Changing Lives, One Cup at a Time

Javita has changed our lives as a family

My diabetes and fatty liver along with high blood pressure and digestive issues were out of control. The coffee diet system along with the green tea has helped me so much, that I am FINALLY medicine free (from 14 medications a day to nothing). I have lost 55 pounds and dropped ten sizes !! I feel so good !!

My oldest son has knee issues from years of playing basketball. Since he started drinking  the flex since drinking it he he stopped complaining about knee pain.

My mom has lost a ton of inches, and the fiber has controlled her cholesterol so amazingly that she doesn’t need meds anymore!! Not to mention her thyroid issues are gone.

The biggest one to me as a mom that just makes me be thankful everyday is my son Diego. At the age of 5, he was diagnosed with severe ADHD and ODD. He is considered high functioning under the Autistic Spectrum. Every day was a struggle. I would cry myself to sleep because the side effects of the medication were just too much. The school would call me every week about something my son did!! He was expelled from the school district because of behavioral issues. His impulsivity was something no one could handle. But we were able to fight it and he was see admitted to school.

Well, he started drinking the cocoa and the change we saw was almost immediate. You see he was about to turn 12, and he had been taking meds since the age of 5! We then added the energy and mind coffee. Yes half stick of cocoa and a whole stick of coffee mixed with caramel machiatto creamer. He does need to take a second shake at school in the afternoon. What’s so mind blowing, is that a 12 yr old kid does not forget to make his coffee! You ask my son if he will take medication again. “Nope, I’m never taking medication. I love my coffee with my drink I feel like myself!!”

Fast forward a year of medicine free, and he has As, Bs and some Cs–much better than the straights Fs he used to have! The teachers’ comments are he is a pleasure to have in class; he is so helpful; he is so respectful. I have to take a double take to make sure they are talking about Diego.

My son plays football now and Rugby, goes to outings with friends, has gone camping with a group of youths. His life is so different. Our lives have definitely changed, one cup at a time.

And as a parent, well the results are priceless … Thank you Javita for giving us hope.” ~Sandra F.

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