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STAR MONTH is here!

Are you on your way to STAR, but haven’t reached it yet? Well, now’s your time!

Ready… Set…  GO!

Whether you’re brand new, shooting for STAR7 or still within 90 days of your join date, don’t miss out on STAR Month — your chance to receive an additional $100 bonus — this month only!

Become a STAR this month — February 2017 — and you’ll qualify for an extra $100!

Here’s how it works:

If you’re within your 90-day window to become a STAR and you meet the criteria for STAR qualification THIS MONTH, you’ll earn the STAR Month $100 bonus!

The STAR Month bonus, when combined with any First Order Bonuses, the earned STAR Bonus and even the STAR7 bonus, can help you earn immediate income!

Examples: (Based on January Commission payout).

New Member Join date: February 2017 and enrolls three at $499 (6 pts) this week:

First Order Bonus      $300
STAR Bonus                $60
STAR7 Bonus              $100
STAR Week Bonus     $100
Total Earned:          $560

Join date: December 1, 2016 and enrolled two (4 pts) in 2016 and one (2 pts) during STAR MONTH:

First Order Bonuses  $100
STAR Bonus               $60
Star Week Bonus       $100
Total Earned:         $260

Remember, when you become a STAR, you set the example for your team to follow. Take advantage of this opportunity to become a STAR THIS MONTH and earn some EXTRA CASH!!!

Click here to download the STAR MONTH flyer.

Click here to download the STAR MONTH flyer (in Spanish).

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