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At Javita, your hardwork and accomplishments never go unnoticed! Each month we shine the spotlight on a Member who is setting an example, leading their team and demonstrating the qualities of a Javita Leader!

Jayme Bandy, Salem, Illinois

How did you get involved with Javita? Kyla Patton and I have been good friends since we were little. When she posted Javita coffee one day, I immediately said, “I love coffee, what ya got?” Here we are today!

Why did you decide to join Javita? Being a health-conscious mom, a fitness center/salon owner & a part-owner of a home medical equipment business, it really just made sense with our daily life. I am a big believer in signs from above. When Kyla met with me, we FaceTimed Jen Bassford to help answer some business questions. I found out Jen works directly with our accountant and I felt that was my ‘here it is’ sign God was sending.

What approach do you take with your Javita business? I sell health in the gym on a daily basis, so this was easy to introduce as a new product to members and has really opened up the sales to the female demographic who are not big supplement users. Also, being a cosmetologist for 20 years, we naturally become somewhat of a therapist for our clients. I just train myself to listen more deeply than before. Clients tell us their struggles and it’s nice to show them a healthy solution.

What is your WHY? Health for my family — asthma attacks, stomach issues, joint pains are very few and far between now for us. I love that our kids ask for Javita instead of the unhealthy alternatives we find every day. The extra income definitely doesn’t hurt either! Saving to send our children to college is quite scary!

What tips can you give to someone on scheduling/hosting a party?  Don’t be discouraged if you do not get the turnout you hoped for. Sometimes the one person you least expect can make the biggest difference. Also, let the tools do the talking. Just push play and give them the brochures.

STAR is an important component of Javita, and building STARs puts you on the right path. What tips could you share about helping people get to STAR? Don’t wait to share with others. Get your party booked, reach out for help from your uplines & definitely utilize 3-way calls. Make your goal to reach STAR. Unlock the STAR and you are opening a whole new world of opportunity.

How does it feel to be a part of the Leadership Car Program? Earning our new Jeep is still a bit unreal & totally rewarding. It’s one of those things you always hear about, but it’s very hard to attain. As a smalltown farmgirl, I never dreamed I could achieve the Car Bonus, let alone in less than a year. I am so grateful to be a part of this amazing, life-changing company.

As you climb the leadership ladder, your personal success story may be featured as an inspiration to other rising STARs. See what this month’s Member is saying about their Javita journey, and what it takes to build a successful business. We hope you become inspired and informed, so you too can grow your business!

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