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The Slimming Side of Green Tea

Here are a few reasons to ‘go green’ for a slimmer waistline:*

Green Tea Reduces Fat*

When sugar and fat enter your body, they form a substance called triglyceride, which provides energy to support various functions of the body. However, a problem arises when there is an excessive amount of triglycerides. This excess can be transformed into fat. Green tea can counter this, due to its high amount of polyphenols to help dissolve the excess triglycerides.*

Green Tea Stimulates Metabolism*

Green tea provides a number of potent antioxidants, including a compound called epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) that can help kickstart your body’s metabolism and speed up weight loss. Together with the caffeine in green tea, EGCG works to stimulate the central nervous system and release fat into the blood stream, so that your body can use the fat as fuel.*

Green Tea Improves Endurance During Exercise*

The catechin polyphenols in green tea stimulate your muscle cells and liver to use more fatty acids. As a result, your body will use carbohydrates at a slower rate. With more carbohydrates remaining in your body, you can exercise for a longer period of time, and your body will burn more fat.*

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