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At Javita, your hardwork and accomplishments never go unnoticed! Each month we shine the spotlight on a Member who is setting an example, leading their team and demonstrating the qualities of a Javita Leader!

Christy Norton, Longview, TX

Why did you decide to join Javita?
My sister introduced me to Javita back in June. Her passion and research about the ingredients in the products really made me want to be a part of this company. I signed up, we had a party and then headed to a Super Saturday where we met Stan. His reason for creating this company and his integrity confirmed my reasons for wanting to be a part of Javita.

How are you building a successful Javita business?
Parties, follow-ups and staying plugged in. I have learned so much about the products, the business and how these amazing products are helping so many people. Parties really do yield the greatest success. The more parties you are hosting and attending the more exposure the products are getting. Customers are excited to try the products and they fall in love with what the products are doing for them and their family members. Following up is huge and has been something I have made my personal mission over the past few months. It’s so crucial in building my business and keeping those relationships.

What is your single most effective success tool, factor or influence for growing your business?
Staying true to myself and my beliefs. I am honest with my customers and team Members. I have been told many times, “I knew if you promoted these products to me they would be great! I trust you!” That’s a huge compliment and something I don’t take lightly.

What is your WHY?
My WHY has evolved as I have grown in Javita. I have a full-time job and five beautiful kids. I would like to have the time freedom to be able to be a mom and wife who isn’t pulled in so many directions. Also, the thought of paying off my student loans and losing weight is so exciting.

What do you think of Javita’s Prepare, Share, Party system?
The Prepare, Share, Party system is spot on and easy to duplicate. It provides for a very relaxed atmosphere. The step-by-step script is easy to follow and easy to teach to new team Members.

What tips can you give to someone on scheduling/hosting a party?
Relax and just plan it. Hosting a party is the easiest way to get customers and to start building a team. Keep your parties fun and upbeat. Success in Javita comes from parties, so provide a space that will allow real relationships to happen. Include personal testimonies from others on your team.

As you climb the leadership ladder, your personal success story may be featured as an inspiration to other rising STARs. See what this month’s Member is saying about their Javita journey, and what it takes to build a successful business. We hope you become inspired and informed, so you too can grow your business!

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