Changing Lives, One Cup at a Time

Honorable Mention: GARRY GRAJALES




  • 24 lbs shed
  • Countless inches dropped
  • Feels like a whole new person
  • Setting a great example for his son


HM-03Garry’s Story:

Let me begin by saying my weight loss journey didn’t start at 217 lbs and the Javita Coffee Diet Challenge. Rather, it started at 245 lbs in July 2015; a week before I was introduced to the wonderful world of Javita and the life changing products it had to offer.

I recall it vividly. I was at home with my wife and kids watching a cartoon on TV when a large character appeared on screen. The character looked like he weighed well over 500 lbs. At that moment, my youngest son turned to me and excitedly shouted, “Dad! He’s almost as big as you!”.

I was speechless! That innocent, yet heart-breaking comment alone was the reality check I needed to change my life.

Sure, I knew I had weight issues, but I had always thought I covered it well with the clothes I wore and the way I carried myself. I never realized it, but I was totally wrong.

Sadly, I’ve spent the last 15-20 yrs of my adult life overweight.

I’ve followed a wide variety of different diet plans and workout routines, but nothing really worked.

I’ve had moderate success in the past, but would eventually become frustrated and just quit.

Even worse is the weight I lost would come back quickly and more – as much as 3 times more!

Javita has become my game changer!

Javita helped provide me with the wondrous results of weight loss from 245 lbs to currently 193 lbs, and I can truly attribute the Javita Diet Challenge to a 24 lbs drop in my weight from the moment I started the challenge!

Thanks to Javita, I am now a different person!

My friends, family and colleagues have seen the wonderful results. Some people don’t even recognize me!

I am motivated to continue my pursuit of achieving my goal weight and maintaining a new and improved lifestyle.

I have a new sense of confidence and I am proud to tell everyone that Javita is the reason for my transformation.

Thank you Javita! Changing my cup of coffee truly changed my life!


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