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Thank You for Saving My Health, Money & Time

“Javita’s Energy + Mind is sooo amazing!!! Let me tell you. I have a cleaning company, so I’m constantly on my feet. Moving around and cleaning all day, Monday through Friday.

I always felt so exhausted. I would spend so much money on coffee at 7/11 and energy drinks. At some point, I would take fat burners just to keep myself awake, fully functional and get through the day!!

NOWWWW, I not only get to have my amazingly tasty morning coffee, but I feel so refreshed and focused. I can feel my body having so much energy. And not only that, I SAVE soooo much moneyyyyyyyy it’s CRAZY!! I had my coffee this morning, and after this long day i feel like i have enough strength to still go to my gym and do my daily routine without slacking.

Thank you Javita for saving my money, health and time. I feel like I’m alive and not a zombie anymore!!” ~Kamila F.

FocusFusion Cocoa is Leaving Parents & Teachers SPEECHLESS!

EVERY DAY and in EVERY CORNER of the globe people are discovering the healing / transformative powers of Javita.

Check out this note from a very happy and grateful mother regarding her son Clay’s results with FocusFusion Cocoa…

“This is our son Clay. He has had trouble focusing since grade school. He was put in Special Needs / Support Classes in middle school and his 1st year in high school to help him with English, math and science.

Last April, Clay began drinking 1 cup of FocusFusion Cocoa each morning before school. We started noticing a difference in the way he spoke and the way he carried himself.

As the months, rolled by he was less stressed out about homework, tests and school.

Well, today we met with Clay’s teachers and counselor, and they told us what a pleasure Clay is and they feel he not only DOES NOT NEED Special Needs/Support Classes any longer, but they feel he is ready to bypass regular classes and be put into Advanced Placement Classes which will enable him to get College Credits starting next year.

Dean and I are in tears!! Clay is beaming from ear to ear with the biggest Kool Aid smile, and all we can say is Wow!

Thank you Javita for helping our son get focused and on the right track.

Congrats to our amazing son Clay who fought and worked so hard to get those grades up and prove to his teachers that he was able to handle non-support classes.” ~Jenna Marie S.

#bestdayever #proudparent#omg!!!

FocusFusion Product Call (Audio Recording)

Discover why FocusFusion Cocoa is the most delicious, healthiest, most brain supportive cup of cocoa you’ll ever drink. Finally a chocolate drink that kids and parents can agree on. Join us as experts Monica Johnson and Dr. Chi Nguyen help us make sense of the science and medical studies surrounding this incredible, one-of-a-kind formula.

<<Click here to listen to this incredibly informative call on life changing FocusFusion Cocoa.>>

Energy + Mind Herb Bacopa Monnieri Considered Future Candidate for Chronic Pain Management

Coffee can help ease chronic pain? 

It can if it’s infused with Ayurvedic herb Bacopa Monnieri.

Check out this recent abstract from Current Medical Chemistry:

Chronic pain management costs billions of dollars in medical exchequer to the world population. Additionally, 77% of people with chronic pains also have a degree of medically treatable depression. Bacopa monnieri, a renowned ayurvedic medicine has a strong antidepressant effect and significant anti-nociceptive effect, which is comparable to the effect of morphine via adenosinergic, opioidergic, and adrenergic mechanisms. BM has been also reported to be effective in neuropathic pains. Additionally, it has a strong anti-inflammatory effect mediated via COX-2 inhibitory mechanism.

Apart from its effect of augmenting morphine analgesia, BM also inhibits opioid-withdrawal induced hyperalgesia, and acquisition and expression of morphine tolerance. BM is reported to have a strong protective effect against toxic effects of opiates on major organs like brain, kidneys and heart. BM is well documented to be safe and well tolerated herbal therapy in multiple clinical trials including various age groups. This mini review evaluated the preclinical data that highlights potential of BM as a future candidate for clinical management of chronic pains.

Energy + Mind White Paper

Ayurveda is a system of Hindu traditional medicine native to the Indian subcontinent that dates back over 3000 years. The origins of Ayurveda describe magical cures for disease, most including the use of herbal medicines, minerals or metal supplementation, surgical techniques, opium, and applications of oil by massages.

Although considered magical or mystical at one time, many of these therapies have been intensively studied by modern science and observed to have specific mechanisms of action in the body, confirming their benefits.

Two of these herbal remedies are among the most widely known in Ayurveda, and thus have the most scientific research behind them. They are Bacopa monnieri and Centella asiatica, also referred to as Gotu Kola. It was for these widely known and well-researched benefits that Javita utilized such powerful herbs when formulating Energy + Mind Coffee, a product designed to support brain function while improving mental energy and focus.

This white paper will walk through the history of use of these plants which lead scientists in pursuit of validation using modern research techniques. This paper will present and evaluate available research, from cellular to animal models and finally human clinical trials. A detailed description of the mechanisms by which these herbs work in the body will be discussed along with the outcomes of clinical trial. Safety will also be reviewed along with dosing recommendations for the benefits described for Energy + Mind Coffee. Any adverse events noted in clinical trials or potential negative outcomes from supplementation with these herbs will also be addressed.

Click here to review and download the Energy + Mind White Paper in its entirety.

Burn + Control White Paper

Obesity and overweight are growing epidemics for much of the civilized world, leading to chronic diseases commonly associated with this health condition, such as cardiovascular issues, high blood pressure, diabetes, stroke, and potentially cancer. Preventing or reversing this debilitating condition has been the focus among complementary and alternative medicines, particularly within the nutraceutical and functional food industries. Many herbal products make claims toward weight loss and weight management, yet scientific research is scanty for these products at best. Researching and reviewing available scientific evidence prior to formulating novel products is ideal to insure the safety and efficacy of natural products.

When formulating Burn + Control Coffee, Javita International made extensive use of available research to confirm their own findings that Burn + Control Coffee is not only safe at the recommended dosages, but that it is highly effective for supporting the body in healthy weight management. It targets multiple functions in the weight management system of the body, including but not limited to increased energy, appetite suppression, and a reduction in fat cell formation. In addition to the functionality of this product for weight management, anecdotal evidence from consumers affirms that due to the taste and ease of use of the product, compliance is relatively easy, and thus the results may be enhanced over supplement-type weight loss products.

This white paper will focus on the scientific evidence used to support the formulation and use of Burn + Control Coffee as a weight management product. It will include descriptions and conclusions from various in vitro and in vivo trials showing efficacy and safety of the proprietary ingredients. This paper is meant to assist in the empowerment of the educated consumer, to determine the best weight management product for their needs.

Click here to review and download the Burn + Control White Paper in its entirety.

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