Changing Lives, One Cup at a Time

Thanks to FocusFusion, My Son is Thriving

My son Diego has high-functioning autism, ADHD and ODD. We started medicating him at age 5 (in kindergarten). Seven years later, he was having rages and couldn’t sleep. He wasn’t the only one. More often than I can count, I cried myself to sleep, hoping and praying that there was something out there that could help him.

I refused to give up hope, even when Diego’s therapist told me that he would likely end up in an institution because he was growing stronger and the rages could become a safety issue for the family. That is not something a mom likes to hear.

Thankfully, hope was right around the corner in the most unlikely of places… a cup of cocoa. I was introduced to Javita by a friend, and she didn’t know what we were going through. You see, I had lived a secluded life simply because of my son’s behavior. Not to mention, mental illness is very hard to understand and everyone has an opinion.

Diego had been on 40mg of Aderol and 20mg of depacot, and the doctor wanted to prescribe something else for high blood pressure so he could come down and sleep at night. This was not the life I wanted for my son.

Claudia showed me a box of FocusFusion cocoa and everything changed. I grabbed it immediately. I just had faith!

Diego started drinking the cocoa, and his change was immediate!!  We tested it on the weekends (skipping his servings of cocoa), and then Diego said I want to take it school and no more meds mom!!! I said ok, and today two years later we are completely medicine free.

Diego is no longer in special ed. He has a 3.28 GPA (in comparison to years of straight Fs when he was on meds) He has been awarded honor roll!

Then he started playing sports, something he could not focus on as a younger kid. We started with pop Warner football then Rugby. He was chosen to represent the US Rugby team, traveling to London, Portland, Utah and San Diego.

He is enrolled in a regular high school program, is the captain of the Freshman football team and starting running back / defensive tackle !!! He is amazing on the field, and at 6″1 215 lbs he is breaking records and racking up accomplishments.

We no longer talk about institutions, we talk about college, the NFL and his dreams / goals.  Thanks to FocusFusion, my son has an incredible future. We will be Javita drinkers for life, that I can guarantee!

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