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Fantastic 5 is creating a frenzy

The Fantastic Five tour and promotion are creating quite the flurry of activity in the field as Member vie to claim their share of the $50,000 prize…enrolling new Members and Preferred Customers, hosting parties, creating new STARS and getting new Members to Vegas.

Join us in recognizing a few of our Members who decided to share their Fantastic 5 Game Board /sheet. If you want to share your, email us at with your pic.

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We’re Celebrating 5 Years in a City Near You – Fantastic 5 North America Tour

We’re serving up the excitement of our 5th Anniversary with a tour across North America to celebrate with you — Fantastic 5 — North American Tour!

Our Diamonds and corporate executives are hitting 13 cities across North America in June and July, and we want you to come out and join us!

What’s instore:

– Exciting presentations
– Life-changing testimonials
– Business-building and leadership trainings
– And much more

We’re kicking our North America tour off on June 4 in Redding, CA, then making our way to cities such as Los Angeles, Toronto and Des Moines, IA, and finishing up on July 30 in Hauppauge, NY.Fantastic 5

To look for a city in your area click here! Load up your car with new and existing Members alike and make it a point to get to one of these events. It will be worth the trip.

Remember, we’re recognizing our Members who are taking part in the Fantastic 5 – $50,000 promotion….so bring your game sheet with you.

Click here to download the Fantastic-5 game sheet.

We’re looking forward to celebrating 5 Years of Changing Lives with you!


Fantastic 5 – $50,000 Promotion

Get ready to celebrate! Javita’s 5th Anniversary!

And to kick off the next few months of festivities – culminating with our 5-Year Changing Lives National Convention in September – we’ve created the Fantastic-5 Promotion where YOU can share in a number of pools totaling $50,000!

Javita Members can earn a piece of $50,000 from five different promotions – or games – on our downloadable game board during the qualification period: May 1 – July 31, 2016.

What are the different games you can play?

  • Enroll 5 new Members — pool amount: $15,000
  • Enroll 5 new Preferred Customers — pool amount: $15,000
  • Create new personally enrolled STARs — pool amount: $10,000
  • Host 5 Parties — pool amount: $10,000
  • Get 5 new Members to register for National Convention — free registration for you!

How much would you like to take home? The choice is yours! Complete 1, 2, 3 or ALL of the games and win a piece of each one! The more games you complete the more you can earn!

Click here for more details and to download the Fantastic-5 game sheet.

In addition, if you bring your Fantastic 5 game board to one of Javita’s 5th Anniversary North American Tour locations, you will receive a limited-edition Javita 5th Anniversary button. Plus, if you’ve completed any of the 5 games, we want you to bring it to the event so we can recognize you from stage! (We just want to see your progress with this FANTASTIC promotion!)

Yes. you read it correctly! Javita is going on tour throughout North America in June and July! Tour dates and locations for Javita’s 5th Anniversary North American Tour will be announced soon.

In the meantime, to get your celebration started, let’s play Fantastic-5!

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