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My Weight Loss & Thyroid Adventure with Javita

“I was scrolling through Facebook one day (June 2017) and I saw that a Javita member had made a post about the Dollar Coffee Club. I had misread it, and asked about what the Dollar Shave Club was. Silly right? I think that is what they thought too. I love coffee, so was intrigued after they sent me a ton of information on this weight loss coffee, Burn + Control. Me personally, I didn’t know or think such a thing existed.

Within a few weeks, I began my journey on the Diet Coffee System. I drank my coffee every day, but didn’t take my other products as directed like most people. Life happens, we get busy. But I stayed consistent with my coffee everyday, twice a day for 3 months. I felt a difference. And while I wasn’t losing any weight yet, my intestines felt healthier so to speak.

Working nights, throws your body for a loop! I happened to have some health issues, randomly. I proceeded to have blood work done and found out my thyroid wasn’t working at all (was diagnosed with Hypothyroidism.) I’m still to this day not sure when it stopped.

I began my medicine and continued Coffee intake, and instantly felt like a new person. All of a sudden my clothes felt better and I knew I was losing inches. Everyone loses weight on their own terms. I needed to jump start and kick my health into shape and realized it wasn’t my coffee that wasn’t ever working, but in fact my thyroid. Give it Time, don’t give up. You will see results too.”~Debra Michelle Blades

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Javita is a Gift That Keeps Giving

“Today is about reflection. As I watched my son work on his car yesterday and gave him just a little help. I I realized something. I realized that if I had not made a choice to take better care of my health…moment may have never happened yesterday.

There’s moments in your life where your heart gets all warm and fuzzy…mine is when the grandkids say “paw paw” and come give me hugs.16508785_10211756476529432_3753714859271878486_n

See at one point I was on pills that would make me loopy ALL day…but then came Javita. And I am NOT on those particular pills anymore. I drink coffee or tea and as you can see pictures, something Good is happening!

Do this, decide today that you want to take control of your life and your health back.

This is your time! Look around at your family and your kids and ask your stuff what would happen if your health declined. Who’s going to be here for them??” ~Kevin

100+ lbs and 10 medications down

“My mom and boys are with me in this picture!!!

At almost 400 pounds, 4 shots of insulin a day plus 10 more medications daily!!!

Fatty liver caused my esophagus to burst and have esophageal veins!!!

Yes that was me.

Twelve (12) cups of coffee a day was what I needed to be able to move my body!!!

16425767_10211879169764332_9095810205994663828_nI love my weight loss journey and feel blessed to have weight loss coffee and green tea!!!

Finally medicine free and 40 pounds away from goal weight !!!!!

I will reach my goal this year and it’s just amazing!!

Believe u can do it and you will.” ~Sandra

In 45 days, I dropped 22 lbs and 7 inches from my waist!

Years after my father died, I started to have my own health challenges … gastritis, heart trouble, knee pain, poor sleep quality, etc. Despite my best efforts, I just couldn’t make exercise and a healthy diet a daily habit.

Everything changed on November 19, 2016.

I was invited by a friend to be her plus one in an event she won. We went. It was a fitness awareness event. Before it ended, the attendees were invited to join a 45-day coffee fitness challenge. We love games, contest or any sort of challenges so we signed up. After a week we were asked to have a weigh-in. Unfortunately, Rachelle could not come because she was in the province. I came and was 85 kgs or 187 lbs in weight. We were given our FREE Javita Burn + Control box and told that we can do simple exercises with it or not, our choice.

The following day November 27, I started my journey. I never felt upset drinking the coffee (which I prefer drinking black), first thing in the morning, on an empty stomach. What I noticed after drinking, was that I didn’t have an appetite or sudden food urges. I incorporated 30 mins dance exercise 2-3x/week. That’s it! First week I noticed my boobs are bigger than my tummy. Yes! And this is the holiday season where I got invited to lots of gatherings and parties. I ate what I liked, but in moderation. Not because I am dieting, but I felt full right away. On my 3rd week, I went to my aunt’s place. He said ‘your tummy shrunk and your thinner’.  I showed him my IG account where I chronicled my journey. He asked my starting weight and challenged me to weigh in. I was 170 lbs that day. I had lost 15 lbs. He ordered 2 boxes. My Tita Josie ordered two more boxes for herself. Before the weekend was over,  I had orders for 10 more boxes of coffee.

Last Thursday (my 54th day using Javita Burn + Control) was our final weigh-in. I am now 165 lbs (22 lbs lighter) and shrank my waistline from 36 ‘waistline to 29’. Best of all, I won the challenge!

I will continue to do this until I achieve my ideal weight not only for myself but most especially for my children because I want to be there in each of their milestone. And to continue to help those who want to be helped. Remember it’s a personal choice. No one will make this happen but yourself. If I can, yes you can!”

Man Drops 30 lbs, 3 sizes and 6 A1c Points Thanks to Lean + Green Tea!

“One of my biggest skeptics is finally all in.

He originally started 3 years ago and lost 13 pounds in 21 days.

He then switched to energy + mind coffee because he’s a truck driver and needed the focus and energy, plus he’s self diagnosed ADD.

Fast forward to late June 2016, when he was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes. His A1C was at 8.4, doctor prescribed 3 meds, one for diabetes, one for cholesterol and one to protect his kidneys. He turned to me and asked, “ok what do I need to drink?”

As a fuel tank truck driver he cannot risk not being healthy.

He emphasized to me that if he doesn’t take care of his health their goes our livelihood.

As a truck driver he cannot risk becoming insulin dependent, he would lose his license.

He started drinking both the green tea and control. He is down over 30 lbs, 2-3 sizes.

He feels great and A1c dropped to 6.0 in less than 3 months.

He tells people, ‘don’t wait and risk your health.’  

Thank you Javita for coming into our lives. We are not going anywhere. We want to help change more lives.” ~Blanca N.

I’m 53 and Medication Free thanks to Javita

“Losing weight has never been a personal goal.

I only started drinking lean + green tea because I don’t want to be diabetic.

Now after 2 months, I lost 3 inches on my waist.

By the way, I’m 53, medication free and I want to keep it that way.” ~Ringkoy Dumadag


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