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Thanks to FocusFusion, My Son is Thriving

My son Diego has high-functioning autism, ADHD and ODD. We started medicating him at age 5 (in kindergarten). Seven years later, he was having rages and couldn’t sleep. He wasn’t the only one. More often than I can count, I cried myself to sleep, hoping and praying that there was something out there that could help him.

I refused to give up hope, even when Diego’s therapist told me that he would likely end up in an institution because he was growing stronger and the rages could become a safety issue for the family. That is not something a mom likes to hear.

Thankfully, hope was right around the corner in the most unlikely of places… a cup of cocoa. I was introduced to Javita by a friend, and she didn’t know what we were going through. You see, I had lived a secluded life simply because of my son’s behavior. Not to mention, mental illness is very hard to understand and everyone has an opinion.

Diego had been on 40mg of Aderol and 20mg of depacot, and the doctor wanted to prescribe something else for high blood pressure so he could come down and sleep at night. This was not the life I wanted for my son.

Claudia showed me a box of FocusFusion cocoa and everything changed. I grabbed it immediately. I just had faith!

Diego started drinking the cocoa, and his change was immediate!!  We tested it on the weekends (skipping his servings of cocoa), and then Diego said I want to take it school and no more meds mom!!! I said ok, and today two years later we are completely medicine free.

Diego is no longer in special ed. He has a 3.28 GPA (in comparison to years of straight Fs when he was on meds) He has been awarded honor roll!

Then he started playing sports, something he could not focus on as a younger kid. We started with pop Warner football then Rugby. He was chosen to represent the US Rugby team, traveling to London, Portland, Utah and San Diego.

He is enrolled in a regular high school program, is the captain of the Freshman football team and starting running back / defensive tackle !!! He is amazing on the field, and at 6″1 215 lbs he is breaking records and racking up accomplishments.

We no longer talk about institutions, we talk about college, the NFL and his dreams / goals.  Thanks to FocusFusion, my son has an incredible future. We will be Javita drinkers for life, that I can guarantee!

Maegan is sleeping through the night, thinking clearly and medication FREE thanks to Javita!

Meet Maegan B. She is not your average 16-yr-old!

Maegan deals with learning disabilities Extreme anxiety and behavioral issues.

Maegan’s doctors tried multiple medications to help her, but the horrible side effects outweighed any improvement.

Finally, Maegan has been medication FREE for 2 yrs with the help of all-natural herbs in Javita.

Maegan drinks Javita green tea to help her sleep through the night and balance her mood. Javita cocoa helps her focus, concentrate and calm her.

Javita burn and control coffee helps with her extreme anxiety!

Recently, Maegan has hit milestones that before Doctors said wasn’t possible!!!

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FocusFusion Cocoa is Leaving Parents & Teachers SPEECHLESS!

EVERY DAY and in EVERY CORNER of the globe people are discovering the healing / transformative powers of Javita.

Check out this note from a very happy and grateful mother regarding her son Clay’s results with FocusFusion Cocoa…

“This is our son Clay. He has had trouble focusing since grade school. He was put in Special Needs / Support Classes in middle school and his 1st year in high school to help him with English, math and science.

Last April, Clay began drinking 1 cup of FocusFusion Cocoa each morning before school. We started noticing a difference in the way he spoke and the way he carried himself.

As the months, rolled by he was less stressed out about homework, tests and school.

Well, today we met with Clay’s teachers and counselor, and they told us what a pleasure Clay is and they feel he not only DOES NOT NEED Special Needs/Support Classes any longer, but they feel he is ready to bypass regular classes and be put into Advanced Placement Classes which will enable him to get College Credits starting next year.

Dean and I are in tears!! Clay is beaming from ear to ear with the biggest Kool Aid smile, and all we can say is Wow!

Thank you Javita for helping our son get focused and on the right track.

Congrats to our amazing son Clay who fought and worked so hard to get those grades up and prove to his teachers that he was able to handle non-support classes.” ~Jenna Marie S.

#bestdayever #proudparent#omg!!!

With Energy + Mind, I’m No Longer Miserable

I’m not especially eloquent when it comes to sharing my story or testimonial, but I wanted to share.

I’ve struggled with anxiety and depression for years. I couldn’t afford the cost of the medication, not the financial cost, what the meds did to me.

They took the edge off, sure, but they made me numb. They kept me from feeling joy as well as the pain.

Any stress added to a day could set off an episode that would leave me in tears for days. The only way I could get up daily was guilt that I wouldn’t be “pulling my own weight” with work and family. 

I started drinking Javita for burn + control, but I switched to energy + mind. It’s saved me.

I don’t spend days miserable. I can drink a cup of coffee and feel like I can get my life and circumstances into perspective. 

So grateful for Javita.
~Joanna L.

I want people to experience optimal health

“I have been an attorney for the last 19 years. With my career, my life was out of balance with too time spent in an office and not enough time hanging with my amazing family and pursuing my hobbies. The long hours I worked and the stress (deadlines, cases, and the aggressive nature of the practice) took a serious toll on my health. At one point, I was suffering from panic attacks and major depression. I was taking numerous prescription medications just to get through the day.
About two years ago, a friend shared a stick of Javita Energy + Mind Coffee with me. I got all of the energy I needed and was able to focus on the task at hand. Amazingly, I did not find myself reaching for my Xanax throughout the day so I call it my better-than-Xanax coffee. Thanks to Javita, I was able to taper off all of those meds. I have not felt physically and emotionally healthier since I was a kid.
I am now convinced that while Western medicine definitely has its place in the treatment of disease, there is almost always a better way. I am passionate about helping others to find natural solutions to health concerns. It is not enough to be free of disease – I want people to experience optimal health!
I am working toward retiring from my legal practice so that I can focus on my Javita business helping the most people possible, spend time with family and friends, and travel the world.” ~Christine Levin

Javita has changed our lives as a family

My diabetes and fatty liver along with high blood pressure and digestive issues were out of control. The coffee diet system along with the green tea has helped me so much, that I am FINALLY medicine free (from 14 medications a day to nothing). I have lost 55 pounds and dropped ten sizes !! I feel so good !!

My oldest son has knee issues from years of playing basketball. Since he started drinking  the flex since drinking it he he stopped complaining about knee pain.

My mom has lost a ton of inches, and the fiber has controlled her cholesterol so amazingly that she doesn’t need meds anymore!! Not to mention her thyroid issues are gone.

The biggest one to me as a mom that just makes me be thankful everyday is my son Diego. At the age of 5, he was diagnosed with severe ADHD and ODD. He is considered high functioning under the Autistic Spectrum. Every day was a struggle. I would cry myself to sleep because the side effects of the medication were just too much. The school would call me every week about something my son did!! He was expelled from the school district because of behavioral issues. His impulsivity was something no one could handle. But we were able to fight it and he was see admitted to school.

Well, he started drinking the cocoa and the change we saw was almost immediate. You see he was about to turn 12, and he had been taking meds since the age of 5! We then added the energy and mind coffee. Yes half stick of cocoa and a whole stick of coffee mixed with caramel machiatto creamer. He does need to take a second shake at school in the afternoon. What’s so mind blowing, is that a 12 yr old kid does not forget to make his coffee! You ask my son if he will take medication again. “Nope, I’m never taking medication. I love my coffee with my drink I feel like myself!!”

Fast forward a year of medicine free, and he has As, Bs and some Cs–much better than the straights Fs he used to have! The teachers’ comments are he is a pleasure to have in class; he is so helpful; he is so respectful. I have to take a double take to make sure they are talking about Diego.

My son plays football now and Rugby, goes to outings with friends, has gone camping with a group of youths. His life is so different. Our lives have definitely changed, one cup at a time.

And as a parent, well the results are priceless … Thank you Javita for giving us hope.” ~Sandra F.

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