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STAR Builder 60 Bonus

Exciting news Javita Members…

The STAR Builder Bonus has been enhanced, and is now the STAR Builder 60 Bonus!

All Members who qualify for the STAR Builder 60 Bonus will receive a $1,000 bonus!

To achieve STAR Builder 60, Members must achieve the following within their first 60 days:

– Achieve STAR
– Build 3 personal STARs
– Generate 5,200 OV

We have enhanced the iPad program and replaced the iPad prize with a $1,000 bonus.

For more details see the Roadmap for Success located in your BackOffice.

Fall Promotions 2017

Javita wants to add some excitement to help you grow your business, and with so many great promotions, we hope you take part!

How much you earn is totally up to you!

Incentive Period: September 1 – December 31, 2017

Rank & Reward: Member must achieve one of the qualifying ranks during the incentive period, and then hold the rank the following month.

Double Leadership Development Bonus: Bonus is DOUBLED when a Member achieves Supervisor or higher during the qualification period.

Top Enrollers’ Bonus: Paid monthly on the total commissionable volume of your personally enrolled new Members’ and Customers’ first order. Top 3 overall enrolls for the four-month incentive period will receive $1,000 at the SSS in January.

Click here to download the complete promotion details and rules & guidelines.

Double your First Order Bonus with DoubleDays

Today, June 5, through Sunday, June 11, the First Order Bonus on all new Members joining with a $299 or $499 join pack will be DOUBLED!

This is a limited time offer, so don’t wait! Take advantage of this great incentive to put some extra cash in your pocket!





Double your First Order Bonus with DoubleDays this week!

Rules & Guidelines:

• Open to all active Members enrolling new Members in North America.
• All qualifying join packs must be paid by funds from the new Member.
• Bonus will be paid with the normal weekly First Order Bonus payment.
• Any product returns will result in a clawback of the bonus.


Duplica tu Bono de Primera Orden con DobleDía!

Hoy, Junio 5 y hasta el Domingo, Junio 11, el Bono de Primera Orden de todos los nuevos Miembros inscribiéndose con paquete de $299 o $499 será DUPLICADO!

Esta es una oferta de tiempo limitado, así es que no espere y aproveche este gran incentivo de ganar un dinero extra!



Duplica tu Bono de Primera Orden esta semana con DobleDia!


• Abierta a todos los Miembros activos inscribiendo nuevos Miembros en Norte America.
• Todos los Paquetes Calificados de inscripción deberán ser pagados con fondos provenientes del nuevo Miembro.
• Los Bonos sedan pagados como parte del ciclo normal semanal de pago de Bonos de Primera Orden.
• Cualquier retorno de producto generará un reverso del pago del Bono.


Javita Announces BOGO Sale


Give your weight loss / fitness efforts a lift without breaking the bank with this limited-time buy one, get one FREE (BOGO) offer.

Delicious, all natural fruit fusions that work with your diet, not against it.

Get two boxes (48 sticks) for just $30. That’s less than a buck a cup!

Choose from one of these BOGO offers, or treat yourself to all three. Everyone LOVES ActiveBlendz fruit fusions.

26206686 - running people. runners jogging in summer on road as part of healthy active lifestyle. joggers training for marathon run. fit male and female athletes in their 20s. asian woman, caucasian man.

  • ActiveBlendz Rush Energy Drink, Buy One Get One FREE!!
    Features green coffee beans and green tea. Perfect for energizing your workout or fitness routine.*
  • ActiveBlendz Control Fruit Drink, Buy One Get One FREE!!
    Features garcinia cambogia and gymnema sylvestre. Ideal for staying cool and keeping your appetite and portions in check. *
  • ActiveBlendz Fiber+ Fruit Drink, Buy One Get One FREE!!
    Features 5 grams of fiber and 750 mg of plant sterols. Helps fill you up, keep you satisfied AND optimize your health every day.*

Place your order now!


  • Offer is valid from 11:59 PM EST Thursday (May 25th) through 11:59 PM EST Friday (May 26th).
  • These specials cannot be placed on AutoShip.
  • Free shipping does not apply to these promotional offerings.
  • These offerings are available to EXISTING Members and Customers only.

Javita Reveals THREE Exciting May Promotions

If Saturday’s Dollar Coffee Company Program announcement wasn’t enough to have you leaping into action, these exciting May promotions are sure to catapult you into momentum.

Not one, not two, but three additional income-earning opportunities to run after in the month of May.

Here’s a quick preview:

    This bonus rewards new Members for attaining new ranks. When the new Member achieves one of the qualifying ranks (during May 1 through August 31) and holds the rank for one consecutive month, the new Members earns a Rank Advancement Bonus of up to $20,000.
    If you achieve Supervisor or higher in the month of May, we’re going to DOUBLE your bonus.
    Be one of Javita’s Top Enrollers in May and earn a special bonus of up to $2,000.

For details of these exciting promotions—including monies earned, bonus examples and rules and guidelines, download the May Promotions Flyer(You can also download from your Back Office, under the ‘Tools’ tab in the ‘Document Library’.)

Be sure to share these promotions with your team, have printed copies at your parties and tasting, AND communicate to your prospects to understand the urgency to act now!

Build and Earn With April Promotions

Here at Javita, we’re always thinking of new and exciting ways for our Members to earn even more. And, with the new enhancements to the Compensation Plan, we thought we’d get the ball rolling with two exciting promotions this month!

Become a STAR in April

Never a STAR? Here’s your chance – all month long we’re giving ALL our Members who have never been a STAR the chance to get to STAR!

Don’t Miss Out on the STAR in April Promotion!

The foundation of the Javita business is to become a STAR! STAR sets you up for so many great incentives, including bonuses and special recognition. For every Member who is not a STAR, we are giving you the opportunity to become a STAR by enrolling three(+) Members OR enrolling nine (+) customers in the month of April.

There are two ways to become a STAR:

Option 1: 1. Purchase a STAR Pack and generate a minimum of 400 in Personal Volume from your personal product purchase and sales to your personal customers. 2. Personally enroll a minimum of three new Members each with a STAR PACK and place them in three separate legs. 3. Generate a total of 1,600 in OV from your personal product purchases and the first order of your personally enrolled new Members.

Option 2: 1. Purchase a STAR Pack. 2. Personally enroll nine (9) or more new Preferred Customers. 3. Generate a total of 800 or more in volume from your personal product purchases and their first order of your personally enrolled new Preferred Customers. (Order must be flagged for Autoship).

Here’s how it works:

If you joined Javita prior to April 1, 2017 and missed your 30-day window to become a STAR, you now have another opportunity to become a STAR. Any Member who has joined this month (as of April 1), will have their regular 30-day period.

Example 1– Join date December 2016 or prior: you have the month of April to become STAR using one of the two options above.

Example 2 – Join date January, 2017: your clock previously ran from January 5 – April 5 to qualify for STAR. If you do not make it, you have the entire month of April to become STAR using one of the two options. If you brought in one Member on February 15, and one Member on March 15, those enrollments count toward your three in April.

Example 3 – Join date April 2, 2017: regular 30-day STAR period.

Remember, STAR is the foundation for success in Javita. When you become a STAR, you set the example for your team to follow. Take advantage of this renewed opportunity to become a STAR with Javita.

Find out more about the enhanced STAR Bonus in the Compensation Plan.

Click here to download the April Promotions flyer.

DOUBLE Your Leadership Development Bonus in April

If you achieve Supervisor or higher in the month of April we’re going to DOUBLE your bonus!

With the NEW Leadership Development Bonus, we are rewarding Supervisors and above for helping their personally enrolled Members advance in rank, and this month — April — we are DOUBLING the Leadership Development Bonus!

Supervisor $250 $500 Consultant
Manager $500 $1,000 Senior Consultant
Director $1,000 $2,000 Supervisor
Diamond $2,000 $4,000 Manager

The bonus is based on your paid-as-rank at the end of April. If you do not meet the leg requirements at your rank, you can earn the bonus by meeting the leg requirements for a lower rank.

Find out more about the Leadership Development Bonus in the Compensation Plan.

Click here to download the April Promotions flyer.

Rules & Guidelines:

  • Promotion valid Saturday, April 1 – Sunday, April 30.
  • Bonus will be paid in the normal monthly commission cycle (May).
  • Any product returns will result in clawback of the bonus.

With our recent Compensation Plan enhancements, we want to give everyone the chance to earn even more! With these April promotions you are on your way to building a successful business.

Please refer to the Compensation Plan for complete details about these enhancements.

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