Changing Lives, One Cup at a Time

January STARs

Liezl L., Philippines
Imelda F., Philippines
Shirley C., US
Angela W., US
Teresita O., CA
Cindy B., US
Michael A., US
Joseph M., US
Alberto A., US
Claudio C., Philippines
Marriz A., Philippines
Deborah S., US
Jela D., Philippines
Cristina B., US
Judylyn B., US
Cheryl B., US
Catherine T., US
Gearly S., UK
Irena E., Philippines
Richard C., US
Laviniu B., US
Imelda R., Philippines
Gabriella Y., US
Kristine C., Philippines
Irene P., Philippines
Deborah H., US
Jackie V., US
Violeta S., UK
Catherine G., US
Mercy E., US
Natalie S., UK
Geraldine S., Philippines
Milka L., Philippines
Tuesday B., Philippines
Achilles G., Philippines
Maria A., US
Maria J., Philippines
Zeny Z., CA
Janet G., Philippines
Cecil C., Philippines
Arlene E., US
Melissa W., US
Robert C., Philippines
Glorina G., CA
Cynthia G., UK
Andrea K., US
Maria O., Philippines
Imelda O., US
Christopher R., Philippines
Jenny B., Philippines
Keena H., Philippines
Abe F., US
Ferdinand V., CA
John C., US
Arielle T., US
John B., US
Christine D., US
Mylene P., Philippines
Norma P., US
Carmen A., US
Ofelia B., US
Isaac F., US
Alma C., US
Merriam L., US
Maria C., US
Miroslav M., US
David R., US
Cristina B., US
Jamuel O., US
Niki S., US
Jill G., US
Alexa H., US
Sue G., US
Eugine M., US
Maria P., AU
Diana L., IT
Seamus S., US
Maria C., US
Jaylin C., US
Mark S., US
Michael D., US
Jamie L., US
Maria A., Philippines
Mary F., Philippines
Denise G., Philippines
Corazon O., S
Ziphora M., US
Doris B., US
Florena G., Philippines
Zilda E., Philippines
Melissa M., US
Alma C., US
Fernado L., US
Aguas M., US
Reyna B., US
Jeselle A., US
Lucita C., US
Joseph B., US
Nadia M., US
Amanda N., US
Alan W., US
Debra S., US
Sarah M., US
Angel M., US
Arceli A., UK
Kendy D., US
Courtney P., US
Irene G., CA
Karen T., Philippines
Scott D., US
Gilbert R., US
Christian D., US
Sheree A., Philippines
Kendra T., US
Pete L., US
Rosanno B., Philippines
Phuong T., US
Andy V., Netherlands
Eleazar S., US
Maria I., US
Jocelyn G., US
Michael M., Philippines
Daniela A., US
Stela B., US
Liliana F., US
Vicky A., Philippines
Cristy S., Philippines
Christina B., US
Marcy S., US
Resurreccion A., US
Alan L., US
Teofil B., US
Minerva D., Philippines
Brittany D., US
John G., Italy
Ana L., Philippines
Maria V., Philippines
Roselyn F., US
Shirley D., Philippines
Shawna E., US
Joshua R., US
Sandra E., US
Ron & Carina C., US
Armi A., US
Martin L., Philippines
Gilda L., US
Dawn G., US
Cleofe R., US
Shayne E., US
Josefina De La G., US
Celestine C., US
Carmen D., United Kingdom
Elenita W., US
Hani N., Netherlands
Maria V., United Kingdom
Frances L., US
Alethia Jo., US
Jodi I., US
Sara C., US
Elvie K., US
Corazon C., US
Violeta I., US
Arlene T., Singapore
Lori B., Canada
Estrella A., US
Valentin O., US
Celeste H., Philippines
Ronald N., US
Ilyn A., Philippines
Cynthia G., US
Marry P., Philippines
Carina E., US
Jessica D., US
Ruanne B., Philippines
Monica A., US
Marlon B., Philippines
Maria R., Philippines
Jesus B., Philippines
Virgo I., Philippines
Juliet A., Philippines
Nico M., US
Virginia A., US
Raphael Q., Philippines
Benzion R., US
Shaul W., US
Debbie J., US
Mirabelle B., Philippines
Federico C., US
Armand F., US
Josephine R., US
Mary C., Philippines
Rosalia D., US
Dominique D., Philippines
Ferdinand D., Ireland
Maria D., US
Ronald A., Canada
Rowell R., Canada
Lolita M., US
Janice A., US
Tanya B., US
Louraine L., US
Jay F., US
Jenifer D., Philippines
Chris M., US
Rafael D., Canada
Bella A., US
Randel M., US
Armando F., US
Reyan S., Philippines
Joyce F., US
Maria D., Philippines
Concepcion L., US
Edlen D., Philippines
Desthy F., Philippines
Juanita O., Philippines
Wilma G., Canada
Gwendolyn M., Philippines
Jairo R., US
Andrea E., US
Erlinda R., Philippines
Bienvenido M., Philippines
Michelle J., US
Dustin & Mae Jean O., Philippines
Nancy A., US
Nelda B., US
Joseph G., Philippines
Rowena W., US
Jennifer L., Philippines
Patti H., US
Zuleika M., Philippines
Jonathan P., US
Marilou A., Philippines
Abigael T., Philippines
Maria V., US
John C., US
Charity T., US
Lourdes R., Philippines
Albert C., Philippines
Maria E., US
Nympha G., US
Ria R., US
Anthony C., US
Donny C., Philippines
Jordan O., US
Imelda M., The Netherlands
Jennifer R., US
Rhodanette G., US
Maria D., US
Mary D., US
Romeo Q., US
Liberty O., US
Sathiya G., US
Basilia S., Philippines
Queen L., US
Sara B., Canada
Maritess O., Philippines
Willie F., Canada
Susana P., US
Ian S., US
Rebecca S., US
Lady L., US
Bobbie N., US
Marilyn S., Philippines
Charity C., Philippines
James B., US
Cyruz S., Canada
Maria J., Philippines
Merlina M., US
Bernadette V., Canada
Michelle B., Philippines
Allan C., Singapore
Robert C., Philippines
Aimee S., US
Liberty A., US
Eddie M., US
Raven V., US
Priscilla D., US
Marietta S., US
Imelda A., US
Rey R., US
Charlita E., Philippines
Yoren L., US
Marichelle D., US
Justino Z., Philippines
Julius E., Philippines
Cresencia G., US
Jimmy M., US
Ramil R., Philippines
Brittney H., US
Kjell K., Norway
Melva S., US
Martina T., Philippines
Ruby V., Philippines
Carrie V., US
Susan R., US
Elnor B., US
Lydia A., US
David G., US
Dominador O., Canada


Diamond Trip 2015: Atlantis Awaits You

Let the outside world disappear and join us for an unforgettable, all-expenses paid trip to Paradise Island, Bahamas.

The 2015 Diamond Rewards Trip to Atlantis AWAITS YOU!

You and a guest can enjoy a dream vacation, June 10-14, 2015 at the award-winning resort. This extravagant vacation is all about showing you how much we appreciate you by giving you time to unwind, breathe and bask in the glow of your success in one of the most beautiful places in the world.

While enjoying your time in paradise, you’ll discover the true spirit of Bahamian hospitality at every turn. Relax with native and exotic spa treatments; enjoy the day at the expansive 141-acre water park, which includes a mile-long river tubing adventure, nine water slides and 11 pools; experience up-close views of more than 50,000 marine animals; swim with dolphins at Dolphin Cay; golf on a pristine course surrounded by spectacular ocean views; your options are limitless.

The Diamond Trip is the ultimate reward to qualify for, so make sure you earn your invitation!

Let’s Explore! Relax! Enjoy!


Diamond Trip Qualifications:

Qualification Period: October 1, 2014 through March 31, 2015

How To Qualify: Qualification is open to Members who achieve and maintain Diamond-level ranks.

  • Members who are currently paid as a Diamond:
    Maintain their September 2014 Diamond rank or higher for four months during the qualification period.
  • Members who previously achieved Diamond, but did not achieve Diamond in September 2014:
    Achieve and maintain Diamond for four months during the qualification period.
  • Members yet to achieve a Diamond rank: 
    Achieve and Maintain Diamond or higher for two consecutive months during the qualification period. April can be used as a qualifying month.

Any Diamond not qualifying can buy-into the trip for 50% of actual cost.

Awards for this trip: 100% of trip and airfare paid for by Javita.

See official rules and guidelines for more details.

Download the Diamond Trip Flyer.

Our Diamonds are still talking about this year’s trip. Read and watch a recap of Diamond Trip 2014!

Incentive Trip 2015: Moon Palace Resort, Cancun…Let Us Take You There

Wouldn’t a trip to paradise be a great way to start your 2015 summer?

Well, Javita wants to take you there…

We have an amazing incentive trip in store for you!

Beginning October 1, 2014 through February 28, 2015, Members will be eligible to earn points to qualify for 5 extraordinary days and 4 fabulous nights at the Moon Palace Golf Resort & Spa in Cancun, Mexico! We welcome you to join us for an exciting trip for two at the all-inclusive resort May 6 – 10, 2015.

Here you can relax if you want to, but we will be having so much fun we’re pretty sure that will be the last thing you’re thinking of.

Qualifying Members will enjoy an array of activities, ranging from a relaxing day on the white sand beaches surrounded by cascading waves to an intense lineup of fun-filled excursions — ride the wave at the Moon’s amazing FlowRider; plunge into tropical turquoise waters while scuba diving amongst an array of coral reef and sea life; zipline through the Mayan jungle; and much more.

Continue to grow your business—make it your goal to join us in paradise! After all of your hard work, you deserve to get away!



See official rules and guidelines for more details.

Download the Incentive Trip flyer.

Want To Know More?

The trip includes ground transportation to and from Cancun Airport to the Moon Palace Resort as well as all-inclusive accommodations.

Read and Watch a recap of Incentive Trip 2014!


December STAR Builders

STAR is the key building block in Javita and by building STARs, Members are on their way to success.

Each of the Members below enrolled a Member who achieved STAR in the month of December.

CONGRATULATIONS to our December STAR Builders!

The number in the parentheses () indicates the amount of STARs created.

Felma T., US (5)
Paz A., US (4)
Gregory C., US (4)
Jennifer C., CA (3)
Eddie R., US (3)
Karizza & Eugenio A., US (3)
Charmaine A., US (3)
Heather K., US (3)
Jesusa M., IT (3)
Lota P., US (3)
Adelia A., PH (3)
Jack A., US (3)
Nathan H., US (3)
Gladys R., US (3)
George G., PH (3)
Maria C., CA (3)
Amado A., PH (3)
Gayle O., US (2)
Maria C., SG (2)
Renato L., US (2)
Eugene R., US (2)
Francis D., PH (2)
Mayeth D., US (2)
Maricep P., US (2)
Sarah L., US (2)
Karen C., US (2)
Arlyn S., IT (2)
Ken S., US (2)
Domingo A., US (2)
Madelyn G., PH (2)
Roy B., PH (2)
Maria S., US (2)
Dinah L., US (2)
Salvacion R., US (2)
Felipe C., CA (2)
Rodella T., PH (2)
Albert P., US (2)
Mirope P., US (2)
Kathleen C., PH (2)
Aileen E., PH (2)
Maribelle D., US (2)
May & Richard B., US (2)
Mark B., US (2)
Abigayl B., US (2)
Maureen W., US (2)
Claudio M., US (2)
Zarah A., US (2)
Marjorie T., CA (2)
Ela R., PH (2)
Horace C., US (2)
Ruby D., US (2)
Donna Y., US (2)
Eva P., US
Kristin R., US
Juvie P., CA
Mardigras S., US
Katruska C., US
Charity C., CA
Arturo S., US
Samantha K., US
Danica C., US
Gazelline R., US
Sheryll Z., US
Marlon G., PH
Bjay R., PH
Melody I., US
Jacqueline W., PH
Myra V., PH
Pomat P., US
Mary Ann M., PH
Maria A., US
Arniette R., CA
Raezelle R., US
Alfredo B., US
Maria M., PH
Claryn E., PH
Aileen M., US
Erlich S., US
Abe F., US
Kody M., US
Romeo & Veronic V., US
Jesusa P., US
Jorge G., US
Roy C., US
Angel L., PH
Gilda R., PH
Al B., CA
Julie A., US
Michelle R., US
Cristina Y., US
David F., US
Carla V., US
Marlou C., US
Luzviminda R., US
Hershey G., US
Mordy G., US
Priscilla L., US
Debbie D., US
Elizabeth O., US
Ruby & Lemuel N., US
Myraquel C., US
Carmen G., US
Katherine M., PH
Minerva L., US
Maria S., US
Hector R., US
Ildebrando M., US
Jumhaila M., PH
General V., PH
Arnold D., PH
Ana A., AU
Maxima T., US
Philogen J., US
Sheila Q., PH
Zenaida D., US
Fevin R., US
Pepito A., PH
Allan G., US
Elmer S., US
Cher W., US
Leah B., US
Amparo T., US
Kellie W., US
Grachelle B., PH
Beth W., CA
Wendy & Robert W., US
Lilia M., US
Merly T., US
Trisha W., US
Romeo C., US
Mickey D., US
Cheryl & Dexter D., US
Roselle C., US
Jasmin A., PH
Raoul H., PH
Maria A., PH
Avel F., US
Jong C., PH
Felita A., US
Consuelo B., US
Trinh N., US
Carmelita Y., US
Odelynne P., US
Edric M., US
Gemma Y., US
Charese S., US
Charisma D., US
Lourdes C., US
Alma L., CA
Alexis M., US
Erica F., US
Andrea R., PH
Pamela M., US
Delia M., US
Ana G., US
Jeannette A.,PH
Kristine T., US
Mark Y., US
Kelly A., US
Iris L., PH
Michele E., PH
Jeibenson J., PH
Josefina A., US
Grace C., US
Henry W., US
Antonette T., PH
Maryjo H., US
Ferdinand B., PH
Marissa C., US
Ricardo B., US
Nadine C., AU
Vanessa S., PH
Marilou L., PH
Donaldo R., PH
Lance Z., US
Clementine C., US
Eric W., US
Ester I., IT
Cynthia H., US
Raisa S., US
Maricel L., PH
Gina R., CA
William W., PH
Lynn H., US
Jenevi S., US
Florabel T., US
Anna N., PH
Carmen H., US
Mary M., US
Beth S., US
Sheena O., PH
Rommel D., US
Michael Y., US
Arlynn C., US
Dennis P., PH
Ryan P., PH
Rosalindo C., CA
Jessica A., US
Josephine R., US
Pierre C., PH
Esther B., PH
Donna F., CA
Annabelle W., US
Chelsea P., US
Lia H., US
Primitivo A., US
Sierra B., US
Jocelyn V., US
Edmond T., PH
Arlen B., US
Jocelyn C., GB
Maryann H., US
Jures P., US
Aileen L., US
Dina G., US
Joan V., PH
Mary I., US
Felinda S., PH
Ethel G., US
Victor M., US
Allan R., PH
Aly A., PH
Leah M., US
Jericha V., US
Ethel P., US
Elisa V., US
Rosita L., US
Nina D., US
Marylou V., GB
Michael C., US
Mary Jean S., PH
Juancho S., US
Karla L., US
Emilie O., CA
Rachelle F., PH
Arianna A., US
Maria P., US
Stefanie M., US
Jason P., AU
Loreto P., US
Vladimir L., US
Ana A., US
Jerome S., US
Starr M., US
Marivir M., US
Paz O., US
Raymund R., US
Jettry C., PH
Cherry Y., US
Asuncion F., US
Melody P., PH
Lovely J., US
Sid D., PH
Lelani A., US
Marisa F., US
Eden E., PH
Richella L., US
George I., GB
Patricia D., PH
Kwame A., US
Jane S., US
Divina C., CA
Sabina B., IT
Romelito R., PH
Cristina B., PH
Dhianina T., PH
Gilbert D., US
Amelie P., PH
Peachy N., US
Reenee A., PH
Ikbal S., US
Calvin G., US
Gay S., US
Rolando A., US
Chelsea F., US
Richard O., US
Rizal T., US
Monica H., US
Ismaela Q., GB
Nikki S., US
Isidro Y., PH
Wilma G., PH
Cynthia G., US
Maria Q., IT
Perla R., GB
Hae C., PH
Jose-Rosette A., PH
Donabel B., US
Shirley N., US
Cindy A., US
Ann O., US
Esther A., US
Kenneth Y., CA
Lovelyn M., US
Jerico R., US
Rebecca M., AU
Tito M., US
Ambrosita V., US
Erwin Q., US
Whielene E., US
Margenia B., US
Marlene P., US
Dolores O., US
Cecilia J., PH
Marcia B., US
Nelia A., PH
Jheannie L., IE
Jocelyn R., US
Curtis V., US
Laurence S., US
Jodi R., US
Erwin S., US
Maridel C., US
Rey D., US
Damien F., AU
Julie E., PH
Yvette L., IE
Joseph M., US
Bernardita P., US
Everett M., US
Dennis D., US
Lorraine B., GB
Leah M., GB
Paul B., US
Ana M., US
Albert D., PH
Maricel L., US
Irene Q., CA

Dr. Chi Ngyuen Hits Black Diamond With Javita


Dr. Chi Nguyen of Bakersfield, California, USA has attained Black Diamond with Javita, which is one of the highest ranks in the company.

Dr. Chi has been with Javita for two years and has built a successful business in the US and abroad. He credits his success to his team, who he says works vigorously along with him hosting weekly Javita parties.

Dr. Chi’s journey to success began when he and his family escaped the Vietnam War and arrived in America seeking a better life. Once he arrived, he quickly learned English and was determined to build a successful life in his new home.

Dr. Chi knew from a young age that he wanted to help others, so he diligently pursued a career in medicine. To his surprise, he stumbled on another business that would provide him with the opportunity to change the lives of thousands of others.

“Javita came my way as a blessing in disguise,” Dr. Chi said. “Like some, I had my doubts in the beginning, but now I am a true believer. My team and I followed Javita’s system and quickly began to grow and achieve success. Several other of my team Members have also achieved Diamond in a very short period of time.

Javita is a movement that provides true freedom where we can have time, money, health and fun while helping others.

Javita to me is more than just coffee and tea, it offers hope to others. We are ‘hope dealers!'”

Because of Javita and his thriving business, Dr. Chi says he now has time, freedom and financial security, which allows him to take care of his family and live the life he always wanted to live.

Annual income for Javita Diamonds can reach up to seven figures and additional bonuses include cash rewards and paid vacations.

About Javita

Javita, with global headquarters in Boca Raton, Florida, is a company committed to enhancing the lives of millions of people by bringing together two great industries – coffee and direct selling. Javita offers unique, great tasting products and an incredible business opportunity that can enhance people’s lives – one cup at a time.

The company has offices and warehouses in North America, Europe and Asia and does business in more than 30 countries globally. Millions of people already have coffee in their life, Javita gives you coffee for your life. To find out more about Javita visit or to read the latest Javita news go to

December STARs

Sonia A., Italy
Sam T., US
Welinda E., Philippines
Arlynn C., US
Elizabeth M., Philippines
Michelle O., Italy
Gloria G., US
Ryan P., Philippines
May S., US
Jiwon K., Philippines
Luisa K., US
Emelita A., US
Jeremy J., Philippines
Michael B., Philippines
Yvonne K., US
Pinky S., Canada
Misty A., US
Nonalyn Y., Philippines
Daisy G., US
Jose-Rosette A., Philippines
Melanie H., US
Amelie P., Philippines
Gilbert D., US
Venancio S., US
Nicky D., Philippines
Joyce S., US
Mercedes P., US
Philip V., US
Eden E., Philippines
Teresa B., US
Nancy G., US
Marilou L., Philippines
Dyna L., US
Levi A., US
Maria S., US
Kweku R., US
Debi Ann W., US
Arnold D., Philippines
Sharon S., Philippines
Michelle Y., Philippines
Maria B., Philippines
Bernardita P., US
Edenrose O., United Kingdom
Saud P., Canada
Carmen G., US
Midallene B., US
Starr M., US
Florence S., Philippines
William E., US
Shirley B., US
Nicholas P., US
Jackielou S., Italy
Beatrice G., Philippines
Renee C., US
Steven A., Australia
Joy F., Philippines
Cynthia H., US
Roel E., Philippines
Sally S., US
Joe M., US
Adelia A., Philippines
Raymond D., US
Jean E., Philippines
Sandy Ch., US
Charina M., US
Maribelle D., US
Angel L., Philippines
Minerva L., US
Isabelle W., US
Celso M., US
Irene Q., Canada
Cristina Y., US
Leah B., Philippines
Ruchie G., US
Sheryll Ann Z., US
Bjay R., Philippines
Marissa B., Canada
Raina L., Philippines
Cristita Y., Philippines
Melody P., Philippines
Mirasol A., Philippines
Renato L., US
Charisse C., Philippines
Ester C., Canada
Danilo L., Canada
Gemma E., United Kingdom
Carmen A., Canada
Brenda H., US
Elena B., US
Mary Jane P., Philippines
Carmen H., US
Arniette R., Canada
Lovely J., US
Zenaida D., US
Celia T., US
Vevai O., US
Nancy M., US
Juanita L., Canada
Romelito R., Philippines
Jennifer T., Norway
Neil E., Italy
Naida D., US
Sang B., Philippines
Teri S., US
Shawnie B., US
Adora T., Philippines
Alyn A., Philippines
Marlon G., Philippines
Mike W., Australia
Leonore K., Canada
Joaquin & Maribel T., Philippines
Antonio D., US
Lady O., US
Dardani D., US
Julie Ann E., Philippines
Carmela H., US
Allan R., Philippines
Leo R., Philippines
Aimee G., US
Solita K., US
Julieta O., US
Maria M., Philippines
Peter B., Italy
Nashra D., Philippines
Marianel J., Philippines
Geneva M., US
Norma G., US
Diana P., US
Orit P., US
Ambrosita V., US
Arcadio B., Philippines
Roda A., US
Catherine S., US
Benilda D., US
Solomon R., US
Azeleah D., US
Marie D., US
Eda U., US
William W., Philippines
Myra V., Philippines
Serge B., US
Ciarra A., Philippines
Horace C., US
Bob C., US
Hae Jin C., Philippines
Roy B., Philippines
Charmaine A., US
Jheannie L., Ireland
Suk Ja L., Philippines
Noraisa M., US
Charisma D., US
Brenda B., US
Angelita A., Philippines
Policarpio Y., Italy
Nicole G., Philippines
Razel J., United Kingdom
Corazon F., US
Patricia B., US
Andy G., US
Jorel A., US
Philogen J., US
Amber M., US
Theresa F., Canada
Christopher G., US
Donie J., United Kingdom
Carmi F., Philippines
Nathan H., US
Raymond K., US
Lisette P., Philippines
Louilyn G., Philippines
Jessica T., US
Vicky H., Philippines
Paul S., US
Edric M., US
Fatima R., Philippines
Jay-Ann A., Philippines
Thomas C., Philippines
Venus J., US
Richella L., US
Gregorio V., Philippines
Armand B., Philippines
Maria C., Italy
Fatima A., Philippines
Edel V., US
Heidi C., US
Maria C., Singapore
Jacqueline S., US
Tracy S., US
Mercedes A., Italy
Ronald K., United Kingdom
Danica C., US
Elaine T., US
Ildebrando M., US
Linda C., Canada
Dorie E., Canada
Ellen P., Canada
Beatrice S., Philippines
Julie R., Canada
Shela T., Philippines
Shameel K., Philippines
Laura B., Australia
Alma L., Canada
Jumhaila M., Philippines
Janet B., US
Angel G., US
Bernadette G., US
Claryn E., Philippines
Yasemia L., US
Mendez M., Philippines
Rosalinda S., US
Chaim E., US
Rita S., US
Felipe C., Canada
Jack A., US
Novora L., Philippines
Oscar C., US
Rey D., US


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