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You’ve seen the white papers, you’ve tuned into the monthly products calls, you’ve even heard the details of the products broken down by the formulator and the need for the products (more specifically their health benefits) from a well rested physician–but the real proof of the efficacy is the results themselves.

Check out some of the most recent reviews shared by Javita Members and Customers.


19875496_202232783640083_2688666254058015663_n“Until I had this weight loss coffee….coffee was just…..a cup of caffeine. This coffee has changed my health. With 5 kids to care for all to myself, a full time job and just moving into a home….I had NO time to get organized in the kitchen. Even though I still eat out almost on a daily basis (not proud) I’m LOSING weight. This is your delicious, enjoyable cup of coffee with more benefits than caffeine. I’m able to just drink and go on with life….cause it doesn’t stop.” ~ Jessica Saldana

ken luther“Awesome products. Have used Control and lost 24 lbs. Flex has gotten rid of all joints pains.” ~Keith Luther

Anita M“I love the Burn and Control Coffee. I’ve lost 9 pounds and I can now enjoy coffee without acid buildup. It tastes great. I also love Flex which has helped relieve my shoulder pain due to a stressed rotator cuff. I no longer have to take Aleve. It’s remarkable! Thank you Javita!” ~Anita Merkerson

emilia“I been drinking 2 cups of coffee a day down 27 pounds & 2 pants sizes I finally can fit in my skinny jeans. Thanks Javita, love it!” ~Emilia Mares

linda g“Thank you Javita for giving me back my knees! I have been drinking the Flex  for less than a month and am almost totally pain free!!! I am no longer considering knee replacement surgery or even the shots to relieve pain! I can’t wait to start the Control & Burn coffee! I’m sold!!” ~Linda Gillard

lori ann“Best products I have ever used….I no longer fit into any of my clothes.” ~Lori Ann Hood

luke sarmiento“Awesome experience! First time been here and it is so welcoming and starting from the CEO & founder Stan Cherelstein so down to earth. Amazing crew and honor to meet the people behind the scenes. Blessed to be part of this amazing company. Cheers!” ~Luke Sarmiento

awilda a“The Energy + Mind Coffee is my absolute favorite! It keeps me focused throughout the day giving me the mental clarity that I need to multitask and the energy to go through the entire day without feeling exhausted. AND the fact that it is all natural is a big + for me!” ~Awilda Acosta-Cortez

14034755_10207170147273850_5896156914460867099_n“I lost 25 lbs in 89 days drinking burn and control and I feel fantastic!!! This is hands down the best coffee with benefits in the world!!!” ~Dakota Fitzner

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