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At Javita, your hardwork and accomplishments never go unnoticed! Each month we shine the spotlight on a Member who is setting an example, leading their team and demonstrating the qualities of a Javita Leader!

Vanessa Corn, South Elgin, IL

How did you get involved with Javita? I was contacted by my sister’s fiance. At first, when I heard coffee, I was hesitant, because I didn’t even drink coffee, but I said you know what, I trust him and his vision of what we could do with the business, and I took a couple days to consider, then went for it! The compensation plan was what pulled me in first, because it just seemed like there were so many ways to make money, upfront, later, and much later!

What approach do you take with your Javita business? I had to be careful the first year of business due to clauses with our previous company, so I worked very organically, just talking to people around me, drinking the products myself and developing my own stories. I am continually amazed at the high success rate for every single beverage, and I love to share the stories of the results people are experiencing. Now, in my second year of business, I’m having more people come to me because they see the continued success of not just myself, but those around me.

What is your single most effective success tool, factor or influence for growing your business? It would be using the tools provided by corporate: brochures, branded items like mugs, shirts, etc., and the amazing videos that are out there for us to use and share.

What is your WHY? My WHY is 100%, my family. I want to provide an example to my kids (and others, really) that whatever level of success you have in life should be accompanied by happiness, and it is possible for you to do anything you truly believe in!

What tips can you give to someone on scheduling/hosting a party? Follow the Success guide, keep it simple and don’t try to over-sell or over-produce. People watch what you do, and if they see that what you are doing is something simple, they feel more comfortable that they can do it themselves.

What have been your personal experiences with Javita’s products? I personally lost over 40 inches total off my body in about 8 months, while drinking the coffee, green tea, and Control water. My husband has lost nearly 40 lbs drinking the same items. We both feel better in our 30s than we did in our 20s, and everyone notices! I also love the Flex water, as it helps keep my joints happy and comfortable.

As you climb the leadership ladder, your personal success story may be featured as an inspiration to other rising STARs. See what this month’s Member is saying about their Javita journey, and what it takes to build a successful business. We hope you become inspired and informed, so you too can grow your business!

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