Changing Lives, One Cup at a Time

FocusFusion Cocoa is BACK!

School isn’t the only thing back in session, FocusFusion Cocoa IS BACK and BETTER THAN EVER!

We have added more cocoa (30% more!), perfected the sweetness AND included a second natural, non-dairy creamer (from coconuts) to round out the flavor profile and satisfy your ‘creamy’ craving.

Don’t worry, the brain-boosting herbs (bacopa monnieri and gotu kola), which have provided countless health benefits and thousands of life-changing testimonials REMAIN UNCHANGED!

Also, we’ve increased the number of servings per container from 18 to 30 which required us to modify our packaging from individual packets to a resealable bag (with a single-serving scoop).

Kid tested, mom approved (and backed by science), your whole family will love the flavor and the benefits of this premium cup of cocoa.

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