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Flex has reunited this athlete with her first love, RUNNING!!

“One year ago, I hurt my knee doing an inflatable 5K, and since then, haven’t been able to run.

Doctors had put me on CQ10 to help the joints, but I saw no improvements and asked to be taken off it.

Just gave up on trying to run anymore, and just dealt with the nagging pain after high impact exercises.

Well, along came Marites and her different natural supplements from Javita.

She convinced me to try Flex, I did and just can’t believe the difference in my knees.

On Saturday did my first FOUR mile run in under an hour! No pain yesterday or today.” ~Rachel Hendricks


After 18 years of Hurting, I’m FINALLY Pain Free!!

“Back in 1998 I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. I also have scoliosis (3 curves in my spine), which has resulted in arthritis throughout my back. My hips are lopsided which adds to the pain. I’ve been in constant pain for over 18 years. My meds have included morphine with only minor pain relief.

I would know what the weather was before the weatherman. My friends use to joke that I was their personal barometer.

I started with Javita at the end of August. I was willing to try Flex. I’ve tried just about anything that came out that was SUPPOSE to reduce pain. (NOT).

After 2 months of drinking two flex everyday, I realized I wasn’t hurting. I was even sleeping at night.

Now I drink at least one a day unless I do a lot of activity.

I never thought I would ever be pain free without being unconscious.

And thanks to Burn & Control, I’ve lost 15 lbs.” ~Linda Hunt

Thanks to Flex I’m Pain Free

“My back started hurting really badly last night. I totally forgot all about Flex until Sis Lagi Allen to the rescue reminded me about Flex and she had some on hand! The rest of the night at our church’s annual Harvest Fest went on with a BLAST and I was pain free :) #LoveJavita ~Koleta Gurr

Say Goodbye to Aches and Pains with Flex

Years of basketball and track are now wreaking havoc on these old ankles and knees.

Not anymore.

No more hour long warm up and taping rituals for me.

I drop a packet of Flex in my water bottle and do another mile in the road.

#BetterDrinks #BetterBenefits #ByeByePain

Burn + Control and Flex Have Changed My Life

“My wife and I have been members with Javita for 2+ years. We hit the supervisor rank quickly. but had to back off a bit to care for both my parents who passed away after extended illnesses.

We have remained active and continue using the products as time allows. Within our first 10 weeks drinking Burn + Control I lost 22 lbs, and Shelley lost 10 lbs. We have continued to drink the coffee on a regular basis and have had wonderful results. I was suffering from hypertension. I was borderline high with my MD wanting to start medication. My cholesterol was high as well. Both have plummeted and I am within normal levels on both.

At the last convention, I was so impressed with the informational segments focusing on products along with the testimonies, I decided to take on a chronic pain issue with the use of Flex. Due to my past involvement in football and work in my younger years, I have had 11 major knee surgeries. I’ve had multiple ACL, MCL, numerous Meniscus repairs, including one total knee replacement. I have lived in chronic knee pain for 25 years. I have refused to take pain medication for personal reasons, but have taken 2400 mg of Ibuprofen per day to alleviate some of the pain. Shelley works in the medical field and has been concerned about the long-term effect on my intestinal tract.

At the convention, I decided to quit cold turkey and proceeded to take two Flex per day. The results are absolutely amazing. I have no knee pain whatsoever. I have also struggled with back and shoulder injury issues due to an automobile accident 9 years ago. I have little to no back pain daily. I have almost regained normal motion with my shoulder as well. After all these years of the daily high dose of Ibuprofen, I have not taken one dose since the convention. Not one.

Burn + Control and Flex have literally changed my life.”  ~Sincerely, Rev. Bruce and Shelley Glines

Flex has completely changed my life! VIDEO

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