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Javita’s Members Return From the “Moon” After a Trip of a Lifetime

Descending from all over North America, qualifying Javita Members indulged in a 5 day / 4 night all-inclusive stay (May 7-11) at Cancun’s Moon Palace Golf & Spa Resort that was filled with exciting excursions, R&R, team building and the rich savory tastes of authentic Mexican and Caribbean cuisines.

The Members kicked off the trip with a welcome reception, hosted by Javita’s President and CEO Stan Cherelstein and a few of Javita’s senior executives. Members mixed and mingled over hors d’oeuvres, cocktails and music.

The days in Cancun were filled with adrenaline pumping, once-in-a-lifetime, breathtaking excursions. Some Members came face-to-face with their fears in a heart-pounding flight, with birds-eye views from treetop-to-treetop on Mexico’s popular ziplines — some lines as high as 100 feet above the Mayan Jungle.

Then they tested their skills on an off-road (ATV) experience they will never forget. When this was over, they got a chance to relax, swim and jump into the refreshing waters of the cave pools in the jungle.

Sounds like a lot of fun right? Well, there was more!

Members delighted in watching the dolphins romp, feed and play, and for many, swimming with the dolphins was a first-time experience and something they can now check off their bucket list.

Other Members glided across the blue Caribbean waters on jet skis, while some decided to ride the waves on the resort’s Flowrider.

What about R&R you might wonder? Well, we had that covered too! After a long day of exploring, Members were treated to a bit of pampering at the resort’s world-class spa while others simply lounged by the pool or relaxed on the beach and listened to the waves crash along the shore.

Don’t count the evenings out, there was never a dull moment. Guests were entertained by a hypnotist on their first night; enjoyed fabulous meals together and some even chose to tackle the nightlife by dancing and partying at some of the Moon’s hottest nightclubs.

It all came to an end with a heartfelt farewell dinner and everyone leaving with an experience of a lifetime, courtesy of Javita; and all they had to do was build their business. Seems pretty simple doesn’t it!?

What’s in store for 2015? You’ll have to wait to find out!

Check out our <<photo album>> for some of the highlights.

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Javita, You ROCK!

“My journey started at the end of January where a good friend of mine shared some samples with me, in just 3 days I couldn’t believe how amazing I felt I’ve been taking 1 every day with the occasional green tea in my vodka yes I said vodka! and the results have been phenomenal I jumped into the business head first and haven’t looked back. I achieved Star in 30 days. And am the top sponsor in Australia. I love this coffee and love this business its a no brainer its Coffee why would you not give this a go.” ~Samantha M.

I Love Javita

“What can I say…I love javita! Here are my 4 week results: I’m sleeping better. Have cut out energy drinks/shots altogether. Skin has cleared up. Have sustained energy. No more cravings. Eat for energy not just because it tastes good lol. And the physical. .. well they speak for themselves… down 13lbs and 21″ total inches!!!! ONLY FOR WEEKS YOU GUYS!” ~Ashlee D.

Man am I Excited

Changing her cup of coffee has Debbie breathing easier and moving pain free…

“I started drinking Javita coffee in November 2013. I only drank 1 cup per day because I didn’t know you could drink more. I have now lost 43 pounds and have gone from a size 18 to a 14 and some cases as small as a size 12. I have had the healthiest allergy season in years. I’m normally on several meds (during allergy season) now I only use Claritin D and an inhaler I use occasionally. I used to ache at night in my bones and now that is gone too! I still have a way to go and but man am I excited!!!!” ~Debbie D.

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Thank You for Changing Our Lives

“Here is my husband Huero!!! He had his first Cup of Javita about the middle to late March. He is currently down 25 lbs and moved 5 holes on his belt! Still no heart burn. No more snoring (yay for me!!). Thank you so much Javita for changing the Herrera’s lives!!!”

I’m So Proud of My Sister

One woman’s success with Javita has her sister singing its praises. Checkout this note from Maribel… “I am so proud of my sister Andrea, that I just can’t stop bragging about her success with Javita’s green tea. Not only has she lost more than 7 inches since January AND is fitting into her jeans again COMFORTABLY, she’s shedding the weight she gained when she had her last child. WOO HOO!!” ~Maribel


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