Changing Lives, One Cup at a Time

How Javita Gave Me Back My Life

I remember two years ago, when I had to work really, really hard to force myself to take the 150 step walk around my apartment building, and friends and my ex bf had to help me walk my dog, Sasha, because my mobility was so incredibly limited.  

After multiple falls due to POTS syndrome and a hospitalization because of heart concerns, I was feeling defeated at 32 years old.

I’ve attached a count from my fitness tracker.  I’ve reached this many steps (or more) for quite a while now, without actually trying.

Over 6,000 steps regularly with zero effort, versus 150 steps that required me to take a lengthy break and do ankle exercises.

My life has become more active, because my health and wellness have improved so significantly.

In the summer of 2015, I had to stop my doctoral program, because I couldn’t walk from handicapped parking to my class on the second floor about a quarter mile away. The debilitating pain from fibromyalgia, and partial paralysis in the left half of my body due to the repeated falls, made getting out of bed and going to work to do my job that I love, often an insurmountable task.

I found myself withdrawing from everything I enjoyed doing, the people I love, and in constant conflict because I was in so much pain.

Now I find myself walking extra, to everywhere, as often as possible, and rarely sitting down. My tv time has decreased, my time spent online has decreased, and I feel HAPPY almost all of the time. I’ve been keeping up with my friends’ two little toddlers (2/4), by taking them on puppy walks and swimming while I’ve been helping out with babysitting this summer.

I tried my Javita products to lose weight, but I gained my life back, and I’ve not felt this confident in myself for at least three or more years.

My confidence doesn’t come from having lost a crazy amount of weight, but from overcoming what I thought was a life sentence of a sedentary and pain-filled life–from requiring a handicapped parking placard at 33 years old.

I wake up in the morning, and I just get out of bed, eager to do what I need to do. Most days, I only drink the coffee, because I like the taste of it in my protein shake, and not because I need the caffeinated pick-me-up I used to crave from other coffees. The only fatigue I’m feeling, is because I’ve been going non-stop since I’ve awakened every day.


The first picture is me on the first day of grad school for my doctorate. I donned an ankle brace for more than 16 months (yes, that’s accurate) starting in early November 2014 until April of 2015.  At that point I just stopped wearing even my small ankle brace, because I was tired of hearing about how long I’d been wearing it.

The second picture is me after using Javita for only five-six weeks, on New Year’s Day of 2016.  It was the first hike I’d been able to take in more than three years. It was a beautiful moment for me to get back a piece of my soul by having the strength to commune with nature and be in the mountains. I honestly hiked to my favorite cove on the trail, listened to the wake of the boats crash to the shore, and cried tears of gratitude for getting my life back.

Despite my progress, after that New Years Day Hike, I still had a fibro flare that lasted several days.

Now, after using Javita products for the past seven and a half months, it has officially my been at least two full months without a major flare-up. That’s incredibly significant, because from December 18, 2015 until Spring 2016, I was down at minimum three days per week with fibromyalgia pain that was so intrusive, even showering was difficult on those days.

Javita’s FLEX was a complete game-changer for my life, and I was able to eliminate all pain medicine from my fibromyalgia maintenance regimen. I went from more than a dozen prescriptions monthly, to two, one of the remaining is a lifelong anti-coagulation treatment. Some of the medications for instance my migraine medicine, I’d been on for at least seven years.

I honestly cannot believe how dramatically my entire life has changed, just because I changed what I was drinking. The mental acuity I’ve gained from being out from under so many prescriptions is absolutely astounding. I had no idea that by asking a long-lost college friend about “delicious weightloss flavored water” on Facebook, I would not only reconnect with friends all across the country, but that I would get all of my product free every month, and make additional income as well.

I was not looking for a business. I already sold products successfully for other MLM companies, but it turns out a business was looking for me.

Javita has a lifelong customer/member in me. If the secret to feeling joyful, capable, confident, clear-headed, and active is drinking my Javita products, well, honestly–I’m never going to stop.

I’m so thankful that Javita put the life (vita) back into me. It’s great to feel my own age again, instead of feeling like a much older, broken-down, jalopy-version of myself.

Blessings come in surprising ways. In my case, it’s in what I drink. I feel exuberant.


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