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Get Fit this Fall with Javita’s 30-Day Challenge









After great results (nearly 3,000 lbs lost) and excitement from our Jan-March and April-June 90-day Coffee Diet Challenges, we’ve revamped the program to become ongoing 30-day contests.

This decision was largely based on the desire to award more people.

More prizes? You bet. We’re giving away a custom MISSION ACCOMPLISHED: Coffee Diet Challenge t-shirt to every person who takes AND completes the challenge starting October 1. We’re even making good on those folks who joined the challenge in August and September, so long as they provide final measurements and photos.

So what does that mean? To be eligible to receive this exclusive t-shirt, you need to sign up for the challenge (provide your initial weight, waist size and two “before” photos) AND submit your final results (your final weight, waist size and two “after” photos).

Starting October 1st, you can log into your Javita Back Office, click on your “Dashboard” tab and select “30-Day Coffee Diet Challenge” from your left navigation menu. This contest will run for 30 days, but you can start anytime within the month.

In addition to receiving an exclusive, limited-edition t-shirt, Coffee Diet Challenge participants may also have the opportunity to be featured in upcoming business and product tools (i.e., videos, PPTs, brochures, etc.)

We’re very excited to get started, and look forward to cheering you on as you join us in taking the next 30-day challenge.

PS>>If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us at

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