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Rush gives me the focused workout I want and need! VIDEO

Rush & Flex taste amazing, are all natural and they work! VIDEO

Rush keeps me going like the energizer bunny!

“I can say Javita Activeblendz RUSH and FLEX are a perfect match.

I play basketball almost everyday after office hours, whether it’s a pick-up game or in a basketball league.

For most people after a long day of office work, you are already drained, tired, having second thoughts of working out or exercise, but these 2 beverages keep me going like the Energizer Bunny on a daily basis.

I drink RUSH before and during my basketball games. I tell you, it gives me an extra boost of energy. 

I can play the whole game without any substitutions.

Usually after a game, my whole body will be sore the following day, because of my age and built. So, I drink FLEX after every game, it helps me reduce the joint pains all over my body.

As a result, I can still play the game that I love the following day, and i can do this over and over everyday… thanks to RUSH and FLEX.” ~Edser P.

Ultimate Fitness gets me going and keeps me moving through my workout! VIDEO

Javita helps fitness instructor smash weight loss plateau

17 lbs down in four weeks on Coffee Diet System.

This is after a 8 month plateau for this fitness instructor that teaches 10-12 Spinning, TRX and circuit classes a week.

Love it!!!!!!

I rely on Rush & Flex to reach my fitness goals!

“Ever since Javita introduced the ActiveBlendz line, I start my workout routine with Rush!!

Sometimes I mix it with Lean + Green, sometimes with Flex!

I absolutely love giving my body an all natural, pre-workout boost that gets me through without feeling jittery, nauseous or guilty for drinking something with artificial ingredients or extra unwanted calories!

My workouts consist of weights, running and pilates/yoga type exercises depending on the day.

But whatever I’m up against, I rely on ActiveBlendz Rush to help energize and ActiveBlendz Flex to reduce inflammation!

In fact this last weekend, I competed in an 8.7 mile, 26 obstacle Spartan race and an hour before start time, I added a Rush to my 40 oz water bottle. I was sooo happy I did!! It was a brutal venue, but thankfully I got started off right and with a great little energy boost!!  

I am one happy-40 year old who relies on these products to help me reach my health & fitness goals!  I wouldn’t change a thing!” ~Chelsea H.

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