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I’ll be taking Javita for the rest of my life

“My wife was sneaking in the green tea in my morning coffee for two weeks not realizing it was Javita.

Being Type 2 Diabetic, I was concerned about a 19 lbs weight loss.

Within 2 weeks, I told her we needed to look into life insurance.

She then realized that it was the weight loss coffee and green tea she had been putting into my morning cup of joe that was given to me by a friend that wanted to help me out with my and my wife’s health.

My blood sugars came down almost 100 pts and my blood pressure dripped to 115/72, which typically ran 131/83 with meds.

I was sold at that moment! I’ll be taking Javita products for the rest of my life! Thanks Javita!”

Man Drops 30 lbs, 3 sizes and 6 A1c Points Thanks to Lean + Green Tea!

“One of my biggest skeptics is finally all in.

He originally started 3 years ago and lost 13 pounds in 21 days.

He then switched to energy + mind coffee because he’s a truck driver and needed the focus and energy, plus he’s self diagnosed ADD.

Fast forward to late June 2016, when he was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes. His A1C was at 8.4, doctor prescribed 3 meds, one for diabetes, one for cholesterol and one to protect his kidneys. He turned to me and asked, “ok what do I need to drink?”

As a fuel tank truck driver he cannot risk not being healthy.

He emphasized to me that if he doesn’t take care of his health their goes our livelihood.

As a truck driver he cannot risk becoming insulin dependent, he would lose his license.

He started drinking both the green tea and control. He is down over 30 lbs, 2-3 sizes.

He feels great and A1c dropped to 6.0 in less than 3 months.

He tells people, ‘don’t wait and risk your health.’  

Thank you Javita for coming into our lives. We are not going anywhere. We want to help change more lives.” ~Blanca N.

I’m 53 and Medication Free thanks to Javita

“Losing weight has never been a personal goal.

I only started drinking lean + green tea because I don’t want to be diabetic.

Now after 2 months, I lost 3 inches on my waist.

By the way, I’m 53, medication free and I want to keep it that way.” ~Ringkoy Dumadag


Lean + Green is Helping Manage My Diabetes

Javita’s lean + green tea helped Mimi better manage her diabetes, lose 15 lbs and improve blood sugar circulation in her feet.

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Cholesterol Back to Normal

Deputy Sheriff Yvonne Daniels packing the JAVITA heat here in Florida!!!!! 100 days!! Brand new STAR ⭐️cholesterol back to normal and pre-diabetic diagnosis gone!!! Oh and 6″ off her abdomen and 2″ off her waist!! Now THATs something to CELEBRATE 🎉

Click here to watch Yvonne’s video.

Hope for Diabetes

Our son was diagnosed 5 years ago, our parents, grand parents, and siblings have lived with it for years.

Recently my hubby was diagnosed with type 2. Went to the Dr and she prescribed 3 different pills.

His personal choice has been, not to take the meds but instead, secretly listen to his wife and drink the healthy products she has around the house.

Well, he’s lost over 10 pounds in 2 weeks, probably more like 20 now. His numbers are about 115 and he says he feels great.

He said he can see his feet now. Lol.

Diabetes can be difficult to manage, especially if better health means changing decades of lifestyle habits.

But what if healthier habits could be simple, energizing, and delicious?

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