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What a difference 90 days can make!!

“So, if I haven’t seen you since I moved back to Toronto in October of last year, you had no clue that I returned from NY unhealthy, overweight, and depressed.

None of my clothes fit and I refused to go shopping for new clothes in my ‘then’ size, I refused to post any full body pics on social media, and I was even highly selective of the pics I posted of my face because to me, my round and undefined face was not what I was used to seeing.

Only a handful of months later, I am excited to again be fitting in my old clothes, shopping for bikini’s (of all things) and feeling great! If I wasn’t talking about myself, I definitely would believe it. But man, what a difference 90 days can make!!” ~ Chantel

chantel spencer

Eating a high-fiber diet as a teen may help prevent breast cancer later

Here’s another reason to freak out over your teen or college-aged daughter’s diet that seems to be based on ramen noodles and bubble tea: a new study finds that women who ate more fiber in their late teens and 20s had a much lower risk of breast cancer later.

A 20-year study of more than 90,000 women showed those who ate the most fiber while young had a 16 percent lower risk of breast cancer than those who ate the least and a 24 percent lower risk of having breast cancer before menopause, which tends to be a harder-to-treat form.

It might be because fiber tends to lower the hormone estrogen, which drives many types of breast cancer, the team reports in the journal Pediatrics.

“From many other studies we know that breast tissue is particularly influenced by carcinogens and anticarcinogens during childhood and adolescence,” said Dr. Walter Willet, an expert on health and nutrition at Harvard’s school of public health who led the study team.

“We now have evidence that what we feed our children during this period of life is also an important factor in future cancer risk.”

Starting in 1991, women aged 27 to 44 at the time began answering questions about what they ate. In 1998 about half of them also filled out a questionnaire about what they ate in high school.

The women who ate the most fiber took in about 28 grams a day, compared to 15 grams a day or less for those who ate the least.

Twenty years later, the researchers looked to see who developed breast cancer and when.

The more fiber the women said they ate, the less likely they were to have had breast cancer. For each extra 10 grams of fiber they ate every day their breast cancer risk fell by 13 percent. Fiber from fruits and vegetables had the greatest effect, the team found.

“There is longstanding evidence that dietary fibers may reduce circulating estrogen levels,” Kimberly Blackwell, a breast cancer specialist at the Duke Cancer Center, wrote in a commentary in Pediatrics.

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Be Like Meagan!

Actress Meagan Good gives “Us Weekly” the full report on what she carries around in her tote. Check out her “go to” stick of green tea. Yep, that’s Javita’s lean + green.

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I Can’t Stop Sharing Javita!

Dear Javita,

I would like to thank you for this amazing opportunity. Two and a half years ago, I was looking for something that will help me lose weight. something that would help me in an all natural way and be healthier.

My company had closed in 2013, and I was depressed. To make matters worse, I couldn’t seem to lose weight. Family and friends thought I was 4 months pregnant, but I wasn’t. It was just weight I had gained when I was pregnant two years prior but couldn’t lose.

I lost my confidence. Doctors noticed elevated blood pressure and cholesterol levels. Even my white blood cell count wasn’t normal, so I was under observation for 6 months.

Then around February 2014 someone introduced me to Javita. But I ignored it, since I am not a coffee nor tea drinker. Even in the smallest amount, I get palpitation and jitters and become nervous when I drink coffee. But when he said its a weight loss coffee and will help me feel better and give me energy and focus, it caught my attention. I knew it could help me. I studied it, and bought 2 boxes to try and yes it helped me. I loved the result. I shed 5 lbs in few weeks with no palpitations and jitters. The taste wasn’t just tolerable, it tasted good.

In 2 months i lost 12 lbs and was down 2 pant sizes. I noticed right away that i didn’t have migraine anymore nor monthly cramps which i had been experiencing since high school. In a year. I lost 26 lbs and was healthier than ever. At my latest doctors visit, she asked me what did i do and to continue my diet and exercise. I smiled and told her I don’t have time to exercise Doc nor diet, because aside from my busy schedule being a full time mom I’m an entrepreneur and I love to eat. LOL.

Thank you Javita for making me achieve my health goal. No more migraine, no more cramps and I can say goodbye to Advil. I lost 26 lbs and best of all, my blood pressure, cholesterol and white cell count are all back to normal. Simply amazing. Now its time to pay it forward. I can’t stop sharing Javita because so many need what you offer. Thank you also for this great business opportunity for paying me to share. We love you.” ~Rose Paul

A life transformed

“This weekend marks a year that our youngest went into his 2nd diabetic ketoacidosis (DKA), and we were threatened by the treating physician that she was getting ready to refer us to CPS for medical neglect. Those are words I never thought I would hear. Our son was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes at the age of 9. This was hard because we were already dealing with ADHD and the whole medication stuff. The saddest question your child could ask is “Why can’t I be normal?”

When Javita came out with FocusFusion, I immediately went to Stan and gave him a big hug with tears coming down my face and thanked him for introducing a healthy alternative for our son’s ADHD without compromising his blood sugar levels. He was now 12 and had been dealing with T1D for 3 years and we were off meds (30 mg of Adderall), we were off to a great start.

Then a year later we are in the hospital with our 2nd episode of DKA within a 3 months period. Adolescence is hard enough without having to add the complications of diabetes. The first episode his blood sugar spiked to 696. It was scary. The second time his blood sugars weren’t as high at 396, but his bicarbonate was bad. His heart rate was high again but this time it was much worse. We tried to have our son drink green tea, but it was hard. He knew the benefits it had, but he wasn’t consistent.

At our 2015 National Convention the ActiveBlendz were introduced, and I thanked God for giving the team the knowledge and wisdom to come up with this line. I heard the benefits of control and defend and was blown away. Again I went straight to Stan and hugged him with tears.

Our son’s A1c went from 11 down to about 7 (pending bloodwork results). His insulin intake has gone from 75 units per day to 55. My son drinks 2 defends everyday and an occasional control. He has survived the cold and flu season and the worry of him going into DKA are minimal. Thank you Javita for defend.” ~Blanca N

Fantastic 5 is creating a frenzy

The Fantastic Five tour and promotion are creating quite the flurry of activity in the field as Member vie to claim their share of the $50,000 prize…enrolling new Members and Preferred Customers, hosting parties, creating new STARS and getting new Members to Vegas.

Join us in recognizing a few of our Members who decided to share their Fantastic 5 Game Board /sheet. If you want to share your, email us at with your pic.

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