Changing Lives, One Cup at a Time

Javita is a something I am proud to stand behind.

“I was away for work in Tennessee, when I got word from my wife that she signed up for a network marketing company. My first thought was, oh boy she got scammed. You see, I have a history of Network marketing: Amway for 1 year, Advocare for 2 years, suckered into helping my sister with Mary Kay and even a Perfume and Cologne company for 6 months, and you can say I struck out horribly. My network marketing debt is over $5,000.00. That got me 10 bottles of cologne, starter baskets of Mary Kay and Adovcare, and trash of Amway. So needless to say, I wasn’t happy my wife decided to take on this journey when our house was struggling with money.

I came home that weekend and said to my wife, I support you in what you are doing but don’t involve me. Our neighbor and friend came over to show this business to me, in hopes to change my mind. We talked for about two hours and it was me bashing network marketing every step of the way. Finally she challenged me and said take 2 green teas (I’m not a coffee drinker) everyday for 12 days and if you haven’t lost 5 pounds, I will treat you to dinner anywhere you want to go. I agreed and was out to prove her wrong. So I ate fast food three times a day everyday, added cakes, Twinkies and other sweets in between meals. I was right. I WON my bet, 12 days ended I got on the scale and I gained weight. I should have gained 20 pounds plus, but I only gained 1 pound total. While I was happy to prove my point, I knew something was working. I decided to buy another box to “support” my wife. 12 days went by and I had lost 17pounds and then I was off and running. To date I have lost 83 pounds on Javita in 7 months and still going.

So I became a Javita Believer, but I wanted to use my testimonial and make some money too. So I signed up at the $499.00 level and had my launch party. Had all the big Members there, Blue Diamonds, Supervisors, Managers. One problem, not one guest showed up. I got down in the dumps and took the next month of Javita off. My mentor / neighbor asked me to go with her to work an event. Slowly, I learned the system and got a few people to sign up. Javita Fever was taking hold of me, while my personal life took a turn for the worse. My car got repo’d, got an eviction notice on my house, and lost my job because the business I worked for closed.

In fact while I was working a sales call, my car got put up in the air by the repo tow truck, I came outside, knowing what was happening. I just asked if I could grab my important items from the car. He said ok if I do it fast, so I grabbed my computer, couple pictures and my 4 boxes of Burn & Control I had in the back seat. The Driver asked me what it was and I told him. Tried my best to explain the herbs and stuff. He bought 2 boxes right there on the spot after I shared my story. So I had nothing no car, no home, and what seemed like no future, but I did have a contact and $90.00 in my pocket. Javita restored my trust in faith, my trust in God.

To make a long story shorter, I have caught some fire in the business and have made it to consultant and almost supervisor. The months ahead are so promising, and my belief in network marketing has completely changed. This business is different. It’s life changing. Sure the weight loss is amazing, and all the testimonials that are out there can get anyone fired up. But to me that’s not what’s life changing. The real change is the sense of family that Javita instills in people. The always there for each other in good times and bad. But most importantly it’s the confidence gained in individual people. The hope that comes with owning the business, the product that is extremely effective and consumable making people want more and excited to stand behind. To me this is what Javita is, and something I’m proud to stand behind.” ~Brock D. Hillman

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