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Javita Coffee Diet Challenge Photo Guidelines








Taking before and after photos can sometimes be challenging, which is why we’ve created these guidelines to help.

  1. Since one of the criteria upon which you will be judged is a physical transformation, it’s important to tastefully show your body in your “before” and “after” photos.
  2. Light colored athletic gear (form-fitting preferably like as featured in pixs below) would be strongly recommended to help evaluate the weight loss. Attire that is too long or too loose will make it very difficult to track weight loss / transformation.
  3. If possible, take your photos against a plain / white background (like a wall in your home)—it’ll make it much easier for us to focus on you and not any distractions within the photo.
  4. Include your whole body from head-to-toe in the frame, and try your best to have your photographer (i.e., spouse, friend or family member) make sure you are centered within the photograph.
  5. And since we want to fully appreciate all your efforts and hard
    work, make sure you’re not standing too far away from the camera.
  6. Take your photos in a well-lit room with a flash so you can avoid shadows
  7. Do your best to take your after photos in the same location (wearing the same clothing if possible) as your before photos.
  8. When being photographed from the front, position your arms at your side and face directly into the camera.
  9. When being photographed from the side, maintain the same position of your arms, on this time face straight ahead not looking at the camera.

Please remember, to qualify to participate in Javita’s Coffee Diet Challenge, you will need to send (either electronically or via mail) a total of two before and two after photos in the above poses to

>>> Click here to download a copy of Coffee Diet Challenge Photo Guidelines.

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