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5 Javita Videos You Must Share

Sharing tools and knowing which tools to share at the right time makes all the difference when securing a prospect. Tools help tell the story – the same story over and over again – about Javita and its products. Javita’s videos are an engaging and interactive part of your share process to introduce Javita to others.

Javita videos, like brochures, personal websites and magazines, are just as valuable as some of our other tools and are a great way to kick off the introduction of our products and business.


Here are the top 5 videos you should be exposing to your prospects:

Dollar Coffee Club (animated) video:

The illustrated “Billy the goat” Dollar Coffee Club video is a great first exposure of the company
for anyone you may come across.

The Dollar Coffee Club video introduces someone new to what the Dollar Coffee Club is. No longer
should coffee lovers over pay for their morning cup,  instead by choosing Javita coffee – they can
enjoy healthy premium coffee for only $1 a cup!



Burn + Control video:

Burn + Control coffee is Javita’s #1 product!

Members and Customers alike love the taste, but most importantly love the results they’re experiencing by drinking it.

The Burn + Control video goes in depth about this product, highlighting the science – ingredients and herbs
– and the effects each have on the body. This impactful 3-minute video also showcases testimonials from people
who are experiencing real results by incorporating Burn + Control coffee into their everyday routine.




Opportunity Sizzle video:

Don’t let the opportunity pass you by!

The Opportunity Sizzle video is great for someone who is looking for a new and rewarding opportunity,
whether it be income, time freedom or incentives & rewards!

This 1:30 minute video highlights Javita Members as they talk about the success they are experiencing
just by owning their own DCC business.




Product Sizzle video:

Let your prospects know that it’s time to, ‘Rethink Your Drink’!

With more than 150 million sticks (and counting) sold worldwide, Javita’s one-of-a-kind formulas are changing lives every day!

The Product Sizzle video is quick, fast-hitting, informative and factual. This video explores the amazing benefits Javita’s products offer.




Before & After Results:

The Before & After Results video showcases the before and after pictures of people who are using Javita products.
This video is so impactful the pictures speak for themselves.




Bonus video:

Now that you have secured your prospects to attend your party, here’s the perfect video to play.

What is the Dollar Coffee Club?

The “What is the Dollar Coffee Club?” video, which features Javita’s CEO Stan Cherelstein, is the perfect video to play
when hosting your next party. This video gives prospects the information they need to know about the company,
the power of owning your very own Dollar Coffee Club and what it can do for your life.



These videos can be viewed and shared by going to or on the Javita App (available on iOS and Android).

Remember, every successful business is built by using the power of tools.


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