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Escape to Paradise – Diamond Trip 2018

Wouldn’t a trip to paradise be a great way to kick off summer 2018?

Well, Javita wants to take you there!

Escape to an unforgettable exotic getaway!

Endless crystal turquoise water, 5-star accommodations, vibrant culture, exquisite food, rest & relaxation… soon you’ll see why everyone says, “It’s better in the Bahamas!”

Qualify and join us in paradise for an all-expenses paid vacation.


Who: All qualifying North American Javita Diamond-level Members are invited to join Javita executives for a week of sun & fun in the Bahamas.
When: July 2018 (Exact date TBA)
Time: 5 days/4 nights
Where: Atlantis in Paradise Island, Bahamas
How: The qualification period is August 1, 2017 through April 30, 2018.


    Must be at the “paid as” Diamond rank for three (3) months of the nine (9) qualification months, with one of the months being April 2018.
    Individual S.M.A.R.T (Specific Measurable Achievable Realistic Timed) business goals focused on building and growing a solid organization will be established and need to be achieved.

Click here to download the Diamond Trip 2018 flyer.

Click here to download the Diamond Trip Rules & Guidelines.

Get to Diamond and qualify to experience a trip of a lifetime!

Javita Anuncia ONE Club

¿Quiere crecer su negocio Y ganar un Crucero por el Caribe de 4-dias / 3- noches como parte de un exclusivo club de Javita?

Usted puede!

Ajuste su mira en ganarse una posición en el ONE Club (Club UNO), de Javita – un club de primera clase reservado para Miembros que están construyendo para el largo-plazo, su ingreso residual, y usted estará navegando con Javita muy pronto!

¿Qué es el ONE Club?

Creemos firmemente en que el éxito en venta directa y la clave para crear ingreso residual a largo – plazo, esta en añadir al menos una persona a su equipo, al mes, cada mes. El “ONE” (UNO), es la fundación del ONE Club.

Crear la cultura de inscribir un nuevo Miembro cada mes (con Paquete de inscripción mínimo de $299), y capacitar al nuevo Miembro para que haga lo mismo hace que su futuro no tenga limite.
¡Y vea que tan rápido su negocio (y su cuenta de banco), pueden crecer! Si usted inscribe un nuevo Miembro cada mes, y cada Miembro que usted inscribió en su equipo hace lo mismo, después de 12 meses su negocio, no solo se habrá expandido a potencialmente incluir 8,000 personas, usted podría estar ingresando tanto como $16,000 al mes.

Cómo se hace parte de ONE Club?

Es sencillo, inscriba un nuevo Miembro por mes (con un paquete de ingreso mínimo de $299), durante 8 de los 12 meses del periodo de calificación, y prepárese para zarpar con Javita en su Crucero ONE Club de Javita por el Caribe de 4-dias / 3- noches.*

Miembros del ONE Club reciben:

  • Eliminación de la cuota de renovación anual.
  • Promoción DOBLE Primera Orden
  • Pin exclusivo ONE Club.
  • Reconocimiento en nuestra página web de ONE Club.
  • Reconocimiento en evento corporativo.
  • Otros incentivos especiales

Haga que el ser parte de ONE Club sea aún más especial haciendo que la mayor cantidad posible de los Miembros de su equipo – actuales y nuevos – ganen su puesto también en ONE Club y lo vivan!.

>>>Haga click aqui para ver y descargar el volante de Javita ONE Club.

*El periodo de calificación del Crucero 2018 de ONE Club es Febrero 2017 – Enero 2018. Inscriba un nuevo Miembro en 8 de los 12 meses (con un Paquete de Ingreso mínimo de $299, o más alto para calificar)

Vaya a su Oficina Virtual para conocer los detalles del programa ONE Club.

Cancun Incentive Trip Dates Announced

Are you ready for some fun?!

Mark your calendars — May 4 – 8, 2016 — we’re going back to the Moon Palace Golf & Spa Resort in Cancun, MX!

What to expect? Lots of fun and excitement! Members will get the opportunity to zip-line through the jungle; swim with dolphins; golf on the world-renowned Jack Nicklaus course; ride the waves of the resort’s Flowrider; among many other exciting activities. There’ll sure to be some R&R in there too!

Cancun Incentive Pic

Visit your BackOffice today, to see just how close you are to earning the trip of a lifetime!

Incentive Trip 2016: We’re Going Back to the MOON

Let the waves roll in and the worries roll out…we’re going back to the Moon.

May 2016 (exact dates TBA), we want to take YOU on Javita’s 2016 Incentive Trip to Cancun, Mexico. You and your guest will enjoy a five days/ four nights all-inclusive trip to the Moon Palace Golf & Spa Resort.

This won’t be your ordinary vacation! It’s going to be EPIC!

What to expect? Tons of excursions: parasailing, jet skis, Flowrider, ATVs, ziplines, swim with dolphins, of course lots of partying, and much MORE!

All you have to do is QUALIFY to join in on the fun!


Incentive Trip Qualifications:

Qualification period: August 1, 2015 – January 31st, 2016 (February can be used as a hold month for January.)


Earn points for enrolling new Preferred Customers and for participating in the 3 & FREE Program:
2 points: When you get your product for FREE
2 points: When you personally enroll a new preferred customer with 100 PV or greater.

Earn points for achieving or helping your personally enrolled Members achieve STAR or STAR7:
10 points: When you become a STAR7
10 points: When you enroll someone and they become a STAR7
5 points: When you become a STAR
5 points: When you enroll someone and they become a STAR
2 points: When you personally enroll a new Member with 100 PV or greater

Earn points for your personal, first-time rank advancement during the qualification period and hold it for another month:
New Rank                Points    Cumulative Potential
Supervisor                  30                    30
Manager                     60                    90
Director                       90                   180
Diamond                     120                  300

Earn points for personally enrolling someone during the qualification period (Aug. 1 – Jan 31) who achieves a first time rank and holds it the for another month:
New Rank                Points    Cumulative Potential
Supervisor                  20                    20
Manager                     40                    60
Director                      60                   120
Diamond                     80                   200

Top 3 Diamonds or higher who have the most Members in non-Diamond legs attending the trip will be invited*.
*To qualify under the Diamond requirement, a Member must be a Diamond in 4 of the 6 qualifying months. Qualifying Diamonds can buy-into the trip.


300 points – Full trip and airfare
250 points – Full trip
200 points – 75% paid trip
150 points – 50% paid trip

See official rules and guidelines for more details.

Download the Incentive Trip Flyer.

Read and watch a recap of the Incentive Trip 2015.


Diamond Trip 2016: Dreams, Destinations, Diamonds

Live Life as a Javita Diamond….

Explore the beauty of the Bahamas as we whisk you away for an unforgettable all-expenses paid vacation.

For five days and four nights, you and your guest will indulge in paradise at the world-renowned Atlantis.

Expect to be treated to world-class spa treatments; fine dining; relax by the pool or beach; swim with dolphins at Dolphin Cay; golf on a pristine course surrounded by spectacular ocean views; your options are limitless.

Remember, life needs more sun, secret hiding spots, postcard sunsets and more of YOU!

Join us…. JUNE 2016 (exact dates TBA)


Diamond Trip Qualifications:

Qualification Period: August 1, 2015 — March 31, 2016.


Members – Managers:
Must be at the “paid as” Diamond rank for two (2) months of the eight (8) qualification months, with one of the months between August 1, 2015 and February 29, 2016 AND the other in March.

Must be at the “paid as” Diamond rank for three (3) months of the eight (8) qualification months, with two of the months between August 1, 2015 and February 29, 2016 AND the other in March.

Diamonds, Blue Diamonds, Royal Blue Diamonds:
Must qualify at your highest achieved Diamond rank for five (5) of eight (8) months during the qualification period.

Black Diamonds, Royal Black Diamonds, Crown Diamonds:
Must qualify at your highest achieved Diamond rank for four (4) of eight (8) months during the qualification period.*Starting rank based on your highest rank achieved as of July 2015.

Awards for this trip: 100% of trip and airfare paid for by Javita.

See official rules and guidelines for more details.

Download the Diamond Trip Flyer.

Our Diamonds are still talking about this year’s trip. Read and watch a recap of Diamond Trip 2015!

Diamonds Return From Dream Destination Getaway (Diamond Trip 2015 Recap)

Back from an all expenses-paid trip to paradise, Javita’s Diamonds are still relishing in the glory of their success.

Javita’s annual Diamond trip is a family affair for elite Diamonds, filled with luxury, exclusivity and of course some much needed pampering.

About 15 of Javita’s Diamonds earned their way to Paradise Island, Bahamas where they and their guests enjoyed a 5 day/ 4 night stay at the world-renowned The Cove, Atlantis resort.

Our Diamonds left the outside world and their worries behind to enjoy what many say was an unforgettable experience. For our newest Diamonds, this was a ‘dream vacation’, one that they and their family haven’t been able to make possible until Javita.

From the moment they arrived, Javita’s Diamonds discovered the true spirit of Bahamian hospitality; greeted by bright and friendly smiles, which was quickly followed by unique Bahamian accents welcoming them to the friendly island of the Bahamas.

The Cove Atlantis is unlike any other resort. Exclusive, elegant and elite — fitting for a Javita Diamond. Guests indulged in the extravagance of the resort; whether it was dining at a fancy restaurant, dancing the night away or just simply relaxing in one of the 20 swimming areas the resort offers. Choices were as limitless as their imagination and everyone’s needs were met on this trip.

Members strolled across the powdery sand and dipped into the clear turquoise waters, which are rated as some of the best beaches in the world. Several of Javita’s Diamonds dedicated a day to be soothed and treated in the luxurious award winning Mandara Spa — because after all their hard work, it was only right! Those who were feeling adventurous explored what the island had to offer. Some delved into the culture and visited a local market, looking at the bright and beautiful arts & crafts that the locals had handmade.
Also among the itinerary, guests were treated to a swim with the dolphins at Dolphin Cay, a popular request that is quickly being adapted as a Javita tradition on the Diamond Trip.

Javita’s Diamonds not only enjoyed a vacation with their family, but created friends and memories that will last them a lifetime.

But don’t take our word for it….<here’s a glimpse>

Here’s what some of our Diamonds had to say:

“This Diamond Trip in the Bahamas was much more than I could have imagined. Stan Cherelstein and Javita are a class act! It was PERFECT!” — David F., CA

“Our 2015 Diamond Incentive Trip in the beautiful Bahamas was such a celebration together. Five days of being spoiled with our families, creating bonds that will last a lifetime! Lavish dinners, the spa, snorkeling, swimming with Dolphins and the gift of time..Thank You Javita for the memories!” — Bill and Dawn B., FL

“This is my second year enjoying Atlantis in the Bahamas because of the generosity of Javita. This time I was able to bring my family with me. I never even dreamt of this place before because we could not afford such a luxurious vacation. And now, not only did we gain new memories, we also developed new friendships that are priceless!” — Carla V., FL

The Diamond Trip is the ultimate reward to qualify for, so make sure you earn your invitation for the Diamond Incentive Trip 2016!

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