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Bioavailability of Javita Products


We’re often asked how the micronized botanicals and patented extracts in our beverages (coffee blends, tea blends and fruit-infused blends) stand up against similar extracts provided as capsules, caplets or tablets in nutritional supplements.

The answer can be somewhat complicated, so we turned to our expert (and formulator), Javita’s Director of Botanical Research & Development Monica Johnson.

Here’s what she had to say:

“I am an advocate for consuming high-quality herbal products to promote health, in any form you can get, be it a liquid or pill. However, if you have a choice, I am a strong proponent of consuming nutritional products in liquid form over solid for a couple of reasons. First, having nutrients in a liquid form dramatically increases the surface area for all of the minute particles, allowing more area to be exposed in the digestive system for rapid breakdown and absorption. This is particularly beneficial in products where immediate results are desired, such as metabolic enhancers, anti-inflammatories, or for mental energy.

Secondly, no matter how healthy we are, our bodies are aging. With age, comes a slowing of the digestive system due to changes in hydrochloric acid. This means that breaking down foods becomes slower or more difficult as we age. By consuming nutritional products as liquid, you are better able to assist your digestive system with this breakdown. This decreases the time it takes to digest these particles, allowing them to be more quickly and more fully absorbed.

However, with today’s busy lifestyles, carrying around several supplements in ‘ready to drink’ liquid form is just not feasible. We recognized this at Javita, and have developed the next best thing. We have utilized advanced processing technologies to minimize (or micronize) particle size to less than .025 mms, allowing our products to be quickly suspended in liquid, optimizing ease of use and enhancing bioavailability, just like a ‘ready to drink’ liquid. This minute particle size, is why Javita Members and Customers experience more rapid response rates (and potentially better results) than they would had the product been in a solid dosage (capsule, caplet, tablet) form.”

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