Changing Lives, One Cup at a Time

Javita helps minimize the pain of celiac disease.

“I have celiac disease, therefore I am not allowed to consume gluten. As if that isn’t bad enough, I have what’s called non-responsive celiac disease. So even if I stop eating gluten, I still have symptoms as if i was.

I’m constantly trying to find things that ease the discomfort (i.e., abdominal pain, cramping, inflammation, nausea, indigestion, etc.) I’ve tried so many medications, and NOTHING has eased my pain. That’s about the time I found myself in the hospital.

I couldn’t eat (had no appetite), I was in so much pain I didn’t want to move. So after being at the hospital, I was sent home with a different kind of medication!! Trouble was, all it did was keep the symptoms the same or worse. So I stopped taking them.

I ordered some Javita coffee, and then herbal cleanse tea. The day my package arrived, I decided to drink a cup of the herbal cleanse! So that evening, I went to bed still in alot of pain. I finally went to sleep. The next day, I wake up was in a little bit less pain. So I got up and made some coffee. As I was drinking my coffee, I got a weird feeling, I wasn’t in pain! No stomach pain! NOTHING! For a week, I have been suffering with everything. I thought i was just getting a break from the pain. I made a appointment for the next day to make sure everything was okay.

After the tests from the doctor came back, he told me that the inflammation in my stomach had gone down. He asked me what I changed, and I couldn’t recall anything other then I added the herbal cleanse to my day. Something I thought would never work actually did. It took all my symptoms away.  I’m going on day 3 of no pain. I really believe if i didn’t order my Javita product, I would still be in pain!

Thank you Javita. I thought it was just another coffee and tea on the market, but it is actually so much more!” ~ Samantha A.

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