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STAR MONTH is here!

Are you on your way to STAR, but haven’t reached it yet? Well, now’s your time!

Ready… Set…  GO!

Whether you’re brand new, shooting for STAR7 or still within 90 days of your join date, don’t miss out on STAR Month — your chance to receive an additional $100 bonus — this month only!

Become a STAR this month — February 2017 — and you’ll qualify for an extra $100!

Here’s how it works:

If you’re within your 90-day window to become a STAR and you meet the criteria for STAR qualification THIS MONTH, you’ll earn the STAR Month $100 bonus!

The STAR Month bonus, when combined with any First Order Bonuses, the earned STAR Bonus and even the STAR7 bonus, can help you earn immediate income!

Examples: (Based on January Commission payout).

New Member Join date: February 2017 and enrolls three at $499 (6 pts) this week:

First Order Bonus      $300
STAR Bonus                $60
STAR7 Bonus              $100
STAR Week Bonus     $100
Total Earned:          $560

Join date: December 1, 2016 and enrolled two (4 pts) in 2016 and one (2 pts) during STAR MONTH:

First Order Bonuses  $100
STAR Bonus               $60
Star Week Bonus       $100
Total Earned:         $260

Remember, when you become a STAR, you set the example for your team to follow. Take advantage of this opportunity to become a STAR THIS MONTH and earn some EXTRA CASH!!!

Click here to download the STAR MONTH flyer.

Click here to download the STAR MONTH flyer (in Spanish).

Reward Yourself — Spring Incentive 2017

Sunny South Florida is awaiting your arrival!

Twenty-five (25) qualifying Members will enjoy a 4-day/ 3-night weekend excursion courtesy of Javita.

The Spring Incentive Trip 2017 is open to all North American Members. Members can qualify by earning points from January 1 – April 30, 2017.



Earn a minimum of 20 points by enrolling new Members and Preferred Customers for your chance to qualify.

Qualifying Points (New Members)

Join Packs $99 $299 $499 $999
Points 2 3 4 5

Qualifying Points (New Preferred Customers)

First Order 2 Boxes 4 Boxes
Points 1 2

Click here to download the flyer!

Click here to download the Spring Incentive Trip official rules & guidelines.

Rank & Reward – Fall 2016 Incentive

Earn even more with our Rank & Reward Fall 2016 Incentive!

Rank & Reward — Fall 2016 Incentive rewards new Members for attaining new ranks during the incentive period — September 1 – December 31, 2016. When the new Member achieves one of the qualifying ranks during the incentive period, the new Member and their enroller will share a rank advancement bonus

You can earn $2,000 to as much as $30,000! Don’t miss out on the chance to earn even MORE!

Click here to find out more details and to download the 2016 Rank & Reward flyer!

Maximize Your Prospecting with “Buy One, Get One Free” Brochure Offer

It’s never been easier or more affordable to get the word out about Javita’s life-changing products or lucrative business opportunity.

Beautiful design, professionally written and produced brochures are now BUY 1, get 1 FREE! Log into your Javita Back Office and place your order now!

Take your prospecting efforts to the next level; get everyone on your team exposing Javita : 2-A-Day!

That’s 50 brochures for $5 (10 cents a piece)!

Successful network marketers will tell you, the key to long-term success in this business is tools.


>> Tools work at with you. This leverage helps your business grow without you

>> Tools work at a distance. Start local … begins to grow global

>> Tools work in depth. Leveraging the same message 15, 20, 50 levels deep!

>> Tools work for anyone. Be the messenger, not the message

Sharing, inviting and partying with Javita just got easier and more exciting!!

Fantastic 5 Earners Revealed

More than 300 Members have earned a share of $50,000 in our Fantastic 5 Promotion.

To kick off the celebration of Javita’s 5-Year anniversary, Members were given the opportunity to participate in the Fantastic-5 Promotion, which included 5 games that Members could play in order to earn a share of 50,000!



Here are the winners: (Click each link below for a complete list of names.)

Top 5 Highest Earners

  1. Wendee Wilson
  2. Chris & Sophia Mantzaris
  3. Helen Sarcon
  4. La Nett Kuhn
  5. Joselito Uson

Personally Enroll 5 New Members

Create New Personally Enrolled Stars

Personally Enroll 5 Or More New Preferred Customers

Host 5 Parties

Attend Convention For Free

Sesha Zinn

Congratulations to all of our Fantastic 5 Earners!


“Perfect 10” in July with our Double First Order Bonus Incentive

We’re giving our Members another chance to be a ‘Perfect 10’ with our Double First Order Bonus Incentive!

Didn’t’ make it in June? No worries! July is your month!

Javita will double all of the First Order Bonuses you earn in July (up to $100 bonus per order*) if you personally enroll 10 or more new Members.

Remember, your new Members can join with any combination of our join packs to qualify.

This is a global bonus for all Members in all markets, therefore anyone personally enrolled in any market will count towards your 10.


—                        FOB                 Incentive                  Total

1 at $99                 $20                        $20                        $40
4 at $299              $240                      $240                     $480
4 at $499              $400                      $400                     $800
1 at $999              $250                       $100*                    $350
Total                   $910                      $760                    $1,670

Here’s your chance to be a “Perfect 10”!

Rules & Guidelines

  • You must be in good standing with the Company.
  • You must agree to Javita’s Policies and Procedures, the Code of Ethics, and any breach of those terms or abuse of this promotion can result in termination of your rights to participate.
  • Javita reserves the right to modify the rules of this promotion at any time.
  • All payouts will be paid with the monthly August commissions.
  • *First Order Bonus match on any $999 Platinum Packs enrolled are $100.
  • Should any orders be returned after month-end the entire bonus will be reclaimed.

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