Changing Lives, One Cup at a Time

Counting Her Blessings

Counting her blessing, Rebecca is still amazed at how something as simple as changing her cup of coffee could change her life in such incredible ways…“What a difference a year makes. We worked our fannies off, as you all know. But it still doesn’t seem that our efforts are equal to our blessings. The largest blessing is my health. How changing my coffee could make such a difference I will never completely understand! A year ago, I didn’t shower daily. I couldn’t clean my house without being exhausted. I didn’t know if I would even see today. Now I wonder what this next year will bring. And I am excited I will have the energy and money to tackle it. I love what we do and I am so grateful the answer to finances and health is about truly helping other people. XOXO.” ~Rebecca

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Navy Vet and Bride Discover the Slimming Side of Javita

The only thing better that discovering better health (and a slimmer waistline) is doing it with someone you love. Checkout this story from a navy veteran and his beautiful bride…

“Rebecca and I started drinking Javita in February of 2014. After seeing some amazing results from one of my oldest friends, I figured we had to try it! Over time, we have both struggled with our weight. I have been in the Navy for 23 years, and as I age, it becomes more difficult to keep up with the weight requirements. I also have some medical issues, which have made losing weight very difficult; even with regular exercise and watching what I eat. I have been stuck at the same weight for over a year, with no success, until Javita.

In one month, I have lost 6 pounds and over 4 INCHES on my waist. Rebecca has lost 13 pounds and a total of 18 inches overall!! Oh, and the chronic acid reflux I’ve had forever is totally gone! Javita rocks!”

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Favor For Friends Pays Off BIG TIME

Who would have thought doing a favor for a friend would have unlocked the secret to losing weight for this mother of two… “After my youngest was born in September, everyone told me I would lose weight like crazy breastfeeding. WRONG, I didn’t even lose a pound. Then I was introduced to JAVITA. My results as of day 35 (this last Wednesday) are 22 lbs lost. I had a friend that introduced Javita to me. I told her I’d support her and buy a box thinking yeah, ok whatever…figuring it wouldn’t work just like everything else. But after the first week, I had lost 6 lbs and was amazed. By day 21 of drinking it, I was down 16 lbs and decided to sign on to sell it. It has changed my life. Javita is truly truly amazing!!!” ~Brandi #thegiftthatkeepsgiving #twentytwopoundsdown#javitachangedmylife #javitaisamazing

Javita is Going to Change People’s Lives Forever

Changing her coffee has this wife and mother cruising through her day with flying colors…

“My story goes like this…I was one of those people who never had enough energy to get through my day. By mid afternoon, I felt as though if I blinked, my eyes would stay shut! I also was trying to lose about 10 lbs, and no matter what I tried, I GAINED a pound. Then I discovered Javita!! A great friend of mine started selling this product.

She and I had both endured numerous weight-loss solutions together and did well (as long as we were on the product). Once we were able to maintain our weight and went off of the products, our weight slowly crept up on us again. She knew that in addition to trying to lose weight, I was extremely busy with work and extra projects and was having issues with energy. She offered Javita samples to me, and it totally changed my coffee drinking!!

I drink my coffee in the morning and I have a green tea in the afternoon. I am able to get up and steam roll through my day AND part of the night!! I no longer turn into a pumpkin if I’m not in bed by 10:00 pm!! People are seeing a huge difference in my daily attitude and they LOVE it. I am asked frequently what I am doing…and how can they get on it as well.

Javita is going to change coffee/tea drinkers forever.” ~Sherry O

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Rocking a Smaller Size AND Feeling Hot

The only thing better than making believers out of skeptics, is helping someone to believe in themselves again. Like a beautiful phoenix rising from the ashes, checkout this wonderful testimonial from Elizabeth…”I first started drinking Javita in January. Of course, I was skeptical and thought, ‘yeah right!’ Now before drinking Javita I was depressed. I would sleep all day in my recliner. I battle Bi-polar II, PTSD AND anxiety on top of being overweight. Well after trying my FIRST box of Javita coffee, I noticed my clothes were not fitting right–much looser–but I felt amazing! No longer sleeping all day. No longer depressed. I had tons of energy, and my family said I finally looked alive again!

My husband even told me that I was once again the woman he first fell in love with! I had a physical and stepped on the scale and to my AMAZEMENT, I was 20 lbs. lighter!!!!!!!! I also went to Forever21 and started screaming and squealing with joy after trying on about 4 dresses of what I thought was still ‘my size’ only to realize they were all TOO BIG!!!! Needless to say, I ended up rocking a smaller size dress and I looked and felt hot on Valentines day!!!! I am so grateful and thankful for Javita, that I shared it with my family and they are all getting healthier, smarter and skinny!!! I am in love with this product!!! Thank you! No medication made me feel like myself and no diet EVER helped me lose weight! Now I’m kicking depression’s & Bi-Polar’s butt AND looking hot!!! Thank you Javita!!!!!!!!” ~Elizabeth S.

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Javita Helps Boston Marathon Runner Achieve Personal Best

Rhoda started drinking Javita about 4 weeks before the Boston Marathon. Right away, she noticed an improvement in her training. The type of work Rhonda does really takes its toll on her feet, often causing her to “drag” her legs for the first 3 miles of her training routine. It was the hope of this improvement (better oxygen flow to your extremities) that first got her attention at a Javita event.
With the Boston Marathon fast approaching, people told her it would be very, very and not to set her expectations to high. Not only did she complete the course. She improved her personal best time in the Marathon by 3 minutes and 34 seconds.


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