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ActiveBlendz Flex White Paper

Arthritis and joint pain are serious conditions that will affect at least half of the population by the age of 85 years. It may be in the form of osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, symptoms from obesity, gout, lupus, or even fibromyalgia. An estimated 52.5 million adults in the United States alone have been diagnosed as having one of these conditions, with an estimated 67 million expected to be diagnosed by 2030. This is in addition to those experiencing reduced motility, decreased flexibility, and joint pain upon normal and strenuous activities or exercise.

Arthritis, specifically, is a form of joint disorder characterized by inflammation of the joints. There are two main types of arthritis: osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. Osteoarthritis is a degenerative disorder that breaks down the joint cartilage and underlying bone. This can cause joint pain and stiffness, with symptoms occurring initially following exercise but becoming constant in the long term. Rheumatoid arthritis, on the other hand, is an autoimmune disease that carries with it detrimental side effects, such as pain, stiffness, and swelling in the joints. Severe damage may also result from this progressive disease. It afflicts more than 1.6 million Americans, with the vast majority being women.

Flex was designed to address both the symptoms and the main underlying cause of joint pain: inflammation. It was designed with an anti-inflammatory natural ingredient in order to address the primary cause of joint pain and swelling; however, it contains a second ingredient to reduce the joint pain itself while increasing motility and flexibility. This two-fold approach allows for more pronounced results for a variety of joint health concerns.

Formulation includes two main natural ingredients as part of a joint-support beverage:

  1. Boswellia serrata, providing boswellin/boswellic acids
    —Boswellic acids reduce inflammation that may be the source of joint pain and swelling
  2. Natural collagen concentrate, naturally derived undenatured type-II collagen
    —Prevents T-cell damage of joint cartilage
    —Reduces joint pain and improves joint mobility and flexibility

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Javita Releases ActiveBlendz Fiber+ White Paper

Cardiovascular disease means disease of the heart and circulatory system and is the primary cause of death in industrialized countries. Coronary heart disease is the most common and serious form of cardiovascular disease and refers to diseases of the heart muscle and supporting blood vessels. According to the Code of Federal Regulations, high blood total- and low density lipoprotein (LDL)- cholesterol levels are major modifiable risk factors in the development of coronary heart disease, with specific plant products able to modify this risk (1). In fact, it is estimated that a reduction of 1 mmol/l (38 mg/dl) of LDL cholesterol is associated with a 25% reduction in risk of developing a cardiovascular complication (2). As high cholesterol levels are often associated with overweight, losing weight is one way to lower this risk. Another is through proven dietary interventions, such as increasing fiber and plant sterol consumption. Both of these methods are accomplished through the daily use of ActiveBlendz Fiber+ drink mix.

By combining plant sterols with the soluble fiber in ActiveBlendz Fiber+, Javita has created a uniquely powerful product. These plant-derived compounds work together to reduce cholesterol levels: first, through the competitive inhibition of cholesterol by plant sterols, and second, by flushing the cholesterol out of the body using the fiber gel matrix. This one-two punch will help to lower the risk of coronary heart disease, leading to healthier heart and circulatory systems.

In addition to heart health, Fiber+ also plays a significant role in weight management. Through the inclusion of insoluble fibers, Fiber+ can decrease appetite by increasing glucagon-like peptide-1. Simultaneously, it bulks in the digestive system, creating weight and an overall feeling of fullness. Soluble fiber also plays a role in increasing satiety through its viscosity when combined with water in the body. By decreasing appetite and increasing a feeling of fullness, Fiber+ can help with calorie restriction during the day, effectively becoming part of a healthy weight management program.

This white paper will review the available scientific evidence to support the formulation and use of Fiber+ as both a heart health and weight management product. It will provide an overview of how the ingredients work both in vitro as well as in the body. For those wishing to pursue information further, a highly detailed review of the studies is also provided in this paper along with available citations for further reading. This paper is meant to assist in the education of consumers to determine the best heart health and weight management product for their needs.

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ActiveBlendz Control White Paper

It is unfortunate to see a rise in the statistics regarding the obesity epidemic. Billions of research dollars have been spent in this arena attempting to provide solutions to the growing weight problem throughout the civilized world. Although there is no one product that functions as a “cure-all” for this condition, there are several natural compounds that have shown great promise in recent medical and scientific literature. These findings were evaluated and utilized when formulating Control, an ActiveBlendz product by Javita.

As there are many compounding factors contributing to weight gain and inhibiting weight loss, multiple pathways were targeted when designing Control, including reducing appetite and cravings, burning more energy, and reducing inflammation oxidative stress. In addition, natural ingredients were included to assist in protecting against secondary ramification due to obesity, namely cardiovascular health, diabetes, memory, and blood pressure.

This white paper will review the available scientific evidence to support the formulation and use of Control as a weight management product. It will provide an overview of how the ingredients work both in vitro as well as in the body. For those wishing to pursue information further, a highly detailed review of the studies is also provided in this paper along with available citations for further reading. This paper is meant to assist in the education of consumers to determine the best weight management product for their needs.

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FocusFusion Cocoa White Paper

With so many stimulatory products on the market claiming to enhance mental energy and improve focus, it is difficult to find a product to benefit the mind that does not contain a stimulant. However, a number of individuals choose not to include stimulants, such as caffeine, in their diet, be it for health, religious, or age reasons. Therefore, Javita developed a product with proven efficacy for cognitive improvement, without the use of caffeine. Using key botanicals that have thousands of years of historical safe use, Javita developed FocusFusion Cocoa.

Researching Ayurveda, a system of Hindu traditional medicine native to the Indian subcontinent that dates back over 3000 years, modern scientists confirmed the benefits of two herbs for cognitive function and health. They are Bacopa monnieri and Centella asiatica, referred to as Gotu Kola. It was for these widely known and well-researched benefits that Javita utilized such powerful herbs when formulating FocusFusion Cocoa. This product was designed to support brain function while improving mental energy and focus. By formulating with a cocoa base, Javita was able to develop a caffeine-free beverage safe for children and adults who wish to enhance their cognitive performance.

This white paper will walk through the history of use of these plants which lead scientists in pursuit of validation using modern research techniques. This paper will present and evaluate available research, from cellular to animal models and finally human clinical trials. A detailed description of the mechanisms by which these herbs work in the body will be discussed along with the outcomes of clinical trial. Safety will also be reviewed along with dosing recommendations for the benefits described for FocusFusion Cocoa.

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As FocusFusion Cocoa and Energy + Mind coffee feature the same herbal blend and benefits, both are featured below:

My life has grown in ways that are indescribable!

I have struggled with ADHD my whole life

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Cocoa Offers Hope to this Brother and Sister Duo

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ActiveBlendz Rush White Paper

Energy metabolism is the general process by which living cells acquire and use the energy needed to stay alive, to grow, and to reproduce. As we age, we experience stress in many forms. This could be physical, emotional, mental, etc. Much of this stress diminishes our energy levels through oxidative damage that can weaken the cellular proficiencies in the body. To improve metabolic efficiencies that result in increased energy, Rush stimulates the central nervous system and helps to protect from this detrimental oxidative damage.

By formulating the beverage Rush, Javita met consumer demands for an effective energizing natural product that could provide an immediate feeling of energy but also help improve energy metabolism for long term positive benefits. RushTM accomplishes this through the combination of caffeine from green coffee beans and EGCG from green tea. Caffeine provides the initial stimulation to the circulatory system, resulting in improved performance and endurance for the immediate tasks at hand. EGCG, a powerful catechin from the leaves of green tea, works as an antioxidant, helping to regulate overall energy metabolism. This allows for existing energy reserves to be utilized more effectively. It also plays a beneficial role in protecting cells from future oxidative stressors that might be contributing to cellular fatigue.

This combination product is delivered in an easy to transport powdered drink mix that can be consumed anytime during the day when immediate energy is needed. Its energizing effects will be felt up to 6 hours after consumption due to the caffeine content, yet the internal cellular benefits from the EGCG will have more long term benefits for regulating energy metabolism.

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ActiveBlendz Defend White Paper

The immune system is defined by the National Institute of Health (NIH) as a network of cells, tissues, and organs that work together to protect the body from infection. It can do this by directly targeting and destroying foreign invaders (antigens) when they enter the body or by recognizing and remembering previous invaders to prevent future infections. This is done through a complex array of proteins and specific immune cells, the main ones being phagocytes, lymphocytes, NK cells, and cytokines. To stimulate the immune system, increasing the proliferation and activity of these cells is crucial. Defend was designed to do just that.

By combining a complex mixture of mushrooms with a blend of superfruits and vitamin C, Defend stimulates the immune system to increase the production and activity of these immune cells. It includes compounds that improve fatigue as well, helping the body improve energy levels to better fight off infections. Finally, it includes strong antioxidants such as vitamin C that help with the inflammatory immune response, reducing it through free radical scavenging.

Defend was designed to be an easy to consume, great tasting powdered beverage that could easily be mixed with water on the go to help support a healthy immune system. This formulation contains two key complexes. First is the renowned mushroom complex known as Immune Assist, comprised of six powerful mushrooms that support healthy immune balance. The second is a blend of powerful superfruits known to stimulate the immune system and also protect from inflammation through antioxidation, a key mechanism for fighting infection. Both complexes have been supplemented with vitamin C, a critical ingredient for maintaining optimal immunity.

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