Changing Lives, One Cup at a Time

New Website Launches for Your Javita Business

Looking for another way to take you business to the next level? Try this:

Just launched, all Members can now send customers to this site to simply buy Javita coffee.

In addition to the current two Member websites – and URL, you now have another option to market your business the way YOU want to.

So some of you may be asking: ‘how do I use these sites in my business?’

Well here is a brief overview of the benefits and audiences of each site:

This is a fantastic, all-encompassing website to send any person who is a prospect. This site gives an overview of everything Javita – products and opportunity – that’s fun to explore and simple to understand. Visitors to this site can then make the decision to join the Javita business OR simply start as a Preferred Customer and begin using and sharing our product. This is great for your “warm” market – the people you know best.

This website is ideal for people that you know that are just interested in buying and trying Javita coffee. This site does not talk about the opportunity associated with Javita. This site provides information on our coffee and blends, videos (Dr. Oz) and information on the 3&FREE Program. This site is perfect for “warm” market people just interested in being product users or any customer campaign or product marketing initiatives you might be interested in.

This website is best for “cold” market advertising and lead generation. Visitors to this site are piqued about what Javita is all about and encouraged to contact you for more information. All leads – people that fill out the form to request more information – appear in your Back Office under the Organization tab in the Prospect Report.

Another note: the site is also provided to each Preferred Customer that joins so they can have a place to send any customers they may have, and even get their product for FREE.

We are very excited about giving our Members another option to build their businesses and get everyone to change their lives by simply changing their coffee.

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