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STAR Success Seminar Recap

Fun, music, training, recognition and winning!

The STAR Success Seminar in Dallas, TX was a huge success!

Nearly 300 Members from across the country joined together at the Marriot Dallas/ Fort Worth Airport – January 19 – 20 — for a weekend of learning and training with Javita’s top leaders and executives.

The STAR Success Seminar kicked off Friday with the highly anticipated Javita Lounge. The night was filled with great dance moves, incredible music and exceptional food. We took things to another level this time around and threw some tricks into the mix. Magicians roamed the floor from group to group and wowed guests with memorable magic tricks and illusions. The ‘magic’ brought a feeling of fun which carried on throughout the night.  

Just when Members thought the night couldn’t get better, it did! Throughout the night prizes were awarded to 10 lucky Members who were selected from a raffle. Members were on edge waiting for their number to be called, and for those who won, it was the final touch to an already incredible night. [Prizes included: (1) Bluetooth Temperature & Blood Pressure Monitor; (2) Fitbit Charger; (2) Amazon Echo; (3) Apple AirPods; (2) $500 Cash].

Saturday morning, Members were welcomed to the STAR Success Seminar by Javita’s VP of Leadership Development Bob Ulrich. General Session was filled with business techniques on how to grow your business from the company’s top leaders, as well as in-depth information on Javita’s product line from Javita’s Director of Botanical Research Monica Johnson.

Of course, recognition was also included. Recognized were the Top Customer and Top Member Enrollers and the Fall Promotion earners, who each received $1000 cash (Top Enroller earners: Mindy & Andre Merkerson; Gina Montroy; Tammy & Ken Luther)! Javita’s One Club qualifiers (so far) were also recognized.

By the end of the day Members were thrilled and ready to take what they had learned and apply it in their everyday lives. And, even more ready to SHARE Javita with the world!

Thank you to those who attended Javita’s STAR Success Seminar Dallas– January 2018! And if you didn’t make it to this one, we hope to see you at an upcoming event!

Javita is all about changing Lives!

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