Changing Lives, One Cup at a Time

Renee Chittick, Diamond Club Member

Javita has helped me to face life’s challenges head on, and has given me the opportunity to create a better life for my family.

When I first started in network marketing, I had just lost a business and I needed a means to support my family. But now, my WHY has changed. Two years ago, my husband was diagnosed with a terminal illness. When I found out, I decided that I was going to live each day positively and take care of my husband the best I could. Javita has given me the resources to make this journey a little easier for my husband, family and myself. You can think you have your life all planned out, but in an instant something dramatic can happen that will change your life forever. You have to be prepared!


This company is unlike any other; the combination of product, compensation plan, leadership and management has created a culture of success. I consider myself to be one of the luckiest people I know because I was with this company when it first started; and because of this opportunity, I am successful and I am helping other people achieve success along the way. The gratitude I receive from helping someone change their life makes this worthwhile.

In order to become a Diamond, you must follow three simple steps; be consistent, help others grow and don’t try to change the system, just stick to what is working. My advice for other Members who are trying to attain success is to duplicate the traits of the exemplary leaders in this business, and you too can be the next great Javita leader. If I can be a part of this business and be successful, anyone can do it!

Dr. Chi Nguyen, Diamond Club Member

Since my involvement with Javita, I have been able to achieve financial stability, great health and provide for my family, and along the way, I have seen many others prosper in the same ways.

I have built an incredible foundation for my family and no longer have to worry about the financial burden that my children may have to experience when they choose their career. My journey to success began when my family and I escaped the Vietnam War (in 1975),  arriving in America to seek a better life and opportunity.

I was determined to succeed in my new home — America. I quickly learned a new language and very diligently pursued my goal to become successful. Through long and tough years, my parents strived to provide for my four siblings and me. I excelled in my education, which ultimately resulted in a career in the medical field where I am able to help people. Along with the satisfaction to help others, there came the financial burden of my school loans. I found myself always worrying about not having enough time with my family and the financial implications of my children’s education.

Flowers_Dr Chi_01

Reflecting back, Javita came my way as a blessing in disguise. I recognized that this company is another vehicle for me to help others as well as to solve my own worries. Javita’s unique products can not only assist in one’s health naturally, but can also provide one with more family time and financial stability.

Like some, I had my doubts in the beginning, but now I am a true believer. Javita is a movement to provide true freedom where we can have time, money and health all at the same time, as well as have fun while helping others. Javita, to me, is more than just coffee and tea, it offers hope to others. We are “hope dealers!”

Carla Vargas, Diamond Club Member

This opportunity has led me to a better quality of life!

I can now say that I am happier, healthier and financially fit! Javita has provided me with the resources to take care of my family, and knowing that we are financially secure is liberating.

When I began with Javita, it was the start of an amazing journey. I was introduced to Javita products and began drinking Burn + Control coffee because I wanted to lose weight. Within a few months I had lost 17 pounds!

Losing weight with Javita was a great accomplishment; however, it wasn’t until after I joined the business that I began to feel fulfilled. The greatest achievement for me is seeing the smile on other people’s faces when I help them reach their goals.


People think that when you come to America it is the land of dreams, but it’s truly a land of opportunity. When I first came from the Philippines, I struggled while working three jobs. I don’t want my children to ever have to go through the struggles that I went through. I am doing this for them, so that they can live a better life for years to come.

I want success for my family, friends, and those who I have met along this journey. This opportunity is attainable, you just have to be committed and focus on your “WHY!”

This still seems like a dream to me and I am very thankful for this journey. Whatever your goal is, you just have to give 100 percent in this company and prepare, share and party!

August STAR Builders

STAR is the key building block in Javita and by building STARs, Members are on their way to success.

Each of the Members below enrolled a Member who achieved STAR in the month of August.

CONGRATULATIONS to our August STAR Builders!

The number in the parentheses () indicates the amount of STARs created.

Stacy H., US (7)
Sandy B., US (5)
Ken B., US (4)
Lance A., US (4)
Elizabeth B., US (3)
Beatriz S., US (3)
Deborah W., US (3)
Von R., PH (3)
Judy H., US (3)
Santi L., US (3)
Sonia M., US (3)
Annya D., US (3)
Scott M., US (3)
Laverne P., PH (3)
Amanda P., US (3)
Rosanna G., PH (3)
Jennifer R., PH (3)
De’shawn W., US (3)
Alyssa R., US (3)
Nancy R., US (3)
Lynde R., US (3)
Lisa & Keith S., US (3)
Warren S., US (3)
Duane L., US (3)
Buenaflor A., US (3)
Atlee R. US (3)
Erene E., AU (2)
Gemma S., US (2)
Dexter D., US (2)
Katy J., US (2)
Isabelle C., CA (2)
Mary Ann M., US (2)
Christine G., US (2)
Michael B., US (2)
Alma Q., US (2)
Shauna L., US (2)
Claudio M., US (2)
Patricio N., PH (2)
Genevieve C., US (2)
Alma R., US (2)
Jeff B., US (2)
Hazel B., US (2)
Elaina Z., US (2)
Necy T., IT (2)
Joanne V., US (2)
Maria M., US (2)
Michael S., US (2)
Marife G., IT (2)
Becky O., US (2)
Sue D., US (2)
Kelly H., US (2)
Kim M., US (2)
Susan W., US (2)
Wilma & Randy R., US (2)
Ron T., US (2)
Moriah B., US (2)
Teresa M., US (2)
Gordon S., US (2)
Marc & Kathleen R., US (2)
Dionne B., US (2)
Samantha M., AU (2)
Pristine R., PH (2)
Robin Langdale., US (2)
Michelle M., US (2)
Angelito O., US (2)
Stacy J., US (2)
Grace A., US (2)
Andrea S., US (2)
Irfan H., US (2)
Al H., US (2)
Elizabeth M., US (2)
Erika C., US
Kristin R., US
Pierre V., CA
Pamela D., US
Aldrich V., PH
Monica A., US
Eileen L., US
Ryan S., US
Miriam L., US
Paul K., US
Marvin M., US
Janette J., US
Crystal A., US
Gertrude E., US
Selbourne R., US
Arthur G., US
Jenifer W., US
Autumn O., US
Lustefita C., US
Gary B., US
Bruce B., US
Michael B., US
Andy & Joy G., US
Karen B., US
Ramil G., PH
Erin K., US
Janice R., US
Kathy J., US
Joanna P., US
Rosselvy H., US
May S., US
Robert L., US
Mary L., US
Annalee P., US
Steven T., US
Kaza K., US
Heidi W., US
Maria S., US
Emmanuel G., IT
Hershey G., US
Maria H., US
Susan M., US
Ivan J., PH
Rebecca F., US
Tina D., US
Sherri M., US
John H., US
Mickey D., US
May & Richard B., US
Raymond & Susan T., US
Theodore K., US
Claire R., US
Vanetta W., US
Lisa H., US
Joselito T., US
Carlos B., PH
Daniel M., US
James Y., US
Kevin M., US
Dean N., US
Frances E., AU
Sandy B., US
Ruby E., US
Renee R., US
Briana G., US
Jasmin A., PH
Beckie M., US
Donna C., US
Antonio T., PH
Dusty P., US
Rachelle O., US
Ivelisse M., US
Robin L., US
Chris J., US
Maria A., PH
Robert B., US
Gina T., PH
Kayla R., US
Wh S., US
Bobby M., US
Louise R., CA
Corrine C., US
Joy O., GR
Joseph B., US
Marcella W., US
Monica A., US
Iluminada Q., US
Rosemarie D., US
Pat M., US
Maria W., US
Cristina D., US
Pius O., PH
Jeri W., US
Mimi A., US
Troy Q., US
Kyla S., US
Doug B., US
Sue F., US
Khristine B., US
Shelley K., US
Tom D., US
Jamye & Jim T., US
David F., US
Colleen S., US
Pennisu H., US
Aviva P., US
Cheryl G., US
Erica G., US
Gil S., US
Marcia K., US
Stephanie S., US
Eloisa B., US
Robert B., US
Anthony M., US
Brandee A., US
Ross L., & Theresa M., US
Darwin P., PH
Jane B., US
Judy M., US
Mark S., US
Michael B., US
Mai E., US
Valerie B., US
Esperanza R., US
Jeff P., US
Scott B., US
Randi K., US
Craig B., US
Andrea G., US
Martin P., US
Tulio E., US
Tom & Annie D., US
Stefanie M., US
Fe E., US
Claire E., US
Shannon B., US
Izzy V., AU
Gloria B., US
Mary L., US
Jack P., US
Calvin A., US
Corazon K., PH
Romeo M., US
Arlen Erb., US
Raquel R., US
Loreto P., US
Ruth A., US
Sesha Z., US
George G., US
Rosario P., US
Teresa C., US
Dan & Teresa P., US
Alicia T., US
Michael M., US
Eric Z., US
Kristen S., US
Teri B., US
Kimberley E., US
Cheryl G., US
Jennifer B., US
Kenneth G., IT
Zanette W., US
Kelly K., US
Erlinda M., IT
Michele B., US
Roxanne M., US
Kami K., US
Lillian S., US
Adonis E., PH
Kaitlyn K., US
Ana L., US
Carolina V., US
Ruben H., PH
Ikbal S., US
Steve J., US
Jayne S., AU
Juan S., US
Jeannie B., US
Emely W., US
Melody R., US
Julie G., CA
Katarzyna R., US
Melanie S., US
Bola O., US
Alex L., US
Brenda C., US
Irma S., US
Valerio T., AU
Gemyma T., IT
Deana T., US
Joseph A., US
Benedict M., US
Joanna D., US
Romelia S., US
Jiel R., US
Clinton I., US
Nate B., US
Stephanie B., US
Roman A., US
Gregory C., US
Sarah G., PH
Lilly P., US
Clemente O., US
Dave & Dana P., US
Daniel P., US
Melissa C., US
Priscilla P., US
Sherry N., US
Ryan M., US
Kerwina S., US
Mariah W., US
Ann N., IT
Scott S., US
Vonda S., US
Kandra C., US
Leahbeth Z., US


John Haremza, Diamond Club Member

I’ve lived my life with a philosophy of small steps to the top knowing that every decision you make, no matter how small or insignificant, it may seem at the time has an impact on the outcome of your life.

Javita is a company with a simple plan, great products and guaranteed success if you pour your heart and soul into it.

For me, life was not always so grand. I was the maintenance manager at the Barrel of Fun Potato Chip Plant in Perham, Minnesota. I thought I had the best job I would ever have. My family thought so, too.

I had no sales experience, no business experience and worst of all I had dyslexia. I could not read and everyone wondered, “Why can’t John read?” This was back when no one knew what dyslexia was. I had low self-esteem and absolutely no confidence — I just wanted to be invisible.

Then I was introduced to network marketing and my life changed beyond my wildest imagination. Network marketing has given me both personal and financial security. This business gives you a level of security and freedom that does not exist anywhere else, and being a part of Javita validates this even more.


This opportunity has enabled me to travel the world and provide a life full of incredible experiences for my family. I own several homes and live a life of luxury and comfort. I am doing what I love and doing it the way I like, and over the past 25 years I have been able to achieve my goals and beyond.

Achieving Diamond with Javita brings a peace of mind in knowing that this company has grown to a size that offers stability. The most important thing is to be with a company that has all five elements in place — company, product, compensation, timing and training and support.

With more than a quarter century of experience and millions in earnings, I believe that I have a clear understanding of what to do and what it takes to be successful in this business and I have found it all with Javita. I am totally convinced that Javita will be the biggest thing I’ve ever done.

September STARs

Celina B., US
Laura S., US
Foyaz A., US
Nanette S., United Kingdom
Joan Crystal D., Philippines
Marie N., US
Ma Remedios F., US
Kristine T., Philippines
Gricelda D., US
Jerome V., US
Silvija B., US
Roselle P., Philippines
Joaquin D., US
Kelli H., US
Rochelle M., US
Josephine P., Philippines
Syed I., US
Joan M., United Kingdom
Catherine G., US
Annalyn R., Singapore
Joy O., Philippines
Cynthia F., US
Abigail I., US
Ehrlyn Cristina A., Philippines
Michelle D., US
Rose R., US
Stephanie B., US
Kayla H., US
Grace A., Philippines
Cita D., US
Debbie D., US
Gregoria B., US
Noemi M., Italy
Hazel R., US
Christie R., US
Helana C., US
Jocelyn L., US
Rozanna G., US
Judith L., US
Michelle P., US
Francesca P., Philippines
Ana G., US
Emelita G., US
Michelle J., US
Edward P., Philippines
Janet Z., US
Michele L., US
Diorella A., US
Denise C., US
Arlene M., US
Helen Joy A., US
Sabrina P., US
Dawn B., US
Jeevilyn S., Philippines
Ryan Y., US
Kim B., US
Sandra R., US
Elizabeth O., US
Aileen P., Australia
Janice M., US
Ananelia R., US
Janette M., US
Alexis Paul M., US
Ramon B., US
Sheila P., US
Nida P., US
Zenaida D., Italy
Jason K., US
Catherine M., US
Roberto M., Italy
Terrie R., US
Olivia G., Italy
Amanda S., US
Victor M., US
Marion Gay D., Philippines
Sunu A., US
Bobby P., US
Elizabeth C., US
Wendy H., US
Dean H., Australia
Jun & Jo L., US
Leydace B., Canada
Rogelio C., Philippines
Michael A., US
Robert C., Italy
Amy G., US
Aurita Z., Philippines
Ana Marie V., US
Teresita & Jack C., US
Wandalee A., US
Wennelyn D., Italy
Virginia P., US
Teri I., US
Maricel A., Canada
Victor B., US
Heather Jo D., US
Sheri C., US
Jennifer W., US
Berlyn C., US
Mark M., US
Anne C., US
Marco S., US
Michael Q., US
Leah B., US
Molly A., US
Gail D., Philippines
Angelina M., US
Stacy F., US
Jennifer Y., US
Mely B., US
Aprille P., US
Beth S., US
Michelle T., US
Aaron T., US
Romeo T., Philippines
Liezl A., US
Jesyl H., US
Maria D., US
June R., US
David R., Italy
Adelle C., US
Michelle M., US
Michelle P., US
Marites M., US
Raymond R., US
Jennifer R., US
Mary S., Philippines
Kathryn M., US
Danielle W., US
Shirley C., US
Victor C., US
Leah E., Philippines
Egon H., Italy
Sara R., Italy
Claire T., US
Tiffany B., US
Mellie W., Australia
Mei W., US
Cathy P., US
Fedele N., Italy
Tommaso M., Italy
Irene P., US
Rodolfo V., Canada
Domenico P., Italy
Jay S., US
Mario L., US
Michelle C., US
Klarissa C., US
Jericho A., Philippines
Teodora M., Italy
Marisol C., US
Felita A., US
George I., United Kingdom
Maricarl D., Philippines
Bajao F., US
Michael P., US
Ma Jesusa P., US
Emely C., US
Marilou S., Philippines
Lourdes S., US
Michael Y., US
Le’Melle K., US
Joeleen T., US
Annie A., US
Shemah E., US
Vicini O., Italy
Darlene S., US
Janice V., Philippines
Tera C., US
Kristen W., US
Leandro P., Philippines
Alva P., US
Francesca P., Italy
Roy Anthony C., US
Nonette B., US
Debra B., US
Cindy W., US
Doralice C., US
Becka S., US
Cynthia H., US
Sandra W., US
Ivan S., US
Nancy A., US
Emelita P., US
Lillie C., US
Jocelyn V., US
Misty Lynn R., US
Vickie G., US
Ali A., US
Joe S., US
Fernando M., US
Juditha G., US
Cora A., US
Joanna G., US
Marsha H., US
Jeanette O., US
Gladys I., US
Marlena B., US
Maria I., Philippines
Jennifer I., US
Jillian I., US
Jerome S., US
Nance A., US
Jessica A., US
Jennie L., US
Benjamin R., Italy
Tylia F., US
Sheldon M., US
Linda K., US
Agnes P., US
Evelina C., Australia
Herminia S., US
Karina A., Philippines
Laurelia A., Italy
Kim B., US
Lonna C., US
Ryan B., US
Karen P., US
Remedios S., US
Guido R., US
Darwin M., US
Laura R., US
Cossia J., US
Mike F., US
Elisa M., US
Rusty C., US
Beth S., US
Cherry M., US
Jennifer R., US
Antrenet S., United Kingdom
Bob F., US
Timothy W., US
Steven S., US
Francisco R., US
Richard M., US
Eric C., US
Jay B., US
Eduardo T., Canada
Desiree M., US
Doug B., US
RJ D., Philippines
Dionaleen C., US
Bernae V., US
Kathleen J., US
Maria C., US
Saira G., US
Yong T., US
Brenda B., US
Michael C., US
Omar G., US
Beth H., US
Daniel N., US
Grachelle B., Philippines
Jose T., Philippines
Mary Ann C., US
Mike & Angela F., US
Romeo & Veronic V., US
Molly L., US
Roy F., US
Sherry N., US
Lalaine L., Canada
Ginger B., US
Ben M., US
Jason W., US
Romulo C., Philippines
Robin K., US
Salma S., US
Abigail T., Australia
Maria P., Switzerland
Liliana L. & Olga V., US
Marcelo R., US
Maria L., US
Robert Q., US
Pilar M., Philippines
Shoukat H., US
Gagan S., US
Aydin B., US
Virginia F., US
Jeline P., US
Misty C., US
Randy S., US
Relinda B., US
Katherine D., Philippines
Lisa S., US
Veronica L., US
Christina R., US
Mathew C., US
Carl K., US
Erick B., US
Bonifacio B., Philippines
Rachel F., US
Dawn B., US


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