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Javita launches new ULTIMATE FITNESS Pack

Do you have fat loss or lean muscle mass goals?

Would more strength or better endurance improve your results?

Is inflammation or joint discomfort getting in your way?

The answer to your dilemma may be closer, and more delicious than you think.

In fact, it’s a duo that’s beloved by fitness center owners, marathon runners, aerobics instructors, CrossFit enthusiasts and former MMA fighters alike.

What makes this duo the ultimate pair?? TWO words: CAFFEINE and RECOVERY.

CAFFEINE from Rush will help fuel your workout, burn more fat, improve your endurance and push a little harder.

RECOVERY from Flex will help lubricate your joints, minimize joint discomfort and swelling, and aid in muscle recovery.

This one-two combination of Rush and Flex makes up our new Ultimate Fitness Pack.

Never before has a duo worked better, harder or more naturally to keep you in the gym and off the sidelines working toward your fitness goals.

Checkout what some fitness enthusiasts have had to say about the Ultimate Fitness Pack:

“I don’t leave home without Rush”

I love the one-two punch of joint support and energy Javita gives me

Flex allows me to recover faster

“Flex has improved my husband’s quality of life”

Click here to order the Ultimate Fitness Pack; $70 / 50 PV.

Act now we will include a FREE box of Rush at no extra cost.



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