Changing Lives, One Cup at a Time

November STAR Builders

STAR is the key building block in Javita and by building STARs, Members are on their way to success.

Each of the Members below enrolled a Member who achieved STAR in the month of November.

CONGRATULATIONS to our November STAR Builders!

The number in the parentheses () indicates the amount of STARs created.

Sarah L., US (5)
Jally Ann G., PH (3)
Jeffrey F., US (3)
Jean B., US (3)
Cyrile C., US (3)
Kristela R., US (3)
Renee J., PH (3)
Merly T., US (3)
Gemma P., US (3)
Kendra G., US (3)
Charese S., US (3)
Jon R., US (3)
Leilani C., PH (3)
Florabel T., US (3)
Paz A., US (3)
Rachelle F., PH (3)
Stephanie C., US (3)
Marisa F., US (3)
Jeinette S., US (3)
Plaridel M., GB (3)
Arim C., PH (3)
Heherson F., US (3)
Regina S., US (3)
Paul B., US (3)
Monica A., PH (3)
Maurice L., US (3)
Kristin R., US (2)
Dulce H., US (2)
Damien F., AU (2)
Ji Hae L., US (2)
Angel Lao PH (2)
Nicole P., PH (2)
Michelle R., US (2)
Mordy G., US (2)
Paolo P., US (2)
Nathan S., US (2)
Liziel R., US (2)
Aurora C., US (2)
Laarni D., IT (2)
Grachelle B., PH (2)
Maria D., PH (2)
May P., PH (2)
Maribelle G., US (2)
Jong C., PH (2)
Felita A., US (2)
Marissa J., PH (2)
Jen J., PH (2)
Jessica H., PH (2)
Esmeralda N., US (2)
Julius P., US (2)
Luzviminda R., PH (2)
Marilou L., PH (2)
Margaret A., US (2)
Jamaika H., US (2)
Tami G., US (2)
Sheri M., US (2)
Monica Q., US (2)
Rebecca M., US (2)
Rizza G., AU (2)
Treltas M., US (2)
Marilou B., US (2)
Jericha V., US (2)
Antonio D., US (2)
Rosita L., US (2)
Karizza & Eugenio A., US (2)
Kristen S., US (2)
Ruby L., US (2)
Ortiz P., US (2)
Easter R., PH (2)
Patricia D., PH (2)
Baby S., GB (2)
Robert B., US (2)
Luzviminda W., CA (2)
Rolando A., US (2)
Esther A., US (2)
Dyan A., PH (2)
Marissa L., GB (2)
Jiel R., US (2)
Leydace B., CA (2)
Erwin S., US (2)
Carmelita P., US (2)
Richard M., US (2)
Juvie P., CA (2)
Joe G., US
Matt B., US
Scott & Natasha J., US
Jonathan G., US
Monica A., US
Laurel L., CA
Denael & Michael W., US
Saira G., US
Danica C., US
Sebastian R., US
Monica D., US
Verna M., US
Jhoanna S., US
Eunica D., US
Maria A., US
Teresa A., PH
Carold G., US
Mary Ann M., PH
Perla B., US
Dexter M., PH
Maria S., CA
Robert W., US
Jerome V., US
Karen O., US
Jomelisa S., US
Sheryl T., US
Al B., CA
Gage M., US
Cora C., US
Cziarra L., PH
Maricar R., US
Jaime S., PH
Kaina H., US
Jennifer B., US
Jacquie B., US
Ross B., US
Christopher G., US
Genevieve C., US
David B., US
Prima B., US
Eldon P., US
Ermelinda F., PH
Nora S., US
Princess C., US
Angela I., US
Bibiana J., US
Jerlin Y., GB
Victor A., PH
Junio G., GB
Sharon Y., US
Erica F., US
Jose L., PH
Bryan S., US
Mary Ann A., PH
Alpha V., PH
Dean H., AU
Myra C., PH
Dana C., US
Russell S., GB
Albert H., US
Otto A., PH
Marjorie T., PH
Joran R., PH
Anacleto G., US
Dorcas M., US
Grizelda V., PH
Maria O., PH
Raimundo L., US
Julie M., US
Stacey W., US
Gregory & Jill H., US
Samantha M., AU
Ferdinand D., US
Crispin P., IT
Michelle R., US
Sheila P., US
Al T., US
Inthava B., US
Mikaelah L., PH
Aileen Elorde PH
Heather K., US
Audra F., US
Dunn B., US
Mireya Q., US
Janette M., US
Jennifer W., US
Jason M., US
Alfonso A., US
Shirley F., AU
Nichole R., US
Maria R., US
James L., US
Amelyn B., GB
Amalia M., PH
Carmina A., PH
Cathy W., US
Iris L., PH
Mary D., US
Ana U., IT
Erika V., US
Jonas D., PH
Ray T., US
Sarah G., US
Nelson R., PH
Marilyn W., CA
Andrew & Johnna R., US
Henry W., US
Marissa C., US
Violet L., US
Natalie V., US
Jean Marie J., PH
Paul S., US
Maria A., US
Myca M., IT
Percival G., CA
Rodella T., PH
Eric W., US
Betty H., US
Steven & Pamela H., US
Salvacion R., US
Jeanielyn M., PH
Sheri Z., US
Patty M., US
Kiela T., IT
Mary P., PH
Florence P., US
Beth S., US
Diana M., US
Jennifer L., US
Rommel D., US
Michael Y., US
Victor M., US
Silvija B., US
Laura T., US
Joana F., US
Myra C., IT
Jared M., US
Peter S., US
Maida Y., GB
Cristina A., PH
Charisse J., US
Alfonso C., IT
Donna F., CA
Lorna B., PH
Annabelle W., US
Gordon S., US
Tichia P., CA
Araceli A., IT
Janette J., US
Jacqueline Y., US
Laurie A., US
Tkachenko N., US
Jonathan Y., PH
Lorraine L., PH
Catherine M., GB
Fatima L., US
Nelson Z., US
Bonnie S., US
Victor M., US
Ethel P., US
Edgardo G., PH
Violeta P., PH
Elisa V., US
Maria R., GB
Angelo A., PH
Sonia G., US
Madelaine E., PH
Melyssa R., US
Christine A., CA
Aiha A., US
Margarita C., US
Ryan Y., US
Emmanuel B., US
Jennifer E., US
Ruth A., US
Cynthia S., US
Paul V., PH
William R., US
Concepcion D., PH
Mako R., US
Katrina G., US
Cherry Y., US
Maricel P., GB
Edmundo R., US
Janeth A., US
Sid D., PH
Jayar B., US
Joan D., PH
Richella L., US
Kimberly B., US
Francis D., PH
Mercy G., US
Imelda P., US
Divina C., CA
Thristan G., PH
Donna Y., PH
Reggie T., US
Jennifer P., PH
Ryan L., PH
Ritzelle F., US
Kyung W., PH
Marci L., US
Jun & Jo L., US
Carolina V., IT
Gredelfina G., PH
Xu E., US
Chef B., PH
Daisy O., PH
Lota P., US
Allende C., US
Monica H., US
Maricep P., US
Wilma G., PH
Ricardito B., US
Rebecca B., PH
Karen C., US
Laura Y., US
Misty C., US
Gerry A., IT
Mona D., US
Sheri B., US
Joey A., US
Lorena E., US
Arlyn S., IT
Eugene A., US
Tomasita S., US
Ann O., US
Marilou S., IT
Salome T., US
Manuel J., US
See C., US
Kara L., US
Melissa E., US
Dianalyn C., US
Cynthia H., US
Antrenet S., GB
Whielene E., US
Remedios S., US
Maria F., US
Domingo A., US
Jheannie L., IE
Deanna A., PH
Fidel P., PH
Valencia Y., US
Judex R., US
Sherilyne S., PH
Madelyn G., PH
Armand B., PH
Jemimah P., US
Kerwina S., US
Everett M., US
Erick A., PH
Rolando A., US
Savannah S., US
Everette H., US
Mia Bringas., US
Lorraine B., GB
Mary Jane C., PH
Shellene C., US
Kristine D., PH

Nothing Says Yule Tidings like a FocusFusion Chocolate Martini

Add some holiday cheer with this ‘can’t miss’ indulgent Chocolate Martini recipe.

The BEST part? It’s so simple it can almost make itself.



  1. Take two clear Martini glasses, coat inside of each with 1-2 tbsp of Chocolate syrup or Magic Shell and place in freezer.
  2. Combined two sticks of FocusFusion Cocoa with 4 ounces of hot water and 2 ounces of milk (half n half is even better). Allow to cool.
  3. Combine cooled cocoa with dark creme de cacao, Bailey’s and vanilla vodka in a cocktail shaker filled with ice and shake. Strain and pour into chilled chocolate coated glass un freezer
  4. Drop 3 to 4 miniature marshmallows in the glass.

**Infuse a little peppermint flair with a few ounces of Peppermint Schnapps and crushed candy cane on top!!

Serves two.

Javita Donates 500 Thanksgiving Boxes to Two Local Charities

BOCA RATON, FL (November 19, 2014) — As part of Javita’s ongoing commitment to assist those in need, the company, along with corporate members, donated 500 Thanksgiving boxes to two local charities, Boca Helping Hands and Gateway Community Outreach.

The holiday season is all about giving, sharing and spending time with loved-ones. This Thanksgiving, while most of us gather with family and friends and reflect on what we are most thankful for over a hot meal, countless others will go without.

Here at Javita we are committed to changing lives, and giving back to our community is one way to do so. “Our company has been blessed with a lot of success this past year and giving back to the community and those in need is a part of our core values,” said Javita President & CEO Stan Cherelstein.

Each Thanksgiving box donation included a combination of two cans of green beans; two cans of corn; one can of cranberry sauce; one box of mashed potatoes; one jar of gravy; one box of stuffing; one box of Javita coffee; one box of Jello pudding; and a $20 Target gift card that can be used to purchase a turkey.

Boca Helping Hands (BHH) is a community based organization that was formed in 1998 by a group of religious congregations who provides food for those in need and help for people in crisis situations. Boca Helping Hands food program serves meals six days a week to those in need and also delivers meals to homebound disabled and elderly individuals.

Gateway Community Outreach is an economic crisis intervention program, that helps families and individuals get back on their feet to the state of self-sufficiency with its 90 day treatment plan, providing groceries in addition to case management services.

Javita, with global headquarters in Boca Raton, Florida, is a company committed to enhancing the lives of millions of people by bringing together two great industries – coffee and direct selling. Javita offers unique, great tasting products and an incredible business opportunity that can enhance people’s lives – one cup at a time. The company has offices and warehouses in North America, Europe and Asia and does business in more than 30 countries globally. Millions of people already have coffee in their life, Javita gives you coffee for your life.

November STARs

Christine D., Philippines
Kevin A., US
Miles A., Philippines
Erica F., US
Maricel P., United Kingdom
Rochelle J., US
Armin F., US
Shellene C., US
Marilee C., United Kingdom
Awayen G., Philippines
Ester I., Italy
Katie H., US
Charmaine A., Philippines
Michelle R., US
Veronica E., Australia
Eleonor P., US
Jennifer L., US
Fatima S., Philippines
Samuel P., Philippines
Dorothy V., US
Jolynda M., US
Rhonalyn G., Philippines
Dianne G., US
Ma Teresa A., Philippines
Genesis B., US
Jaime S., Philippines
Douglas R., US
Shirley F., Australia
Kyung J., Philippines
Ortiz P., US
Francis A., US
Joel M., US
Zelanda T., US
Randolph P., US
Susana F., United Kingdom
Veronica T., US
Aileen E., Philippines
Robert H., US
Anne M., United Kingdom
Ann A., US
Aileen L., US
Pepito A., Philippines
Michelle D., US
Kathleen C., Philippines
Jhon S., Philippines
Olive M., US
Amado A., Philippines
Diane S., Philippines
Katrina P., US
Chris B., US
Sherwin P., Philippines
Marie P., Philippines
Gwyneth T., US
Jerlin Y., United Kingdom
Rogelio V., Philippines
Benjamin P., Philippines
Fatemeh M., United Kingdom
Florice F., US
Iris H., US
Sherry A., US
Debbie S., US
Kristine T., US
Marla T., US
Cyrile L., Philippines
Rufina O., US
Analyn S., United Kingdom
Aimee O., Philippines
Jeallyn T., Philippines
Karen C., US
Jeanne Marie A., Philippines
Maria C., Canada
Mary Grace G., Philippines
Carmelo M., Philippines
Clarissa G., United Kingdom
Romeo C., US
Jodi R., US
Andrea T., US
Stephen M., US
Jermie S., Philippines
Heather K., US
Abigayl B., US
Richard O., US
Jocelyn M., US
Ma Victoria V., Philippines
Karen C., US
Doris R., US
Youthana C., US
Debra K., US
Fung W., US
Sharon S., US
Tim E., US
Vanessa S., Philippines
Roger S., US
Trina W., Canada
Delma H., US
Pablo A., Philippines
Bella R., US
Christina Y., US
Elizabeth V., Philippines
Riselle A., Italy
Lourdes C., US
Esther B., Philippines
Jasmin L., US
Sherilyn B., Philippines
Arlen B., US
George C., Philippines
Victoria R., US
Lynn H., US
Victoria P., Philippines
Albert P., US
Clementine C., US
Maria P., Philippines
Ed W., US
James R., US
Renz V., United Kingdom
Yvette L., Ireland
Maxima T., US
Carmelita Y., US
Robert P., US
Raezelle R., US
Carmecely L., US
Lovelyn M., Canada
Diane B., US
Asuncion F., US
Christopher S., US
Joanna B., US
Yona P., US
Cynthia N., Philippines
Haili N., US
Derek F., Australia
Collins M., US
Maridel C., US
Josephine C., Philippines
Deborah B., US
Dana C., US
Maria S., Philippines
Sid D., Philippines
Gay S., US
Joseph S., US
Gayle O., US
Fatima L., US
Rhona C., Philippines
Jennifer C., Canada
Exequiel A., US
Gloria V., US
Bianca P., US
Lilia M., US
Jered W., US
Katherine M., Philippines
Jennifer P., Philippines
Trisha W., US
Marie T., US
Roseann C., Canada
Rachelle F., Philippines
Emilie O., Canada
Mary Jane C., Philippines
Mary Ann M., Philippines
Marvin L., US
Teresita D., Philippines
Jayar B., US
May F., US
Juanito L., US
Heherson F., US
Maria C., Philippines
Peter S., US
Larry H., US
Randi C., Canada
Magdalena M., Philippines
Cristine G., US
Erwin Q., US
Jun T., US
Rosa G., Canada
Sarah H., US
Grizelda V., Philippines
Victoria S., US
Frank R., US
Almira L., Philippines
Meyrick O., Philippines
Josh M., US
Madelaine E., Philippines
Adam Z., US
Anna N., Philippines
Alvin A., US
Elliot D., US
Beth S., US
Richard C., US
Bernard R., US
Audra F., US
Dina G., US
Jeibenson J., Philippines
Katrina R., US
Wendy F., US
Salome T., US
Maricel L., US
Dina P., US
Pierre C., Philippines
Jemimah P., US
Francis F., US
Dhianina T., Philippines
Felma T., US
Pamela M., US
Karen P., US
Anthony C., US
Ruthie S., United Kingdom
Cindy & Derran C., US
Honorata B., Canada
Kim T., US
Teresita A., US
Prince C., Philippines
Evelyn R., US
Kari N., US
Tisha M., US
Juan O., US
George G., Philippines
Carolina G., Philippines
Janet S., US
Cristina B., Philippines
Eddie R., US
Remedios A., US
Melissa F., Philippines
Jannet N., US
Nikki S., US
Maria Eva A., US
Marissa M., US
Donabel B., US
Julie A., US
Jean Marie J., Philippines
Jennifer B., US
Monica H., US
Michael R., US
Francia E., Philippines
Mark B., US
Lyn R., Philippines
Kenneth Y., Canada
Vanessa A, Philippines
Maryann M., US
Heather K., US
Melinda O., US
Jonathan F., US
Cynthia Q., US
Bard T., US
Edgardo P., Philippines
Lyniel B., United Kingdom
General V., Philippines
Sharon B., US
David H., US
Everett M., US
Quinn G., US
Nathalie V., Philippines
Jeanielyn M., Philippines
Julia P., US
Wayne Y., US
Aiman N., US
Leah M., US
Ela R., Philippines
Abegail P., Italy
Krysta K., US
Edgardo G., Philippines
Jonathan F., US
Iris L., Philippines
Leah W., US
Damien F., Australia
Doreen N., United Kingdom
Elmer S., US
Inthava B., US
Nelson Z., US
Wilma G., Philippines
Marissa J., Philippines
Cherry Y., US
Keith M., US
Lloyd P., Philippines
Lelani A., US
Dennis P., Philippines
Mary F., US
Maryshylle M., Canada
Clarisa R., Philippines
Marjorie T., Philippines
Erwin S., US
Lota P., US
Maria Q., Italy
Jacqueline Y., US
Ana M., US
Madelyn G., Philippines
Mary Ann I., US
Catherine M., United Kingdom
Noemi C., Italy
Eric W., US
Pauline N., US
Joan V., Philippines
Jon R., US
Duane P., US
Robert L., Australia
Sharon Y., US
Junio G., United Kingdom
Jong C., Philippines
Clarabelle R., Philippines
Mirope’ P., US
Lolito E., US
Florabel T., US
Odelynne P., US
Maricel H., US
Christine A., Canada
Adelaida A., US
Andy C., US
Liezel G., US
Clarissa A., United Kingdom
Charisse J., US
Zarah A., US
Maria A., US
Helen D., US
Ewelina G., US
Maricep P., US
Daphne M., US
Annafe L., United Kingdom
Sheila Q., Philippines
Nelia A., Philippines
Deborah C., US
Ayesa M., United Kingdom
John L., US
Maribel C., US
Maria R., US
Mary F., Philippines
Carmen T., Philippines
Susan B., Philippines
Margaret A., US
Anacleto G., US
Sam S., US
Graciano P., US
Gladys R., US
Jesusa M., Italy
Angela C., US
Matthew N., US
Jose T., US
Carmelita P., US
Sun K., Philippines
Kyung W., Philippines
Maria F., US
Kwame A., US
Maurice L., US
Rowena P., Philippines
Angie F., US
Marianne H., Philippines
Gayle B., US
Joemar G., US
Grace D., United Kingdom
Antoinette H., US
Brian B., US
Domingo A., US
Jen J., Philippines
Editha L., Philippines
Rogelio C., Philippines
Marylou V., United Kingdom
Eric L., US
Erika V., US
Margaret S., US
Brandon W., US
Maryann H., US
Francis D., Philippines
Florence P., US
Ann O., US
Flordeliza V., US
Beth W., Canada
Alan N., Philippines
Immacula C., US
Rhenzhel A., Philippines
Giovanni M., Philippines
Lorraine B., United Kingdom
Patricia P., US
Aida C., US
Allan G., US
Paz A., US
Dyan N., Philippines
Alfonso C., Italy
Czarina A., Philippines
Esmeralda N., US
Adriana B., US
Mary D., US
Olga G., US
Ryan L., Philippines
Ana Maria U., Italy
Thristan G., Philippines
Divina C., Canada
Mia B., US
Maria S., US
Lynn W., US
Jocelyn R., US
Liza G., US
Esther A., US
Jumbo G., Italy
Bertha A., US
Vilma B., Philippines
Raisa S., US
Mezia A., US
Wende K., US
Kimberly B., US
Patty m., US
Eunica D., US
Margaret F., US
Sonia M., US
Cziarra L., Philippines
Manalyn B., Canada
Farida H., US
May P., Philippines
Elaine A., US
Rodella T., Philippines
Sheila D., US
Neftali M., US
Sabina B., Italy
Nicole P., Philippines
Alfonso A., US
Jenevi S., US
Carol D., US
Catherine M., US
Monique A., US
Gerry A., Italy
Marilou B., US
Jocelyn C., United Kingdom
Jericha V., US
Amy R., US
Emeliana M., Canada
Madeleine S., Philippines
Verna M., US
Ashleigh S., Australia
Maria D., Philippines
Kathleen W., US
Ken S., US
Angelica R., US
Deanna A., Philippines
Dinah L., US
Archxavier P., US
Bonnie R., US
Maribel B., US
Jessica V., US
Sandy R., Philippines


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There you can find training videos, our Diamonds’ “WHY” videos, footage from some of our latest incentive trips and events, and even heart-warming testimonials.

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October STAR Builders

STAR is the key building block in Javita and by building STARs, Members are on their way to success.

Each of the Members below enrolled a Member who achieved STAR in the month of October.

CONGRATULATIONS to our October STAR Builders!

The number in the parentheses () indicates the amount of STARs created.

Merly T., US (4)
George I., GB (4)
Claudio M., US (3)
Leah E., PH (3)
Roy C., US (3)
Oliver L., US (3)
Sheila P., US (3)
Agnes P., US (3)
Emely C., US (3)
Saira G., US (3)
Joan M., GB (3)
Mary Ann A., PH (3)
Jillian I., US (3)
Ana Marie V., US (3)
Jun & Jo L., US (3)
Annie A., US (3)
Tami G., US (3)
David G., US (2)
Jennifer R., US (2)
Karizza & Eugenio A., US (2)
Jerome S US (2)
Mako R., US (2)
Nonette B., US (2)
Grace A., PH (2)
Vanessa V., US (2)
Michelle T., US (2)
Allende C., US (2)
Sarah L., US (2)
John F., US (2)
Sheri B., US (2)
Michelle J., US (2)
Nicole Y., US (2)
Antrenet S., GB (2)
Marie C., US (2)
Ehrlyn A., PH (2)
Jovee D., US (2)
Maria D., US (2)
Perla R., US (2)
James L., US (2)
Alexis M., US (2)
Janette M., US (2)
Marife G., IT (2)
Bieto M., IT (2)
Cyrile C., US (2)
Jerome V., US (2)
Arabelle T., US (2)
Jesusa P., US (2)
Lizzette R., US (2)
Wennelyn D., IT (2)
Carold G., US (2)
Dena S., US (2)
Teodora M., IT (2)
Le’melle K., US (2)
Glenn O., US
Monica A., US
Laurel L., CA
Jennifer C., US
Sandy B., US
De’shawn W., US
Lyle T., CA
Michelle C., US
Liliana L., US
Katrina W., US
Sunu A., US
Claire T., US
Maricel A., CA
Patrocinio E., US
Romeo T., PH
Beverly B., SG
Aaron T., US
Ji Hae L., US
Maria S., CA
Teri I., US
Nathaniel T., PH
Luz S., US
Merasol M., US
Jo-Ann T., PH
Jocelyn D., US
Erwin N., IT
Robyn C., US
Nanette S., GB
Trina H., CA
Rosselvy H., US
Paul T., US
Genevieve C., US
Emmanuel G., IT
Mordy G., US
Maricarl D., PH
Elizabeth O., US
Mary Ann C., US
Catherine M., US
Kelli H., US
Clarita D., US
Maureen W., US
Wandalee A., US
Victor A., PH
Madelyn S., US
Liziel R., US
Sara C., US
Dionaleen C., US
Cindy S., US
Amy G., US
Aurora C., US
Cossia J., US
Cher W., US
Felisa J., PH
Patricia C., PH
Mylene L., PH
Paolo T., US
Jesyl H., US
Villamor M., US
Pocholo C., US
Wendy H., US
Fatimo Y., PH
Myra C., PH
Shemah E., US
Dawn B., US
May & Richard B., US
Raymond & Susan T., US
Joann W., US
Garrett H., US
Hazel B., US
Maria A., US
Toni L., US
Jason V., US
Fred N., US
Deborah W., US
Maria M., US
Marc L., PH
Anthony M., US
George G., US
Josephine P., US
Leandro P., PH
Maria S., US
Gregoria B., US
Nida P., US
Regina R., US
Aaron M., US
O’laughlin A., US
Felita A., US
Fidel P., PH
Dunn B., US
Charese S., US
Jennifer W., US
Marites M., US
Joy O., PH
Richard H., US
Roselle P., PH
Kety R., US
Amalia M., PH
Fe D., US
Starla K., US
Jessica H., PH
Nelson R., PH
Brenda B., US
Henry W., US
Carmela S., US
Pat M., US
Marissa C., CA
Vilma M., US
Mindy G., US
Tera C., US
Terrie R., US
Natalie V., US
Kathrina Y., PH
Percival G., CA
Rosaline P., US
Aurita Z., PH
Cory L., US
Joaquin D., US
Christopher S., US
Lillie C., US
Kristine T., US
Michael Y., US
Nilda A., US
Noemi M., IT
Anselmo M., US
Susan S., US
Yan L., CA
Katie S., US
Rebecca M., US
Carl & Karen A., US
Donna Y., US
Kelli S., US
Pennisue H., US
Steve M., US
Eugene B., US
Annabelle W., US
Gordon S., US
Sandra G., US
Louanna B., US
Marc & Kathleen R., US
Michele L., US
Heidi C., US
Jocelyn R., US
Lissette F., US
Christina V., US
Elizabeth B., PH
Yvette L., US
Treltas M., US
Jeline P., US
Conde R., US
Argelyn R., US
Kayla H., US
Vicini O., IT
Karen S., US
Domenico P., IT
Rosita L., US
Tulio E., US
Cynthia B., US
Arabella A., PH
Evelina R., US
Kristen S., US
Alexander S., US
Candy G., US
Hazel R., US
Josephine E., US
Diorella A., US
Jocelyn P., US
Jay S., US
Olga V., US
Annamaria D., IT
Ivy C., PH
Hannah G., US
Joan D., PH
Mary Jay A., US
Jo W., US
Patricia D., PH
Haidee U., PH
Cynthia W., US
Jaime L., PH
Jennifer M., US
Grachelle B., PH
Lupita H., US
Jonathan G., IT
Robert B., US
Guadalupe S., US
Imelda P., US
Robert & Heayoung C., US
Kristen S., US
Cheryl G., US
Jennifer B., US
Teodura B., US
Sheila L., US
Dawn H., US
Arnold S., US
Charity T., US
Ricardito B., US
Marion R., PH
Rafael V., US
Adelle C., US
Janice P., GB
Nina L., US
Melody R., US
Joanna G., US
Mona D., US
Wellington C., US
Michael M., US
Olivia G., IT
Janine C., US
Marianne H., PH
Marilou S., IT
Wende K., US
Edward P., PH
See C., US
Maria M., US
Mohamed H., US
Melissa A., US
Patricia T., US
Gemyma T., IT
Virginia S., US
Chrisada S., US
Clinton I., US
Clemente O., US
Michael P., US
Nance A., US
Marlene P., US
Gwedolyn S., US
Leydace B., CA
Reginald M., US
Janelle F., US
Ryan H., US
Joycelyn B., US
Philip V., US
Jeanie L., US
Dennis D., US
Lucille V., US
Heather D., US
Carl K., US
Dulce H., US
Rolando A., US
Patrizia C., IT

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