Changing Lives, One Cup at a Time

I now have the confidence, incentive and determination to keep going

“My name is Cheron Stanley, and I have been a part of the Javita family for about 1 month. I decided to join this amazing family to take control of my health, and to provide a better life for my family.

I am a 2-time breast cancer survivor and a financially struggling single Mother. After beating cancer, I was left with a body I no longer recognized. After subjecting my body to multiple surgeries, including a lumpectomy and double mastectomy and various harsh treatments such as chemotherapy and radiation, I was left with a thyroid destroyed from radiation, I was diagnosed with high blood pressure and pre-diabetes. I ended up an empty shell of my original self, severely depressed and overweight. I was a mess!!!

Then my neighbor introduced me to Javita.  

I have been drinking 1 cup of Javita Burn + Control Coffee per day for 6 weeks and I have lost 23 pounds!! For the first time in years, I am starting to feel like my old self.  

The other day I thought I caught a glimpse of the gal I used to be in the mirror, and it brought me to tears.

I have a long way to go, but I now have the confidence, incentive and determination to keep going. I love my entire Javita family. I am building a financially secure life for myself and my son, and I’m getting healthier by the day! I am so passionate about all of the Javita products that I just want to share it with the world!” ~Cheron Stanley 


“Perfect 10” in July with our Double First Order Bonus Incentive

We’re giving our Members another chance to be a ‘Perfect 10’ with our Double First Order Bonus Incentive!

Didn’t’ make it in June? No worries! July is your month!

Javita will double all of the First Order Bonuses you earn in July (up to $100 bonus per order*) if you personally enroll 10 or more new Members.

Remember, your new Members can join with any combination of our join packs to qualify.

This is a global bonus for all Members in all markets, therefore anyone personally enrolled in any market will count towards your 10.


—                        FOB                 Incentive                  Total

1 at $99                 $20                        $20                        $40
4 at $299              $240                      $240                     $480
4 at $499              $400                      $400                     $800
1 at $999              $250                       $100*                    $350
Total                   $910                      $760                    $1,670

Here’s your chance to be a “Perfect 10”!

Rules & Guidelines

  • You must be in good standing with the Company.
  • You must agree to Javita’s Policies and Procedures, the Code of Ethics, and any breach of those terms or abuse of this promotion can result in termination of your rights to participate.
  • Javita reserves the right to modify the rules of this promotion at any time.
  • All payouts will be paid with the monthly August commissions.
  • *First Order Bonus match on any $999 Platinum Packs enrolled are $100.
  • Should any orders be returned after month-end the entire bonus will be reclaimed.

I’m so glad I made the decision to ‘rethink my drink’!

‘Well, I went to the doctor on Tuesday June 28. I had cancelled my appointment from June 2, because I had assumed my blood sugar had gone up since I hadn’t really been eating right. I had all the excuses ready, and how I would change my ways. But when I got the report, it turns out that my A1c was 5.9. It went down!!!!  

When they took my blood pressure, I glanced over expecting to see the usual 140/88 but to my surprise it was 119/64. I was shocked, it has never been that low!!!!  

As incredible as that is, that’s not all. I had stopped taking my cholesterol medicine back in January, because my legs hurt so bad I could not have my granddaughter on my lap. Since they were checking my cholesterol this time I knew I had to “fess up” and tell them that I wasn’t taking it. I really didn’t know what to expect.  

The doctor was shocked when I told him that I stopped in January. My cholesterol was an astonishing 185!!!!  Since starting this journey, I have stopped taking shots before each meal. That is 3 less shots a day. The shot I take at night has gone from 60 to 45 to 25 to 10 and down to 5. The doctor said keep this up and I will take you off that one as well. My A1c used to be 9.3 it is now 5.9.  I am so glad that I made the decision to “Rethink my Drink”. I can look forward to getting older and enjoying my life.” ~Anne M Moncibaiz

Javita is Excited to Announce June’s ‘Perfect 10’ Earners

Our ‘Perfect 10’ earners are in and they’ve earned an additional $15,000 in First Order Bonuses!

What does it mean to be a Perfect 10?

Members were given the opportunity in June to double all of their First Order Bonuses (up to $100 bonus per order*) by personally enrolling 10 or more new Members.


Here are our ‘Perfect 10’ earners:

USA Earners:
Brock Hillman

Chris &Sophia Mantzaris
Essel Francisco
Joselito Uson
Juvie Pabilonia
Robert Melo
Global Wealth 4 U
Buzz Team Marketing

Philippines Earners:
Julieto Caballero

Mariz Perez
Karren Del Rosario
Jerson Malinao
Narilyn Catibog
Lux Charmaine Usares
Angie Mabag

Congratulations to all of our ‘Perfect 10’ earners!


I lost 120 lbs and 10 sizes with Javita!

Most of my life, I’ve maintained a weight between 130/140 pounds. Even after having two children I bounced back. Then I got pregnant with my Sweet Princess and I gained over 100 pounds!!! I remember being at the end of my pregnancy, getting out of the shower trying to dry off, breaking a sweat and I thinking to myself, “how do fat people do it, how do they live like this?” Gosh I can’t wait to get this baby out!!

But little did I know, I wasn’t going to “bounce back” this time and I was going to spend the next three years “FAT”. I found myself single and raising a baby girl on my own.

Six months later, I met my best friend. A man who loved me for me and saw through my heaviness. He was a single Dad himself, raising two boys age 2&5. We were an instant family. I became a stay-at-home mom. Took care of our little home and the kids while Daddy took on the role of the Bread Winner. As time went by, we had family cookouts at the beach which of course required a bathing suit. My varicose veins were so bad my legs always looked black and blue. I was embarrassed, and tried really hard not to assume that everyone was starring at me and thinking “God, she is gross!” I tried to have a good time and enjoy myself, fake smile and all. But I just wanted to go home and get in my pajamas. 

Then the love of my life and I decided to have a baby together to complete our family. It took a while, but after a miscarriage and several negative pregnancy tests, we finally were pregnant. During my pregnancy I was called a “big fat pig” by a family member. My now 7 year-old stepson cried and asked me not to go to parent-teacher conferences and birthday parties because he was in fear that his friends would make fun of me. I was crushed, that was my bottom. The tears in this little boy’s eyes broke me. He was now old enough to know even though I was pregnant, my weight was out of control.

I remember telling Adrian (My Prince Charming) “whatever my body needs to do to bring this baby in the world than so be it. But the day after I have him, I have to get this weight off.”  We had our beautiful baby boy 8 lbs 3oz on Aug 19, 2015. Adrian detailed cars for a living, and had met a lady who sold this weight loss coffee. He was detailing her BMW in front of her beautiful home. He always talked about it. Brought home some samples a few times, but I never drank it. I thought “coffee” ya right!! Still struggling to lose weight now taking care of four kids required having to choose from eating or sleeping sometimes, so of course I chose sleep. I lost a few pounds, but nothing to talk about.

Adrian was getting tired, leaving before the sun came up and coming home after it was down. He talked about this lady, her BMW, her home, her gardening and her weight loss coffee business, with not envy, but passion. I had now tried the coffee and it was really good! Little did I know, this lady was put in our lives for a reason, she was our Saving Grace. (Thank you Stephanie) I just realized as I write this, I’ve never thanked her. I will be doing that as soon as I’m done here.

As Adrian and I were struggling to buy diapers, literally counting change. We decided to enroll with Javita. We went to Stephanie’s home, and as she took our credit card number down I felt sick, I cried a little, laughed nervously as she said “Congratulations, you now own your own business.” Holy crap! What did we just do!!??

I went home that night in March (of 2016) with a few boxes of coffee. I was sleeping through the night, I felt better and my clothes not just getting loose, but falling off! It was working! The day after I had our sweet baby boy I was 298 pounds, today I am proud to say I am 156 pounds!! I went from a size 22 to a 10/12!! People call me skinny, my kids are happier, more trips to the park because I can do it! I’m super mom! Oh and this past weekend, I enjoyed my 4th of July rocking a two piece!

Business is AMAZING! We have met wonderful people and when I sell a box a coffee, I feel like I did a good deed! People call me excited because they are losing weight and FAST! I told The Love of my life today, you don’t detail cars for a living, you sell weight loss coffee and supplement our income with your “side job”. Saying it and it becomes REAL, Doing it becomes REALITY and we are DOING IT!! Thanks to Javita, there is NO MORE counting change for this family!” ~Tiffany P.

Javita has changed our lives as a family

My diabetes and fatty liver along with high blood pressure and digestive issues were out of control. The coffee diet system along with the green tea has helped me so much, that I am FINALLY medicine free (from 14 medications a day to nothing). I have lost 55 pounds and dropped ten sizes !! I feel so good !!

My oldest son has knee issues from years of playing basketball. Since he started drinking  the flex since drinking it he he stopped complaining about knee pain.

My mom has lost a ton of inches, and the fiber has controlled her cholesterol so amazingly that she doesn’t need meds anymore!! Not to mention her thyroid issues are gone.

The biggest one to me as a mom that just makes me be thankful everyday is my son Diego. At the age of 5, he was diagnosed with severe ADHD and ODD. He is considered high functioning under the Autistic Spectrum. Every day was a struggle. I would cry myself to sleep because the side effects of the medication were just too much. The school would call me every week about something my son did!! He was expelled from the school district because of behavioral issues. His impulsivity was something no one could handle. But we were able to fight it and he was see admitted to school.

Well, he started drinking the cocoa and the change we saw was almost immediate. You see he was about to turn 12, and he had been taking meds since the age of 5! We then added the energy and mind coffee. Yes half stick of cocoa and a whole stick of coffee mixed with caramel machiatto creamer. He does need to take a second shake at school in the afternoon. What’s so mind blowing, is that a 12 yr old kid does not forget to make his coffee! You ask my son if he will take medication again. “Nope, I’m never taking medication. I love my coffee with my drink I feel like myself!!”

Fast forward a year of medicine free, and he has As, Bs and some Cs–much better than the straights Fs he used to have! The teachers’ comments are he is a pleasure to have in class; he is so helpful; he is so respectful. I have to take a double take to make sure they are talking about Diego.

My son plays football now and Rugby, goes to outings with friends, has gone camping with a group of youths. His life is so different. Our lives have definitely changed, one cup at a time.

And as a parent, well the results are priceless … Thank you Javita for giving us hope.” ~Sandra F.

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