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Grand Prize Winner: BROCK HILMAN




  • 78 lbs lost
  • 8 sizes dropped
  • More then 16% body fat decreased

6832153_mBrock’s Story:

This has been an amazing journey that will continue for months and years to come. I have lost a lot of weight, restored my energy, but most importantly I have found my sense of purpose.

Months ago I had nothing, no job, no house, no car, and no path in life. While today, I still don’t have a car yet (fighting for supervisor), a house (still renting a bedroom in friends house) I do have God, and I have JAVITA, and my Javita family.

They have constantly supported and encouraged me along my rebuild path. I have confidence again, and I see the light at the end of the tunnel. Add that to the weight loss, and I’m on my way to getting my Sexy back. Thank you Javita for having a contest like this and allow me to get my drive / fight back. For that I’m forever grateful.

My program: I drank 4 lean + green teas a day, 1 fiber every other day and 1 cleanse 2 times a week.


Grand Prize Winner: FRANCES TULLAO



  • 33 lbs down
  • Dropped 6 + sizes
  • Off prescription medications

6832153_mFrances’s Story:

I did not look for Javita but Javita found me…. Javita came at the perfect moment of my life.

I was struggling with a lot of issues since 2012 … I got a “Rotator Cuff Syndrome” from my nursing career. I became physically helpless. I could not even lift one piece of paper from that injury. The pain was unbearable. As much as I want to return to work, my body just can’t. Being a nurse demands some physical jobs and being a Filipina nurse, I tend to care too much.

And besides, nursing is caring… It is just too much caring on my part. We just tend to put more than 100% of our effort, time and dedication to our patients and to our jobs. We have this trait that we tend to ignore physical pain. Because of this, my rotator cuff injury became nerve injury. That injury dragged me to the lowest point of my life. I used to be a very active person with a dress size of small – extra small. Because of the pain, I wasn’t able to perform activities. I became immobile, limited, sad, depressed…. Medications just made my injury and my life worst. These medications made me swell. These medicines just masked the pain temporarily. That’s why I don’t like taking pills. Most of us know what pills do to our internal organs. Most of the medications that were prescribed to me has this “weight gain” and “depression” side effects. Did these pain pills help me?… Absolutely Not! I felt useless and helpless. I built a wall around me. I don’t want loved ones, family and friends listen to my depressions, my self-pity because it is not fun talking about it and not fun listening to my pains. I got swollen, I gained weight. My heaviest was 160 pounds. I don’t want to go the store to buy clothes because I felt so big and unhappy. Nobody knew what was really going on within me.

Then my friend who’s like a sister to me invited me to listen to the presentation, like majority of the people, the skeptics, I am one of the negative ones. I said no to her many times. I just don’t want to listen. I didn’t want to give this Javita a chance. I was depressed. My friend even gave me a whole box of burn and control coffee but I just kept it because I just simply don’t want to try it.  That box of coffee stayed in my pantry for more than a month. It was just when my best friend came here to California and told me that we should be drinking javita coffee to try to lose some weight because we were both big…. size 9-10 back in April of 2015. Because this person is my best friend who happened to be the sister of my friend who was inviting me and asking me to just try Javita, I gave in. I started drinking the 1 cup of Burn and Control coffee daily. I replaced my Starbucks, nescafe and some other brands of coffee with Javita. But the funny thing was I didn’t think of Javita as a weight loss coffee. It is just a plain and simple coffee for me. I drink 1 cup of coffee a day, always first thing in the morning. I cant take 2 cups of regular coffee because the regular coffee just makes me very jittery and very acidic. One Sunday morning, I felt that my shirt was not tight. I asked my husband to take my picture because honestly, I don’t believe in the testimonials. My mind was telling me that the “before and after pictures were all just photoshopped”. It was just until I personally was the one who put my picture from the very first day I started drinking the Burn and Control Coffee and compared it to that Sunday picture when I felt my shirt was a little lose. And it was one month and 7 days, I couldn’t believe my eyes! I couldn’t believe what I saw! I couldn’t believe that I have really lost weight. I think I dropped from size 9-10 to size 5-6 in 1 month and 7 days. I didn’t really know the weight because I was scared to step on the weighing scale and look at the numbers…From that day on, I became a rock solid Javita user and member. Javita has become a part of my life now. I cannot live without the Burn and Control Coffee, the Lean & Green Tea, The Herbal Cleanse Tea and now the ActiveBlendz particularly the Flex….. I love love love Flex so much. No more joint pain, no more body aches. I can eat beans now without thinking that i might be having some joint pain after. Im not taking pain reliever pills now. And my Rotator Cuff Injury has not been affecting my life anymore. I am wearing size 3-5 which is perfect for me. and I am 127 pounds from 160 pounds. No routine exercise at all.

Thank you very much Stan, thank you Javita for transforming our lives positively. Truly Javita is “Changing Lives One Cup at a Time” More power and God Bless!





  • 36 lbs lost
  • 6 sizes dropped
  • No more swelling or pain in legs



5e9b8d19971357.562e35cdb0021Jeffrey Story:

I feel amazing and have tons more energy. I work anywhere from 45-60 hours a week, and I also don’t feel tired anymore. I have also noticed the swelling and pain gone from my legs!

THANK YOU JAVITA, I am a lifelong drinker!






  • Lost 33 lbs
  • Dropped 2 pant sizes
  • Walking better
  • Breathing easier


5e9b8d19971357.562e35cdb0021Ted’s story:

Each time my wife gets pregnant, I also gain weight. Our last pregnancy, I gained over 60 pounds.

To keep up with a newborn, a crazy family and hectic life I had to do something. I started to watch my carbohydrates and eat healthier. Thankfully, I didn’t gain any weight. Finally, decided I’m going to look into weight loss surgery.

I started going to some of the classes, and realized this will be my last resort but definitely this is not something that I want to do. It’s not that I eat badly, it just once in a while it’s the wrong thing and the carbs are killing me. With a very minimal change and eating more vegetables, I started losing weight but not near enough. The baby was born, and long story short, my wife had what we thought was a stroke end up in the hospital. She was diagnosed with diabetes, so she changed her eating habits because of the medicine. Javita took her off of her diabetic medicine.

It had been working for me, helping me with my blood pressure, but still wasn’t having any effect on weight loss. So the fiber and weight loss challenge came out, and I said I need to do this. So we did, and I started losing weight.

I keep losing weight 3 to 4 pounds a week every week. I’ve been drinking green tea, active blends Control and the fiber. I’m down 33 lbs and about 2 pant sizes. But more importantly, I have more energy to do things with my family and my travel weekly for work. I’m able to get through the airports easier and less out of breath. Life is better. I think the biggest difference is the fiber, because I’ve had all the other stuff and have never had the achievement that we’ve had recently.


Honorable Mention: GILBERT BELTRAN




  • 31 lbs dropped
  • Free from back, neck and joint pain
  • And off of more than 7 prescription meds


HM-03Gilbert’s Story:

What a lifestyle change Javita diet Challenge has given me. Not only have I lost an amazing 31 pounds off my body but Javita has saved me from a lifestyle of back, knee and Joint pain.

Also it has allowed me to eliminate the use of (2) cholesterol, (2) gout, (1) anti-inflammatory, (1) depression and (1) PTSD prescription medication’s from my daily routine. Seven different prescription pills I was taking on a daily basis, if that doesn’t “WOW” you I don’t know what will.

Javita’s amazing health benefits allowed me to break free from my old vessel and start in the NEW with a stable mind and body. My Blood levels have dropped over 25% and I have had zero Gout attacks while drinking the combo of our Functional liquid miracle.

Javita has renewed my position person and extended my life by Years. We all take life for granted and don’t realize that we all have problems with certain things that happen to us and I would have never thought I would be able to lose the weight and eliminate these prescription from my life. My wife and 4 kids can see that first hand and that makes me happier than ever.

Now I just got to get through these last 2 years of my Military career and Retire at 23 years of service to my country and start my new journey with Javita. God Bless the Nations.


Honorable Mention: KEN WHITE




  • Lost 30 lbs
  • Dropped 4 sizes
  • Sleeping like a baby


HM-03Ken’s story:

I followed the coffee diet system and added exercise and ate better also.

I have had ulcerative colitis and acid reflux for years which had me sleeping in a chair.

I can say I am sleeping great now and have so much energy.

I am coaching my Grandsons baseball team and feel like I can keep up with the kids now.

I am recently retired after 33 year running heavy equipment.

I am looking to continue getting healthier and will drink my Javita coffee, fiber and flex forever.

Thank You


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