M., US
Eupretes R., Philippines
Antonio L., US
John B., US
Sarah B., US
Rajendrasinh C., US
Grace G., Philippines
Loewen K., Philippines
Mercedes O., Philippines
Nelson O., Philippines
Adelina A., US
Rochelle D., US
Vanessa G., US
Arjun H., US
Karen P., US
Hermanto R., US
Vicky C., US
Robin W., US
Aquilino D., Philippines
Norman E., Philippines
Vilma S., US
Ki Won K., US
Jennifer B., US
Lorievic M., Philippines
Charmeigne P., US
Guy V., US
Edwin C., Philippines
Elise B., US
Jose S., US
Jennifer M., Philippines
Erlinda C., Philippines
Chrishelle P., US
Marites P., US
Linda T., US
Ma. Jinky P., Philippines
Liezl B., Philippines
Alba M., US
Hilda S., US
Emmanuel J., Philippines
Jonald B., Philippines
Elvira V., US
Sonny F., US
William R., US
Joel V., US
Catalla M., US
Roy M., US
Karla B., US
Reesah V., US
Julianne D., US
Baes N., Ireland
Catherine D., Philippines
Bayani S., US
Ruth R., US
Jeremy C., US
Raymond E., Philippines
Tae O., US
Aliw R., US
Anna C., Philippines
Etherlyn A., Philippines
Shanaz V., US
Marivic A., US
Vir D., US
Jocelyn T., US
Tamma F., US
Bella A., US
Caroline A., US
Catherine B., US
Olivia J., US
Anna F., US
Arnet T., US
Betty B., US
Roberto D., US
Mary C., US
Rhodora M., Philippines
Maria S., US


Javita: Registro para la Convención, Javita Fiesta DVD esta disponible, y más

  • El Registro para la Convención Cambiando Vidas 2015 esta a toda máquina
  • El DVD par alas fiestas Javita
  • Cumbre para los Líderes Emergentes
  • Llamada Corporativa de Javita de entrenamiento postpuesta hasta el dia Lunes.
  • El Tour de Super Sabados Continúa

El Registro para la Convención Cambiando Vidas 2015 esta en pleno.

Cientos de Miembros ya se han registrado para la Convención Cambiando Vidas 2015. Acompáñanos a celebrar el crecimiento y éxitos sin precedente de Javita Agosto 6-8 en el Caesars Palace, Las Vegas NV!

Ahora y hasta Mayo 31, los Miembros podrán registrarse por $229 (Tarifa de Primavera). Nuevos Miembros que se hayan registrado dentro de los primeros 30 días de haberse inscrito disfrutarán la baja tarifa de $199.

A continuacion un anticipo de lo que nos espera:

Jueves, Agosto 6:

  • 1 p.m. – 6 p.m. Registro
  • 2 p.m. – 4 p.m. Entrenamiento para Gerentes (por invitación)
  • Noche: Noche de Diamantes (por invitación)

Viernes, Agosto 7:

  • 7:30 a.m. – 5 p.m. Registro
  • 8 a.m. – 12 p.m. Desayuno con Entrenamiento (por Invitación)
  • 2 p.m. – 6 p.m. Sesión General I
  • 8 p.m. – 11 p.m. Javita Lounge

Sabado, Agosto 8:

  • 7:30 a.m. – 10:30 a.m. Registro
  • 9 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. Sesión General II
  • 12:30 p.m. – 2 p.m. Almuerzo
  • 2 p.m. – 5:30 p.m. Sesión General III

Esperamos verte allí!

>>>>> Reserva hoy mismo tu habitación en el Caesars Palace

Para hacer tu reservación y aprovechar la baja tarifa de Javita has click aqui o llama al 1-866-227-5944 y menciona la Convención Nacional de Javita para obtener las mejores tarifas. Por favor anotar que: un cargo de $15 aplicará al momento de la llamada. No habrá cargos por reservaciones hechas en línea. La tarifa corporativa de Javita es $149 más impuestos para los días Viernes y Sabado. Estas tarifas estarán disponibles hasta el día Julio 7, 2015 ó hasta alcanzar la disponibilidad.


El DVD Javita Party está ahora disponible

El DVD Javita Party está ahora disponible!, obten tu copia hoy!

El DVD Javita Party es excelente para ser usado en tu próxima fiesta de café ó para compartirlo con algunos de tus prospectos para que puedan apreciar que tan fácil es construir su negocio.

Para obtener tu copia del DVD Javita Party has click here.

Compra 1 DVD por $3.95; 5 DVDs por $14.75 (el costo por DVD baja a $2.95 c/u) o 10 DVDs por $19.50 (el costo por DVD baja a $1.95 c/u.)

Ahora solo queda Prepararse, Compartir y Disfrutar como lo hacemos en Javita!


Cumbre Líderes Emergentes

Con tantos y tan Buenos líderes emergiendo, seleccionar a aquellos que participaran en la Cumbre de Líderes Emergentes no sera uuna tarea sencilla!

Los Miembros seleccionados disfrutarán de un fin de semana en Boca Raton, Fl con todos-los-gastos-pagos este Próximo Julio 2015!

Este evento, solo para invitados, estará basado exclusivamente en la revision ejecutiva y la invitación sera extendida solamente a Supervisores, Gerentes y Directores seleccionados.

Período de calificación: Enero 1 – Mayo 31


  • Inscripciones Personales
  • Porcentaje de Conversión de ESTRELLAS
  • Crecimiento del Volumen Organizacional (OV)
  • Espíritu de Equipo
  • Deseo de demostrar Liderazgo de acuerdo a valores y Filosofia de la Compañía
  • Registro y Participación en eventos claves
  • Participación en Conferencias telefónicas y Eventos

Visita GoJavita para que bajes el Anuncio (Flyer).


La llamada Corporativa Javita de entrenamiento postpuesta hasta el Lunes

Debido a las fechas festivas de Semana Santa, la llamada corporative de entrenamiento de primeros de mes hasta el Lunes 6 de Abril.

Te invitamos a que te conectes con nosotros en nuestra próxima llamada, que será conducida por el ejecutivo de Javita Bob Ulrich y el Royal Blue Diamond Tom Bowman.

Cuándo: Lunes, April 6 Hora: 9 p.m. ET (aproximadamente 45 minutos)
Anfitrión: Bob Ulrich
Número para conectar con la conferencia: 832-225-5018 ó 712-432-7650  pin 1111# (este # de pin es válido para cualquiera de los dos números)

Ser parte de estas Conferencias telefónicas es importante para el aprendizaje y crecimeinto de tu negocio. No pierdas esta gran oportunidad!.

Recuerda, la llamada Corporativa de Entrenamiento se lleva a cabo el PRIMER Domingo de cada mes, y continuará en su horario regular a partir del mes que viene (Mayo).


Super Sábado Mclean, VA & Super Sábado San Jose, CA

Prepárense North Virginia & San Jose; Javita viene de camino!

Si eres nuevo en éste negocio ó simplemente necesitas un empujón, no te quieres perder estos eventos!

Mclean, VA Super Sábado Cuándo: Sábado, April 11
Evento: 10am – 1pm
Dónde: Crowne Plaza Tysons Corner
1960 Chain Bridge Road, Mclean, VA 22102
Anfitrión: Harold Byler
Costo:  $10 por Miembro

San Jose, CA Super Sábado Cuándo: Sábado, April 11
Evento: 12:30pm – 5pm
Dónde: Courtyard Marriott
111 Holger Way, San Jose, CA 95134
Anfitriones: Pamela & Drew David
Costo: $10 por Miembro (Gratis para invitados)


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