Changing Lives, One Cup at a Time

Javita Launches NEW ‘Experience… Javita’ Video

Javita loves changing lives and so should you!

We’re excited to share with you our all new ‘Experience… Javita‘ video!

The ‘Experience… Javita‘ video is another great video in our repertoire of Sizzle/Share videos to use as part of the introductory phase with those you come across who are interested in doing the business.

The 2:30 minute video highlights five Javita Members who share their feelings on how Javita has impacted their lives and the lives of others.

This video is perfect for prospecting and puts you one step closer to having someone join your business.

We are thrilled to bring this exciting new video to you and encourage you to share it with those you come across.

You can find the ‘Experience… Javita‘ video on and on the Javita App.

Get your business off to the right start with the right tools as you share Javita’s products and opportunity!

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