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I Feel Full and Satisfied

“I have been using the Fiber+ as part of the Javita Diet System since its release in January. I can always notice the difference in my appetite and relative amount of food that I have at lunch or dinner when I have had the Fiber+ prior to my meal.

I feel full & satisfied much sooner, thus consume less food/less calories. There are afternoons when I am VERY busy chasing around my own young children plus the other ones I care for.

When I get that afternoon hunger calling me I shake up a Fiber+ and soon feel very satisfied, both by its great flavor as well as its filling fiber. It tastes great and fills me up! I recommend it to anyone looking to lose weight or those looking for that satisfied feeling without stuffing their face.” ~Kristy Martin Hale #superiorfiber #fiberplus #activeblendz

3&Free Video Available For Customers & Members

Javita Loves Customers and so should you!

Why do you need customers you might ask?

Here’s why:

  • Members who build a team of retail and Preferred Customers benefit from all the sales volume they generate.
  • This volume counts towards monthly rank qualifications, as well as Personal Customer Volume and the amounts earned in Personal Customer Commissions.
  • You can get your product for FREE every month.
  • Your Preferred Customers can host parties and get their product for FREE.

Simply put, more customers = more for you!

The more people who enjoy Javita’s products, the more people who benefit.

Did you know Javita has a video for customers to use at 3&FREE parties? Simply visit to see the video and use at your next 3&FREE Party.

“What a wonderful tool for my business – it really enhances my ability to share the products in an easy, fun way!” — Sesha Z.

This 3&FREE video focuses on the product ONLY, no business opportunity. It shows your Preferred Customers how to qualify for 3&FREE. And, it can be used to help you get more customers.

“I simply invite my friends over for a cup of coffee and press play. What a great, easy way for us AND our customers to get new customers and get our products for FREE!” — Stacey W.

Send the link to your Preferred Customers today, and help them set up a 3&FREE Party and watch the results!

Here’s what others are saying about this new tool:

“I absolutely love how effective and easy this video is to share. Helping everyone get free product is always the goal and it just got easier!” — Natasha J.

“I am super excited about the 3&Free parties as anyone can do them, especially those that are scared to present. I had five guests at my 3&FREE Party and they all became customers!” — Kristin R.

“The New 3&Free Party Video is just what we’ve been needing! FREE coffee tastes better and these customer parties are so much fun! So far, 100% satisfaction and 100% positive results! — Sue D.

Javita Wants to Give You $500!

Over the next seven weeks, we will be giving away $7,000.

Every Monday, two lucky people will walk away with an extra $500 just for logging into their Javita Back Office and updating their current weight (as part of the Coffee Diet Challenge).

Can you think of an easier or quicker way to earn $500 with no strings attached? We couldn’t either. So what are you waiting for?

This money is burning a hole in our pocket. We’d sure like to give it to you.

Please take a few minutes to log into your account and check to see when your weekly update is required. Dates will vary.

Our next winners will be selected (at random) Monday Feb 15th and announced on Wednesday night’s New Member Launch Conference call.

PS>>Congrats again to Christine Peters and Gilbert Beltran, Jr. for winning this week’s giveaway.


Signs of My 6-Pack Are Returning

“I have always had a misconception regarding fiber drinks. Assuming they would make me feel bloated and gassy, and taste gritty.

One glass of Javita’s Fiber+, and I quickly realized how completely mistaken I was. It is delicious, light and refreshing. The Peach-Mango is one of my favorite flavor combinations!!

I drink one in the am after my burn + control and one later in the day. Since doing so, I am down another 7 lbs in just one month!! My stomach is flatter (signs of my 6 pack are returning!) After 3 kids this is so exciting. I feel fantastic fitting into a size smaller Jean, and lighter with so much energy. 

Combing an occasional cleanse tea to my evenings has made my digestion & regularity so predictable. This is something I have struggled with my entire adult life. I’m thrilled to have finally found something that totally works without sacrificing health or flavor!!!!

Go Fiber+. Cheers.” ~Melanie Molleken

Javita Reveals Feb 8th Weekly Giveaway Winners



As if hundreds of Members competing for a chance at a 5-day / 4-night trip to all-inclusive trip for two to Cancun wasn’t exciting enough, now this same group has the added opportunity to walk away with $500 EVERY WEEK as part of our Coffee Diet Challenge Weekly Giveaway.

Every week two people will be packed and random and each awarded a $500 check.

Today we’re pleased to announce our first two winners:

Gilbert Beltran

Gilbert Beltran, Jr.
Member of the armed forces
(lost 22 lbs so far)

christine peters 2






Christine Peters
From Cali
(lost 6 lbs so far)

Please join us in congratulating these Weekly Giveaway winners.

You could join the “Winners Circle” next week if you take two minutes to log into your Back Office, click on the ‘Dashboard tab’, select ‘Coffee Diet Challenge’ (from the left) and enter your current weight when your Weekly Input Date is open. Dates may vary, so make sure you check your profile to see on which date your Weekly Input Window is open.


Tune in to tonight’s New Member Launch Conference Call to find out the winners of Monday’s (Feb 8th) $1,000 Coffee Diet Challenge Weekly Giveaway.

Two lucky folks will be walking away $500 richer.
Please join us at 10 pm EST. Dial in: 832-225-5018. Pin: 1111#
You have SIX more opportunities to win!!!
Screen Shot 2016-02-10 at 8.54.28 AM



To be eligible to win, you must update your ‘current weight’ on your Coffee Diet Challenge profile.

If you fail to enter your current weight (on the weekly input date specified on your account), you will have to sit out a week and re-enter your current weight to be eligible to participate the following week.


For questions, please email us at

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