Changing Lives, One Cup at a Time

Be Your Own Boss! Own A Dollar Coffee Club!

Being your own boss has its perks! And being a Dollar Coffee Club owner is even more rewarding.

By being a DCC owner, you are rewarded for promoting Javita’s products to others – inevitably changing the lives of others as well as your own.

Rewards of owning your own Dollar Coffee Club:

Time freedom = Flexible work hours. More time to spend with your family or even yourself!
Unlimited income potential = What you earn depends on how much time and energy you put into your business! This can lead to endless rewards and benefits and greater control over your life!
Higher motivation and morale = It feels good to be your own boss! This leads to a boost in your self-esteem!
Ability to retire sooner = With owning your own business there’s opportunity for you to earn an unlimited income. With an unlimited income you decide when you have enough money to retire.

Benefits of owning a Dollar Coffee Club:


Earn FREE product
Weekly and monthly bonuses
Rewards for new and recurring Customers
Car bonuses or tuition/ student loan reimbursement bonuses
Monthly residual income
Cash, Bonuses and other rewards


Personal websites
Business tools & presentations
Upline support
Conferences & Seminars


Healthy, great-tasting, premium quality products
Coffee for $1 a cup

Whether you want to help pay some bills or save for travel – being a DCC owner can help you achieve your goals.

Be your own boss = work when you want; how often you want and with whomever you want.

Still wondering if this is the right opportunity for you? Check out our comprehensive and competitive business opportunity, available for all who are ready to ‘Change Lives’!

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