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‘Tis The Season For a Javita Party

It’s giving season and we want you to celebrate the holidays with FREE Javita product!

The holiday season is almost here and we’re celebrating early! Now through November 30 if you host a Home Party and enroll new Members we will give you two free boxes of Javita product!



Follow these three simple steps:

  1. Schedule your Home Party/BOM at your house
  2. Post it on the Javita Events page
  3. Send in the names of TWO (2) NEW Members that joined from the party


Let us reward you for your home parties!

More Parties! More Giving! More Javita!

 Fine Print:

*Promotion is valid from November 1 – November 30, 2014.
*New Members from your party must join with 24 hours of the scheduled party.
*To be eligible, you must submit the two new Members names and Member numbers to
* Upon verification of the newly enrolled Members, Javita will send you TWO (2) boxes of the product of your choice
*Winner of free product must be a published HOST of the party.
* Hotel meetings do not qualify.
*This promotion is open to Members in the US & Canada ONLY.


BREAKING NEWS: FocusFusion Cocoa is Here

FFC 3d r1

THE WAIT IS OVER!! FocusFusion Cocoa is just a mouse-click away, and we believe that’s cause for celebration.

Where else can you find brain-boosting herbs wrapped in creamy chocolate cocoa that can help you focus your attention and concentration, while being safe and so enticingly flavored that your child will want a cup?

For years, we’ve been hearing about chocolate’s ‘feel good’ and ‘heart healthy’ attributes. However, emerging research suggests that chocolate may also be good for your brain. Drinking hot chocolate appears especially helpful for those with impaired blood flow to the brain—experiencing a 30% bump in memory and thinking abilities, along with an 8.3% improvement in blood flow to the working areas of the brain

Fat free, gluten free and Kosher, we’ve combined the best of antioxidant-rich, premium European chocolate into an all-natural cocoa that’s as good to your taste buds as it is to your brain.*

We start with the finest cocoa beans Europe has to offer—hand picked and slow roasted in their shells to preserve their delicate flavors, aromas and subtleties. With the roasting complete, the shells are removed and the kernels are finely ground and paired with all natural flavorants and sweeteners to complement the decadence of the one-of-a-kind European chocolate.

And the health benefits are just as wonderful as the flavor….

  • Improved focus*
  • Increased attention*
  • Increased memory and concentration*
  • Reduced stress and anxiety*
  • Balanced mood*

Here’s a few tools to help your efforts to get familiar with AND spread the word about this fabulous new product…

And if you want more science, you need only click here.

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Million Dollar Madness: Fall 2014 Incentive

For the next 12 months, Javita is paying our Members $1 million in incentives, bonuses, trips and more, and it all starts with our Fall 2014 Incentive.

The Fall 2014 incentive rewards newly enrolled Members who achieve ranks during August 1November 30. When the new Member achieves one of the qualifying ranks AND holds it the following month, the new Member and enroller will share in a bonus.

The bonuses are not cumulative and only one can be earned per new Member. However, you can earn the bonus on every new Member you personally enroll.

The following are the qualifying ranks and bonuses:       

      Supervisor  $5,000
      Manager     $10,000
irector       $25,000
      Diamond     $50,000

Winners must attend one of our Regional Success Trainings to receive their bonus. Begin enrolling new Members now and help lead them to higher ranks. It’s up to you to decide your destiny and help others achieve success. This is an opportunity like no other and we want you to be a part of it!

Click here to view our Million Dollar Madness flyer.

Million Dollar Madness Official Rules and Guidelines:

  • All North American Members who reside in the US & Canada are eligible to participate.
  • Qualifications based on rank achievement for new Members who join between Aug. 1– Nov. 30, 2014.
  • The bonus is shared equally between the enroller and new Member. (e.g. If enroller gets a new Member to Supervisor each will receive $2,500)
  • The bonus amounts are not cumulative — a new Manager does not earn both the Supervisor and Manager bonus.
  • The qualifying rank of the new Member must be attained and held at a second consecutive month.
  • If a new Member achieves their new rank in November, they can use December as a second qualifying month.
  • Existing Members or volume cannot be moved under a new Member to help them qualify. Rank qualification is based on new Members and new volume.
  • Members may personally enroll multiple new Members and share in the bonus on each new Member.
  • Winners must attend either the East Coast or West Coast Regional Success Training in January 2015 to receive their bonus.

Love is in the Air (Limited-Time Offer)

You’ve read the testimonials,  seen the pixs (i.e., before and afters) and watched the videos—now it’s your turn to show Javita some love by sharing the story of how Javita has changed your life (through our products, through the business opportunity, through your social interaction with others, etc.)

And how’s this for timing, with Valentine’s Day right around the corner we’re pairing this “Javita Lovefeast” with an offer for FREE product (read on for details)

So here’s how it works, you have until midnight tonight to email your “Javita Love Story” to Offer is valid for Members and Customer; US and Canada only please.

We will pick the top 5 stories, notifying each winner personally and affording them their choice of a FREE box of product, 25-pk of brochures or a ceramic Javita-branded coffee mug. Click here to see a pix.

What do you think? Yet another fabulous reason to share your love of Javita.

Ok folks, let the lovefeast begin…

PS>> Testimonial must be one that we have not yet showcased.

New Websites & Getting Started Training NOW AVAILABLE!!


We have just completed the “Getting Started Training” video and the accompanying webpages/websites.

The video, websites and materials that accompany them, are designed to help a new person get started correctly by giving them the basics of the Prepare, Share, Party system (as outlined in our “Roadmap to Success”).

What can you expect from this new video and tools? We’re glad you asked!

  • “Getting Started Training”   <<-Video)
    This is a 20-minute training video on the 3-step system. It outlines all of the tasks that a new person should do to start a Javita business – from making their list and going public to sharing tools and inviting to their party to the party itself.
  •   <<-Website)
    This is the website that has Javita’s “Getting Started Training” video. And, not only can the video be viewed here, but the content of the video and “Roadmap” are also on this site in an easy-to-read, fun format – including access to all of the important forms and links to the tools.
  •   <<-Website)
    This site has the very basics of how to host a Javita Coffee (Java) Party. It contains the party flyer with how-to steps, Member Application and Preferred Customer Order Forms and links to Javita’s music for the party.
  •   <<-Website)
    As is stated in the video, there are people who are interested in learning about Javita but may be out of town and can’t get to a party or may be in another city. We created the “Overview” site for this. It contains all of the movies that are on the DVD that a prospect you may have in another location and can’t get to a party can watch and learn about Javita.

We are thrilled to be bringing these exciting new tools to you and your organizations, and encourage you to share them with your team.

Cancun Winners Revealed!!

35 mm film strip (for post)


It’s one thing to shoot for the STARs; it’s something entirely different to land on the moon. And thanks to some very hard work and commitment, more than 50 Members and their guests will have the opportunity to explore every nook and cranny of the moon (the Moon Palace Golf & Spa Resort) compliments of Javita, having qualified for all or part of the upcoming 5-day, 4-night getaway in Cancun Mexico May 7-11, 2014. 


* Andrea G. (Bakersfield, CA) * Andy & Joy G. (Benicia, CA)
* Ben N. (Boynton Beach, FL) * Bianca B. (Fresno, CA)
* Buzz & Jennifer B. (Henderson, NV) * Carla V. (Arcadia, CA)
* Cathy V. (Clovis, CA) * Cheryl R. (Amarillo, TX)
* Claire R. (Las Vegas, NV) * Cynthia B. (Atwater, CA)
* Dan V. (Burbank, CA) * David F. (Richmond, CA)
* Deana T. (Olympia, WA) * Dinhchi N. (Bakersfield, CA)
* Dona S. (Boca Raton, FL) * Donna Y. (Fresno, CA)
* Dyan B. (Jupiter, FL) * Edelaine T. (Winnipeg, MB)
* Edser P. (Stevenson Ranch, CA) * Elaine & Noel D. (Rancho Cucamonga, CA)
* Ephraim N. (Brooklyn, NY) * Jacqueline B. (Wayland, NY)
* Jason F. (West Palm Beach, FL) * Jeannie F. (Santa Rose, CA)
* Jill P. (Bakersfield, CA) * John H. (Fargo, ND)
* Joseph A. (Long Branch, NJ) * Julie S. (St. Paul, AB)
* Karen H. (Fresno, CA) * Katie S. (Parrish, FL)
* Ken & April G. (Fair Oaks, CA) * Kim M. (Aptos, CA)
* Kristin R. (Clovis, CA) * Lori D. (Santa Rose, CA)
* Lori G. (Henderson, NV) * Louie & Kelli B. (Roy, WA)
* Lydia H. (Hagerstown, MD) * Mary Ann Y. (Valencia, CA)
* Melanie S. (Sarasota, FL) * Melissa A. (Livingston, CA)
* Michael B. (West Palm Beach, FL) * Michelle C. (Bakersfield, CA)
* Nida C. (Winnipeg, MB) * Peter & Joyce T. (Buellton, CA)
* Raymond & Susan T. (Salinas, CA) * Rhonda S. (Battleford, SK)
* Rob & Rebecca B. (Napa, CA) * Romichelle D. (Buena Park, CA)
* Sally F. (East Bridgewater, MA) * Sonia M. (Atwater, CA)
* Stephanie B. (Bradenton, FL) * Stephanie-Andree G. (Cantley, QC)
* Susan & Angel F. (Clovis, CA) * Val F. (Williams Lake, BC)
* Wanda L. (Dover, DE) * Yeshaya K. (Lakewood, NJ)


So what awaits these lucky prize earners in this tropical paradise: nearly 2,000 feet of silky white beach; luxurious ocean-view accommodations; out-of-this-world excursions (riding the wave on the exclusive Flowrider, swimming with dolphin, scuba diving, or a couple rounds of golf at one of the only two Jack Nicklaus Signature golf courses in Cancun), seven pools, six tennis courts, two basketball courts, two fitness centers, miniature golf, 14 buffet and a la carte restaurants, a wide variety of bars including swim up bars, Noir night club, and much, much more!

Congratulations again to our winners. We’ll see you at the Moon!!

CANCUN moon filmstrip

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