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ActiveBlendz Rush White Paper

Energy metabolism is the general process by which living cells acquire and use the energy needed to stay alive, to grow, and to reproduce. As we age, we experience stress in many forms. This could be physical, emotional, mental, etc. Much of this stress diminishes our energy levels through oxidative damage that can weaken the cellular proficiencies in the body. To improve metabolic efficiencies that result in increased energy, Rush stimulates the central nervous system and helps to protect from this detrimental oxidative damage.

By formulating the beverage Rush, Javita met consumer demands for an effective energizing natural product that could provide an immediate feeling of energy but also help improve energy metabolism for long term positive benefits. RushTM accomplishes this through the combination of caffeine from green coffee beans and EGCG from green tea. Caffeine provides the initial stimulation to the circulatory system, resulting in improved performance and endurance for the immediate tasks at hand. EGCG, a powerful catechin from the leaves of green tea, works as an antioxidant, helping to regulate overall energy metabolism. This allows for existing energy reserves to be utilized more effectively. It also plays a beneficial role in protecting cells from future oxidative stressors that might be contributing to cellular fatigue.

This combination product is delivered in an easy to transport powdered drink mix that can be consumed anytime during the day when immediate energy is needed. Its energizing effects will be felt up to 6 hours after consumption due to the caffeine content, yet the internal cellular benefits from the EGCG will have more long term benefits for regulating energy metabolism.

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