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5 Javita Videos You Must Share

Sharing tools and knowing which tools to share at the right time makes all the difference when securing a prospect. Tools help tell the story – the same story over and over again – about Javita and its products. Javita’s videos are an engaging and interactive part of your share process to introduce Javita to others.

Javita videos, like brochures, personal websites and magazines, are just as valuable as some of our other tools and are a great way to kick off the introduction of our products and business.


Here are the top 5 videos you should be exposing to your prospects:

Dollar Coffee Club (animated) video:

The illustrated “Billy the goat” Dollar Coffee Club video is a great first exposure of the company
for anyone you may come across.

The Dollar Coffee Club video introduces someone new to what the Dollar Coffee Club is. No longer
should coffee lovers over pay for their morning cup,  instead by choosing Javita coffee – they can
enjoy healthy premium coffee for only $1 a cup!



Burn + Control video:

Burn + Control coffee is Javita’s #1 product!

Members and Customers alike love the taste, but most importantly love the results they’re experiencing by drinking it.

The Burn + Control video goes in depth about this product, highlighting the science – ingredients and herbs
– and the effects each have on the body. This impactful 3-minute video also showcases testimonials from people
who are experiencing real results by incorporating Burn + Control coffee into their everyday routine.




Opportunity Sizzle video:

Don’t let the opportunity pass you by!

The Opportunity Sizzle video is great for someone who is looking for a new and rewarding opportunity,
whether it be income, time freedom or incentives & rewards!

This 1:30 minute video highlights Javita Members as they talk about the success they are experiencing
just by owning their own DCC business.




Product Sizzle video:

Let your prospects know that it’s time to, ‘Rethink Your Drink’!

With more than 150 million sticks (and counting) sold worldwide, Javita’s one-of-a-kind formulas are changing lives every day!

The Product Sizzle video is quick, fast-hitting, informative and factual. This video explores the amazing benefits Javita’s products offer.




Before & After Results:

The Before & After Results video showcases the before and after pictures of people who are using Javita products.
This video is so impactful the pictures speak for themselves.




Bonus video:

Now that you have secured your prospects to attend your party, here’s the perfect video to play.

What is the Dollar Coffee Club?

The “What is the Dollar Coffee Club?” video, which features Javita’s CEO Stan Cherelstein, is the perfect video to play
when hosting your next party. This video gives prospects the information they need to know about the company,
the power of owning your very own Dollar Coffee Club and what it can do for your life.



These videos can be viewed and shared by going to or on the Javita App (available on iOS and Android).

Remember, every successful business is built by using the power of tools.


My Weight Loss & Thyroid Adventure with Javita

“I was scrolling through Facebook one day (June 2017) and I saw that a Javita member had made a post about the Dollar Coffee Club. I had misread it, and asked about what the Dollar Shave Club was. Silly right? I think that is what they thought too. I love coffee, so was intrigued after they sent me a ton of information on this weight loss coffee, Burn + Control. Me personally, I didn’t know or think such a thing existed.

Within a few weeks, I began my journey on the Diet Coffee System. I drank my coffee every day, but didn’t take my other products as directed like most people. Life happens, we get busy. But I stayed consistent with my coffee everyday, twice a day for 3 months. I felt a difference. And while I wasn’t losing any weight yet, my intestines felt healthier so to speak.

Working nights, throws your body for a loop! I happened to have some health issues, randomly. I proceeded to have blood work done and found out my thyroid wasn’t working at all (was diagnosed with Hypothyroidism.) I’m still to this day not sure when it stopped.

I began my medicine and continued Coffee intake, and instantly felt like a new person. All of a sudden my clothes felt better and I knew I was losing inches. Everyone loses weight on their own terms. I needed to jump start and kick my health into shape and realized it wasn’t my coffee that wasn’t ever working, but in fact my thyroid. Give it Time, don’t give up. You will see results too.”~Debra Michelle Blades

#Kosher #NonGMO


Javita is helping me lose weight AND get out of my comfort zone!

“Okay so this is kinda awkward for me. I rarely take selfies, especially ones with my full body, but I am getting out of my comfort zone to show my weight loss coffee results. Now, I am NO where near where I wanna be but, it’s a start! The cool thing about this is that even if you don’t drink coffee, we have an amazing Green Tea and also a delicious pomegranate and grape-infused product that can help with weight loss, balance sugar levels, gives you energy! They are all All Natural, Kosher Certified, Non GMO, Gluten Free and the list goes on and on!

I’m getting healthier One Cup at a time! Imagine being able to lose weight this holiday season just by changing your daily cup!” ~Cristina Parra Hernandez

SPOTLIGHT ON SUCCESS – Gina Reinhold-Montroy

At Javita, your hardwork and accomplishments never go unnoticed! Each month we shine the spotlight on a Member who is setting an example, leading their team and demonstrating the qualities of a Javita Leader!

Gina Reinhold-Montroy, Red Bud, IL

How did you get involved with Javita?
I started drinking Javita in April after a friend introduced me to the products. I ordered through the Dollar Coffee Club from April through July, and after seeing weight loss, reduced anxiety and depression, I decided to join Javita as a Member with the $999 pack.

What is your WHY?
My motivation comes from seeing the results that Javita will provide to those who are drinking the products, knowing that I’m offering them 100% natural products that are proven to work. Also, knowing that my Javita business will help me to raise my daughters and take away some financial burdens, this just makes me want to share Javita even more.

What do you think of Javita’s Prepare, Share, Party system?
I love all the one-on-one training that is provided. The tastings are so simple and easy to do with huge results in customers and owners, so easy to follow! When scheduling a tasting, start with your current customers first to host a tasting, more than likely when they host a tasting they will end up signing on as an owner. When you’re trying to get potential customers to host a tasting make sure you get them samples to try beforehand and then have them host a tasting.

What tips could you share about helping people get to STAR?
I started drinking two Burn & Control in the morning and one Control in the afternoon in April. I gradually added Lean & Green Tea and Flex, and by August I was pretty much drinking everything! I am down a total of 29 lbs and 11 inches overall, and I’m still losing weight! I have seen a huge decrease in my stress and anxiety, less body aches and pains, less headaches and I am finally falling asleep quickly and staying asleep through the night. My boyfriend is down 25 lbs and 7 inches since the end of August drinking Burn & Control, Control and Rush.

How does it feel be a part of the Car Program?
I can remember Kyla Patton telling me briefly about earning a car with Javita and never in my wildest dreams did I think I would earn the car, especially not 82 days after joining Javita! I am a firm believer in “God has the plan”. I know He’s on my side and I have a very special Angel, my son Alec, who has been by my side from the start of my Javita journey. Earning the car in 82 days and hitting Supervisor on October 28th, that was my son’s sign, as his race number was 822.

As you climb the leadership ladder, your personal success story may be featured as an inspiration to other rising STARs. See what this month’s Member is saying about their Javita journey, and what it takes to build a successful business. We hope you become inspired and informed, so you too can grow your business!

To contact S.O.S, email

October’s Top Enrollers

CONGRATULATION to our October Top Enrollers!

Marlene Weyhgandt
Gina Montroy
Mindy & Andre Merkerson
Cheryl Downing
Breea Dansereau

The Top Enroller’s Bonus is paid monthly on the total commissionable volume of your personally enrolled new Members’ and Customers’ first order.

2-A-Day Every Day

So how do you incorporate the Javita Prospecting System into you daily activities?

We have a simple “2-A-Day Every Day” philosophy. Just share Javita’s products or opportunity with at least two people each day, and you will position yourself for long-term success.

Success with Javita is based on doing the same activities over-and-over again. This is what the 2 A-Day Every Day philosophy is all about. Better still, it will help you fill your pipeline with potential Members and Customers.

Make it a goal to share Javita with two people every day (we’ll even give you the weekends off) and by the end of the week, you’ll have 10 new contacts to put through the Javita Prospecting System: 2-a-day; 10 in play!


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