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At Javita, your hardwork and accomplishments never go unnoticed! Each month we shine the spotlight on a Member who is setting an example, leading their team and demonstrating the qualities of a Javita Leader!

Ken & Tammy Luther, Richardson, TX

How did you get involved with Javita? Why did you decide to join Javita?
We wanted to lose weight for an upcoming vacation and overheard someone say weight loss coffee. We also went to a Super Saturday event and saw only 20 people in the State of Texas selling this. The opportunity for success was huge.

What approach do you take with your Javita business? How are you building a successful Javita Business?
We set goals and focus on achieving them. Star – 30 days, Consultant – 30 days, Sr Consultant – 60 days, Supervisor – 90 days, Manager – 180 days.

What is your WHY?
Ken has been at his job for 23 years and saw no end in sight to being able to retire in his 50s. We both saw the chance to make enough money in a short period of time to replace his income and allow him to be apart of Javita full time, while also allowing him to be with his family more, work less hours, and be able to travel.

Favorite business or life quote?
“You always miss 100% of the shots that you never take.” – Wayne Gretzky

What have been your personal experiences with Javita’s products?
We have been using the products for 10 weeks. Tammy uses the Burn + Control coffee, while Ken uses ActiveBlendz Control. Tammy is down 12 lbs, while Ken is down 18 lbs and 4 inches in his waist.

Any tips on how to introduce Javita to others?
We talk to everyone we come in contact with. We tell them how simple the Javita product sticks are to use. Then we tell them how much weight we have lost and show them the old notches in our belts to the new notches now.

As you climb the leadership ladder, your personal success story may be featured as an inspiration to other rising STARs. See what this month’s Member is saying about their Javita journey, and what it takes to build a successful business. We hope you become inspired and informed, so you too can grow your business!

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