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  • 27+ lbs down
  • Dropped multiple sizes
  • Lost countless inches

6832153_mAiliea’s Story:

I’m loving the weight loss challenge. I have always had a hard time losing weight. I have tried about every diet out there with little to no luck, but with this diet coffee I have more energy and feel so much better. Thank you Javita for make my life healthier. Happily losing…”





  • 30 lbs down
  • Dropped multiple sizes
  • Lost countless inches

6832153_mBryan’s Story:

I have been drinking Javita green tea since November 1, 2015. I was given my 1st box by my aunt Susan. She had been telling me about Javita for a while and i did not believe that it was anything more than just tea. But i started drinking it every morning. The first day I drank it, I had so much more energy and felt more alert. After about a week I felt so much better, that i started working out! By thanksgiving I had lost 20 lbs and by Christmas I was down another 20 lbs.  To date I’m down 112 lbs, and have raised my muscles mass by 30%. My goal is to get down 20% more body fat. With working out and Javita, I will get to my goal.” ~Bryan S.

Grand Prize Winner: STACY TURREL



  • 53 lbs down
  • Dropped 12 + sizes
  • Lost countless inches

6832153_mStacy’s Story:

“I started with Javita after my neighbor heard about it through his uncle. He knew I had just started a diet and was struggling to lose weight, so he asked if I’d like to try it and start selling. So I started a week supply and loved the results, I was having a hard time losing weight and my sugar levels were out of control, so I was taking metformin and stress medication, and also stuff to sleep at night. My mom passed away a few years ago when I was pregnant with my twins, and I was very depressed and started on stress medication and I also ended up with type 2 diabetes. Well after a week, I loved how I felt and had lost 6.2 pounds so I decided to join on April.

After just one month, I was completely off all medication and was down 29.6 lbs and 11 1/2 inches overall. I drink the burn and control coffee, the control water and the cleansing tea 2 times a week. As of today, I’ve lost 53 lbs and went from a size 16-18 to a size 5/6. I joined the weight loss challenge group, and my goal is to be around 130 by next month. I was very skeptical at first thinking this was just another fad, but I know now Javita has changed my life for myself and my 4 boys. I feel healthier at 42 then I did when I was younger. My boys, myself and my husband all drink Javita and would never change. Thank You.” 

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